Fast Facts about Troup County

 Troup County , GA

County Administration Building
P.O. Box 1149
La Grange , GA 30241-1149
Phone: (706) 883-1610
Fax: (706) 883-1743
Chamber of Commerce

County Seat: La Grange

60,000 Residents

Main Post Offices:
~3,000 population
La Grange
~30,000 population
~1,000 population
West Point
~3,600 population
Sq. Miles 414

Population estimations by place.
National Mapping Information.

Place Name        Population       Latitude      Longitude      USGS Map
Abbottsford               684      330250N       0851047W       Abbottsford
Andersons Corner          845      325236N       0845706W       Hilyer
Antioch                   746      330627N       0851012W       Abbottsford
Ashling Place             700      330518N       0850315W       La Grange
Asta Village              720      330748N       0845833W       Hogansville
Bartley Road Estates      740      325850N       0850005W       Cannonville
Bass Crossroads           723      330833N       0845405W       Hogansville
Baughs Crossroads         727      325457N       0850112W       Cannonville
Beaver Cove               700      330712N       0850512W       La Grange
Big Springs               788      325942N       0845418W       Hilyer
Brays Lakeview            680      330851N       0845817W       Hogansville
Briarcreek Estates        720      330251N       0850950W       Abbottsford
Brookstone Estates        760      330335N       0850025W       La Grange
Brookwood                 740      330254N       0850550W       La Grange
Buena Vista               750      330830N       0850531W       Hillcrest
Cameron Cove              680      330550N       0850413W       La Grange
Cannonville               661      325759N       0850619W       Cannonville
Colonial Heights          780      325250N       0850151W       Cannonville
Colony Heights            750      330015N       0850801W       Abbottsford
Cottons Crossroads        737      325241N       0850704W       Cannonville
Covered Bridge            700      330511N       0850909W       Abbottsford
Creek Ridge               700      330606N       0850239W       La Grange
Crowder (historical)      590      330043N       0851045W       Abbottsford
Eagles Rest               700      330615N       0850346W       La Grange
Evansville                680      330358N       0851327W       Abbottsford
Federal Hills             720      325909N       0850020W       Cannonville
Fernwood                  740      330520N       0850150W       La Grange
Foxcroft                  700      330400N       0850527W       La Grange
Gabbettville              600      325640N       0850800W       Lanett North
Gray Hill                 780      325529N       0850456W       Cannonville
Graysons Landing          700      331035N       0850320W       Hillcrest
Greenwich Woods Estates   740      330119N       0850045W       La Grange
Hammett Acres             790      331028N       0845915W       Hogansville
Harrisonville             716      331033N       0845919W       Hogansville
Hatcheuxhau (historical)                                        unknown
Heatherbrook              680      330117N       0850824W       Abbottsford
Heritage Hills            770      330015N       0850825W       Abbottsford
Hillcrest                 742      330745N       0850225W       Hillcrest
Hilyer                    793      325853N       0845935W       Hilyer
Hogansville               716      331023N       0845454W       Hogansville
Hogg Mountain             760      325731N       0850445W       Cannonville
Holly Hill                660      330507N       0850305W       La Grange
Huntington                730      330120N       0850744W       Abbottsford
Indian Bend               720      330827N       0850650W       Hillcrest
Jones Crossroads          820      325210N       0850205W       Whitesville
Knott                     756      330042N       0845617W       Mountville
La Grange                 772      330221N       0850153W       La Grange
Lake Forest Hills         730      330233N       0850553W       La Grange
Lake West Point Estates   700      330645N       0850300W       La Grange
Lakeshore Estates         690      330224N       0850819W       Abbottsford
Lakeview Meadows          750      330817N       0845847W       Hogansville
Lees Crossing             756      330151N       0850340W       La Grange
Long Cane                 702      325723N       0850827W       Lanett North
Louise                    770      330502N       0845609W       Mountville
Maplecreek Hills          720      325907N       0850648W       Cannonville
Meadowlands               700      330528N       0850155W       La Grange
Moss Creek                660      330525N       0850240W       La Grange
