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  1. Leshie Denise Parmer

    How do I found a possible will for someone who is deceased ? How can i get access to view a will and all documents been created attached to it? And if i may ask where can I get the laws set in place about wills and the rights what can and cant happen? How long the statue of limitations is for a will how the person is to be notified and is suppose to be the notified before the limit laws take place. If some one was never legally notified of a will therefore never had the opportunity to accept the deceased wishes, is there anything that the person can do to gain the rightfulness possessions of the last wishes of a person that left a heir of a will but someone has taken over it without the heir being told first? Who do you talk to about this type of stuff if your a state over? I need to find out all the info I can about a will that my now deceased father said i was a heir of that it belonged to me and he made me promise that i would get it. I want to honor is wishes , but I do believe that someone else has stepped on my toes and has made it to where I’m not told anything other than what my dad told on his death bed. I believe that there maybe some forging signatures upon my behave that i would like to see if my name has been signed on any type of documents related to this will. I need to know everything about it. I have not been told about this will from no one this is what he wanted me to do but he didn’t give me no other information . I think my aunt has somehow cut me from receiving what was left to me and possible forged my name to something so she could gain all of this property left in this will. This isn’t right for me to be done that way and not legally notified and told the details of what i was and was left i would think that a attorney would have be the person this type of information before anyone else can gain control of it and forging my name if it has happened would be illegal i do believe especially without my consent i would think that i should be able to take back was suppose to be mine and a opportunity to do what needs to be done. If there has been such a will and i am the heir or was what can i do about this situation I m questioning about? I have asked my aunt whom i believe didn’t want to let me find out about it she is keeping me in the dark about it. I have reasons to believe that illegal actions may have been done torch me to put me out of the giving to gain her own personal benefits. If so I want to do all I can about it this is wrong and its not fair to not at least get the opportunity to give my family the last wishes if its mine then it should be going to me like they wanted not to her its upset me they there not being honest and keeping info from me and want tell who to contact about it. I
    need to find out everything i can please respond i need your help on what to do from this point i got here and don’t which way to go. Please my name is Leshie Parmer and i hope to hear back as soon as possible. Thank you !!!!

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