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Old School Cemetery, Washington, Georgia

Old School Cemetery is a historic African-American burial ground in Washington, Georgia. Old School Cemetery served as one of the primary resting places for Washington and Wilkes counties’ African-American population from at least the late nineteenth century through recent years.

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Thompson Extractions from the Georgia Land Lottery Papers

Thompson Extractions from the Georgia Land Lottery Papers 1805-1914 by Davis Lucas From: The Georgia Black Book By David Lucas Submitted by Dortha Gamel BALDWIN COUNTY Lot 196-3 Troup, Milledgeville Geo. 1 April 1839 Information having been given through the Southern Recorder (a Newspaper in the city of Milledgevillle) by the following advertisement viz. Executive Department Milledgeville, 2nd October 1838. UPON the application of THOMAS THOMPSON, POLLY THOMPSON’S illegitimate, of Columbia County, by which it appears, that Lot number one hundred and ninety-six,(196) in the (3rd) District of Troup County, was drawn by said illegitimate, and that the said lot has, through mistake, been heretofore granted to POLLY THOMPSON’S illegitimate children and that sd. Grant cannot be produced at this office for correction.. It is ordered, that unless good cause be shown to the contrary, within six months, that an aloas Grant do issue for sd. Lot, to the rightful drawer of the same; and that this notice be published in one of the public gazettes of this state for six months previous to issuing sd. alias Grant. By the Governor, BENJAMIN T. BETHUNE,Sec. E. Dep’t Oct. 9, 1838 That a application has been made to the Ex Dept for the issuing of an alias grant for 196 of the 3rd of Troup and that sd. grant would issue unless good cause should be shown to the contrary. I,...

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Early Tax list for Morgan County Georgia

This first Tax list of Morgan County, Georgia serves to record the Pioneers in that territory. It was compiled from the 1807 Baldwin County, Georgia Tax lists. Morgan County and Putnam County were formed from parts of Baldwin County. This exhibit includes names extracted from Microfilm reel 187/27 Georgia Archives (partial) Stephens’ 2nd Land Lottery District which is currently Baldwin and Putnam Counties.

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Descendants of James Park

James Park, born 1752, Prince Edward Co., Virginia. The first wife of James Park was Elizabeth Sankey. This marriage was in Virginia. There were 2 children from this marriage: Richard Sankey Park who married Nancy Walker and had 4 children. Three of Richards children were daughters who married. They were Mary Robinson, Betsey Ann Dawson, and Nancy Holder who all resided in Georgia. Betsey Ann Park who never married. James married second, Phoebe Hogue 1794, Died Nov.27, 1823. Issue: Harriet Park, married a Swinney James Park, Jr. Joseph Park Matilda Park, … married a Chamberlain Sophia Park, b. October 30,1800 married 1st Burkett Davenport 1824, m 2nd Wm.J.Russell 1825, d.March 1844, buried Lawrenceville, Georgia. Issue Sarah Amanda Russell,born August 6, 1826, died May 4, 1827, Lawrenceville, Ga. Mary Catherine Park Russell, b. September 29, 1827, m. B. E. Strickland 1849, d. Aug. 1907 William James Park Russell, b.July 17, 1830, m. Ava O. Law 1850, d. January 25, 1892, Tex Wallace Randolph Chamberlain Russell, b.1833, m. Martha Gray 1879, d.May 22, 1883, Ark Richard Henry Harrison Russell, b.March 29, 1837, d. February 2, 1843, Lawrenceville Ga. Thomas J. Park John L. Park Wallace H. Park Mallison W Park … married a Wilson Augustus Park Columbus Park Washington Park Mary S. Park Effirah Park Submitted by Bill Russell, No. Little Rock, Arkansas Great Great Great Grandson of Sophia Park...