Mountville                918      330221N       0845251W       Mountville
North Lake                710      330231N       0850806W       Abbottsford
North Lakeside            680      330806N       0850035W       Hillcrest
North Ridge               660      330523N       0850323W       La Grange
North West Point          658      325411N       0850936W       Lanett North
Oak Grove                 839      325417N       0845523W       Hilyer
Oak Grove                 880      325336N       0845213W       Durand
Old Chimney               700      325614N       0850114W       Cannonville
Parkway Estates           710      325832N       0850250W       Cannonville
Piedmont Heights          658      325929N       0851228W       Lanett North
Pinehaven Estates         700      330240N       0850511W       La Grange
Piney Hills               740      330212N       0850508W       La Grange
Pioneer Village           720      325403N       0850153W       Cannonville
Plantation Manor          760      325631N       0850255W       Cannonville
Pleasant Grove            751      325744N       0845855W       Hilyer
Point North               660      331121N       0850140W       Hillcrest
Pyne                      680      330202N       0850734W       Abbottsford
Raby Woods                760      325936N       0850615W       Cannonville
River Trace               680      330104N       0850852W       Abbottsford
Rivercrest                660      330032N       0850915W       Abbottsford
Riverridge                700      330303N       0851013W       Abbottsford
Riverside                 740      330240N       0850748W       Abbottsford
Riverview                 745      330308N       0850945W       Abbottsford
Riverview (subdivision)   800      330309N       0850054W       La Grange
Riverwood                 740      330725N       0850337W       La Grange
Rockwell Estates          780      330143N       0850434W       La Grange
Rosamond                  760      330005N       0850926W       Abbottsford
Sassafrass Hills          720      330440N       0850246W       La Grange
Shady Oaks                760      330042N       0850759W       Abbottsford
Smiths Crossroad          765      325717N       0850111W       Cannonville
Smiths Mill               683      325430N       0845759W       Hilyer
Smoke Rise                650      325735N       0850517W       Cannonville
South Pine Ranchettes     800      325808N       0850025W       Cannonville
Spring Valley             770      330215N       0850547W       La Grange
Stallings                 680      330615N       0850219W       La Grange
Sturbridge                780      330613N       0850426W       La Grange
Sunny Point               660      330540N       0850327W       La Grange
Teaver Hill               720      330115N       0850646W       La Grange
The Crossings             700      330722N       0850541W       La Grange
The Crossroads            740      330716N       0850350W       La Grange
Timber Ridge              690      330044N       0850839W       Abbottsford
Trimble                   740      331207N       0845332W       Hogansville
Troup Factory (historical)680      325640N       0845525W       Hilyer
Turkey Point              720      330356N       0851013W       Abbottsford
Tyler Estates             680      325717N       0850859W       Lanett North
Vernon                    620      330336N       0850929W       Abbottsford
Vernon (historical)       640      330325N       0850942W       Abbottsford
Vernon Ferry Estates      700      330212N       0850800W       Abbottsford
View Pointe               670      330610N       0850132W       La Grange
Wares Crossroads          752      330623N       0850429W       La Grange
Waterford Place           680      330452N       0850255W       La Grange
West Lake Village         770      330102N       0850753W       Abbottsford
West Point                578      325240N       0851100W       Lanett North
West Wind                 740      330537N       0850050W       La Grange
West Wood                 730      325929N       0850545W       Cannonville
West Wyngate              770      330057N       0850708W       La Grange
Whitewater Estates        700      330604N       0850930W       Abbottsford
Whitewater Woods          700      330323N       0850949W       Abbottsford
Whitfield                 739      330437N       0845653W       Mountville
Wildwood                  700      330355N       0850425W       La Grange
Willowcrest               680      330335N       0850523W       La Grange
Wood Valley               715      325445N       0850131W       Cannonville
Woodfield                 720      330110N       0850537W       La Grange
Young Acres               730      330124N       0850603W       La Grange

