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Thompson Extractions from the Georgia Land Lottery Papers

Thompson Extractions from the Georgia Land Lottery Papers 1805-1914 by Davis Lucas From: The Georgia Black Book By David Lucas Submitted by Dortha Gamel BALDWIN COUNTY Lot 196-3 Troup, Milledgeville Geo. 1 April 1839 Information having been given through the Southern Recorder (a Newspaper in the city of Milledgevillle) by the following advertisement viz. Executive Department Milledgeville, 2nd October 1838. UPON the application of THOMAS THOMPSON, POLLY THOMPSON’S illegitimate, of Columbia County, by which it appears, that Lot number one hundred and ninety-six,(196) in the (3rd) District of Troup County, was drawn by said illegitimate, and that the said lot …

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Troup County, GA Population and Components of Change

Troup County, GA Population and Components of Change Date Population % Change Components of Change Total Population Change Births Deaths Inter- national Immigra- tion Net Domestic Migration 1970 44,466 – – – – – – 1971 44,700 0.5 234 – – – – 1972 44,700 0.0 0 – – – – 1973 45,700 2.2 1,000 – – – – 1974 46,500 1.8 800 – – – – 1975 47,100 1.3 600 – – – – 1976 47,500 0.8 400 – – – – 1977 47,800 0.6 300 – – – – 1978 48,300 1.0 500 – – – – 1979 …

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Thomas Thompson Deed

Copy of deed Book D, D-530 South Carolina. Proves Thomas was the Father of Charles and grandfather of William. South Carolina, Union County: Know ye that William Thompson, Son and heir at law to the real estate of my father Charles Thompson deceased for and in consideration of one hundred pounds sterling to me paid by Soloman Bobo, have bargained sold aliened released, conveyed and confirmed to the said Soloman Bobo his heirs and assigns forever. All that plantation or tract of land containing one hundred and fifty acres with every appurtenances hereunder belonging, originally granted to my grand father …

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Joel Smith Family Bible

From Doris Gleasons photocopy files. Bible now in possession of Mrs. C. R. Kendrick of Sweet Water, Texas. Sent by Emma Barrett Reeves of Nacogdoches, Texas. Emma was aged ninety-five in 1997. Typed by Charles Barnum on 21 July 1997. Seaborn J. Thompson moved to Troup County ca. 1832 with other family members probably from Newton County or Washington County Georgia. Some of those mentioned lived in Jasper, Newton, Troup, Walton and or Wilkes Counties at one time.

Troup County Georgia Genealogy and History

Welcome to Troup County, Genealogy and History website. My name is Dennis Partridge, and I am the host of this county website. I welcome you and request your participation! If you have questions, please ask. If you can provide data for Troup County, Georgia then please do! The land for Lee, Muscogee, Troup, Coweta, and Carroll counties was ceded by the Creek people in the 1825 Treaty of Indian Springs. Troup County was created June 9, 1825 and December 11, 1826 with 447 square miles acquired by Creek cessions of January 24, 1826 and March 31, 1826. It was named …

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West Point Manufacturing Company

While the plants of this corporation are not located in Troup County, yet the executive and administrative offices are located in the city of West Point. The plants of this corporation are noted below: Riverdale at Riverview, Alabama, built in 1866, makers of tent and awning ducks. 11,684 spindles. Langdale at Langdale, Ala., built in 1867 as the Chattahoochee Manufacturing Company, and purchased in 1880. The plant has 33,856 spindles. This plant donated the sails to refit the frigate Constitution, popularly known as “Old Ironsides,” also donated the sail duck for the Byrd Expedition to the South Pole. Lanett Mills, …

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Valley Waste Mills

The construction of this plant followed very closely upon the building of Hillside Cotton Mills, of which it formed a part. A separate charter for this plant was granted on November 4, 1927, to Cason J. Callaway, Henry G. Smith, and Grady S. Kennington. As the name implies, it was a plant for the utilization of cotton waste. In the merger of 1932, the plant has lost its corporate identity.

Unity Spinning Mills

Built in 1909, and located on land lot 146 in the 6th district. No new corporation was formed, but the plant was built by Unity Cotton Mills and formed a part of its properties. The products of this plant were twines, cords and yarns. No weaving was done in this plant in the original layout. The superintendents were S. Y. Austin and Boyd N. Ragsdale. This was a unit of the Callaway Mills.

Unity Cotton Mills

Built in 1900, and located in land lot 141 of the 6th district, on Leman Street in LaGrange. This plant was chartered on May 8, 1900, and the following were the incorporators: J. M. Barnard C. V. Truitt J. E. Dunson F. E. Callaway S. H. Truitt S. P. Smith J. H. Edmondson G. E. Dallis W. V. Gray G. B. Heard E. G. Hood T. J. Thornton F. J. Pike J. L. Bradfield H. D. Glanton T. S. Bradfield C. D. Hudson A. H. Nunnally P. H. Hutchinson N. R. Hutchinson F. M. Ridley J. R.Broome H. R. Slack …

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