Unity Cotton Mills

Built in 1900, and located in land lot 141 of the 6th district, on Leman Street in LaGrange. This plant was chartered on May 8, 1900, and the following were the incorporators:

  • J. M. Barnard
  • C. V. Truitt
  • J. E. Dunson
  • F. E. Callaway
  • S. H. Truitt
  • S. P. Smith
  • J. H. Edmondson
  • G. E. Dallis
  • W. V. Gray
  • G. B. Heard
  • E. G. Hood
  • T. J. Thornton
  • F. J. Pike
  • J. L. Bradfield
  • H. D. Glanton
  • T. S. Bradfield
  • C. D. Hudson
  • A. H. Nunnally
  • P. H. Hutchinson
  • N. R. Hutchinson
  • F. M. Ridley
  • J. R.Broome
  • H. R. Slack

There have been some additions to this plant at intervals, but the greatest expansion was in the form of an entire new plant under the name of Unity Spinning Mills, located in land lot 147 of the 6th district. This was built in 1909 by the parent plant of which it formed an auxiliary. The management of this plant was in the hands of C. V. Truitt up to the time of his retirement, after which it devolved upon Cason J. Callaway. The superintendents of this plant are as follows:

  • George W. Murphy, Sr.
  • William W. Arnold
  • William H. Turner, Jr.
  • James Newsome
  • Ed Estes
  • W. Preston Dunson

The products of Unity Cotton Mills were originally in the form of the cotton ducks, but later became more diversified in character. The plant may be considered as the parent plant of the group of cotton mills later designated as the Callaway Mills.

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