Troup County Cemeteries

Cemetery Name            Latitude         Longitude        USGS Map
Antioch Cemetery         330622N          0851021W         Abbottsford
Asbury Cemetery          330947N          0845948W         Hogansville
Bass Cemetery            325314N          0845327W         Hilyer
Bethel Cemetery          325444N          0850615W         Cannonville
Bright Star Cem.         325403N          0850009W         Cannonville
Butler Cemetery          330049N          0845738W         Mountville
Carter Cemetery          325541N          0845500W         Hilyer
Cox Cemetery             330315N          0845313W         Mountville
Daniel Cemetery          325745N          0845948W         Hilyer
East View Cem.           330243N          0850038W         La Grange
Evans Cemetery           330340N          0845248W         Mountville
Fannin Cemetery          325942N          0850139W         Cannonville
Forty Tyler Cem.         325259N          0851113W         Lanett North
Freeman Cemetery         330447N          0851146W         Abbottsford
Friendship Cemetery      325608N          0850736W         Lanett North
Glanton Cemetery         325600N          0845209W         Durand
Hall Cemetery            325222N          0845517W         Pine Mt. SW
Hall Cemetery            325901N          0845552W         Hilyer
Hamby Cemetery           325810N          0845432W         Hilyer
Hardy Cemetery           325649N          0845215W         Durand
Harmony Cemetery         330228N          0851149W         Abbottsford
Heard Cemetery           330456N          0845829W         Mountville
Herndon Cemetery         325936N          0845439W         Hilyer
Hill View Cemetery       330246N          0850134W         La Grange
Jones Cemetery           330039N          0845505W         Mountville
Langford Cemetery        325932N          0845459W         Hilyer
Lebanon Cemetery         325618N          0850331W         Cannonville
Linebarker Cemetery      325729N          0850051W         Cannonville
Long Cane Cemetery       325738N          0850816W         Lanett North
Louise Cemetery          330421N          0845427W         Mountville
Lovelace Cemetery        325435N          0850922W         Lanett North
Loyd Chapel Cem.         330017N          0850734W         Abbottsford
McCalls Cemetery         325553N          0850113W         Cannonville
McGee Cemetery           325911N          0845723W         Hilyer
Moody Cemetery           330610N          0850449W         La Grange
Mount Beulah Cem.        330136N          0850401W         La Grange
Mount Pilgrim Cem.       331407N          0843459W         Haralson
Mountville Cem.          330215N          0845217W         Odessadale
Murphy Cemetery          325405N          0845540W         Hilyer
Myrtle Hill Cem.         330957N          0845351W         Hogansville
New Providence           331029N          0845858W         Hogansville
Newsom Cemetery          330119N          0845948W         Mountville
O'Neal Cemetery          325530N          0845921W         Hilyer
Oak Grove Cem.           325800N          0850041W         Cannonville
Old Emmaus Cem.          330756N          0845519W         Hogansville
Old Providence           331033N          0845856W         Hogansville
Old Shiloh Cem.          331108N          0850117W         Hillcrest
Owens Cemetery           330248N          0845300W         Mountville
Perry Cemetery           325719N          0845539W         Hilyer
Pinewood Cem.            325248N          0851017W         Lanett North
Rakestraw Cem.           325723N          0845851W         Hilyer
Reid Cemetery            330241N          0845816W         Mountville
Reid Cemetery            331245N          0845704W         Hogansville
Restlawn Mem.Gard.       330501N          0850256W         La Grange
Rogers Cemetery          330123N          0850134W         La Grange
Salem Cemetery           325233N          0845723W         Hilyer
Shadowlawn Cem.          330246N          0850143W         La Grange
Shilolt Cemetery         330655N          0845830W         Mountville
Sledge Cemetery          325348N          0845429W         Hilyer
Sledge Cemetery          325701N          0845848W         Hilyer
Smith Cemetery           325414N          0845801W         Hilyer
South View Cem.          330107N          0850115W         La Grange
Stinson Cemetery         331139N          0845924W         Hogansville
Talley Cemetery          325725N          0845849W         Hilyer
Tatum Chapel Cem.        330203N          0850613W         La Grange
Thompson Cemetery        325438N          0845700W         Hilyer
Thompson Cemetery        325556N          0845428W         Hilyer
Thrash Cemetery          330110N          0845313W         Mountville
Traylor Cemetery         325623N          0850903W         Lanett North
Traylor Johnson Cem.     330044N          0845630W         Mountville
Union Cemetery           330458N          0845909W         Mountville
Webb Cemetery            325741N          0845232W         Hilyer
Wehadkee Cemetery        330102N          0851117W         Abbottsford
West View Cemetery       330959N          0845527W         Hogansville
Whatley Cemetery         330609N          0851112W         Abbottsford
Williams Cemetery        325220N          0850358W         Whitesville
Word Cemetery            331012N          0845426W         Hogansville
Wright Cemetery          325421N          0845249W         Hilyer
Wright Cemetery          325658N          0845408W         Hilyer

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