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Joseph Moore Bible Pages

The Bible is in the hands of Jaca Mills near Ocala, Fl, dau of Lois Rawls, dau of Jaca Lillian Moore, dau of James Park Moore. Joseph Moore b. Dec 28, 1787 N.C. Martha Matilda Goss b. 7/12/1791 Ga. Married 1/19/1809 Greene Co. Ga. Joseph d. 8/23/1860 Merriwether Co. Ga Martha Matilda (Patsy) Goss Moore m. Isaac Thrash 3/16/1865 Family Register Births and Deaths Elizabeth Emily b. 12/06/1809 M. Robert Holt 12/22/1829 William F. b. 10/11/1811 d. 10/26/33 age 22 Mary Sophia b. 10/11/1812 m. Wiley M. White Charles G. b. 2/03/1816 m. Mariah Edwards, 2nd Sarah Jane Unknown Martha M. b. 10/16/1817 m. George Crutchfield Joseph T. b. 8/05/1819 daughter Virginia Moore John V. b. 4/15/1821 d. 1/27/63 Civil War Albert H. b. 1/6/1823 named in will 1860 Hezekiah F. b. 6/06/1825 not named in will 1860 Adaline F. b. 4/19/1827 d. 10/17/1831 age 4 Sarah Caroline b. 3/12/1830 m. F. Pliney Perdue 11/15/1849 Frances A. b. 10/02/1832 m. Columbus W. Howard 12/4/1849 James Park b. 9/31/1835 m. Mary Celestia Ansley 5/30/1861 Other deaths Mentioned in Bible Elisabeth Stuard 3/18/1835 Franklin H. Moore 7/24/1845 Mariah Edwards Moore 3/15/1867 There is a “Ladies Album” that belonged to Mary Celestia Ansley wife of James Park Moore. It is in the hands of Sarah Jo Lloyd in Lilburn Ga., dau of William Harley Ford, son of Minnie Josephine Moore, dau of...

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Joshua Cannon Family Bible

Joshua Cannon Bible bo.t of T. & J. Cunningham Greensboro, 11 Aug. 1829 Marriages Joshua Cannon and Elizabeth W. Harris was married June the 24th 1819 (Greene Co. Ga.) Jeptha H. Cannon and Catherine Roberts was married November 21, 1843 (Meriwether Co. Ga. #1) Eliza C. Cannon and William F. Roberts was married 31 Mar. 1844 (Meri. ) M.C.V. (Mary Carolyn Virginia) Cannon and George E.B.B. Roberts was married Mar. 21, 1844 (Meri.) J.J. Lunsford and M.E. Spier was married Dec. the 20, 1882 W.R. Linsford and Ruby Nell Knighton was married June 3, 1917 (Terrell Co. Ga. -Walter Belvin) Jarves Elrod or Elwood Lunsford departed this life in the year of our Lord Jan. 10..age 2 (Can not read year) Births Joshua Cannon was born 10 June 1795 (SC) Elizabeth W. Harris was born 31st August 1799 John Lawrence Cannon was born 14th Sept. 1820 William Wesley Cannon was born 22 Sep. 1822 Jeptha Harris Cannon was born 18th Dec. 1823 Mary Caroline Virginia Cannon was born 8th May 1826 Eliza Cordilia Cannon was born 17 August 1828 Charles Andrew Cannon was born_______ Augustin Pope was born 1st May 1833 Sara Elizabeth Cannon was born May 17, 1835 Annie Catherine Cannon was born 26th May 1835 Martha Victoria Cannon was born June 27th 1841 Joshua E. Cannon son of Jeptha was born…..1844 Jesse Wilmot Roberts son of Virginia...

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William M. Brown Family Bible

Ezekiel Brown was born about 1769 and died in Harris Co. Va. about 1863. (Born Va. son of William and Sara in Greene Co. Ga.) He married Miss Elizabeth (Betsy) Merritt (Married 15 Dec. 1803 Greene Co. Ga. dtr of William Merritt and Nancy of Greene and Nash Co. NC) Their children were: William M. Brown born in 1805; died in Americus, Georgia in 1871. He married Amamda Gray born Sept. 25, 1809, died Sept. 6, 1867. Married July 15, 1824. She was the daughter of Archibald Gray and his wife Cynthia Armor. ( Married Crawford Co. Ga. He died 29 Apr.1870 in Americus and was in 1870 Mortality Schedule Marion Co. Ga.) (Her death date is doubtfull because I could not read it with three trips to cemetery, and Wm. married again to Mrs. Ann Rawls 1851 Bulloch Co. Ga. per newspaper, and later legal papers. No divorce was found.) Ezekiel Brown Jr. (born 1806 Greene Co. Ga. married his first cousin on the Merritt side Emily Greene) Reuben Brown (Born Greene Co. Ga.) Frank Brown (John Franklin born 1818 Greene Co. Ga. married Mary E. Powell) James Brown (James Monroe Born 24 Jan. 1822 Greene Co. Ga. Married 26 Oct 1848 Harris Rebecco Hodo. He died 11 Sept. 1906 Woodville, Marshall, Ok.) Bluford Brown (Born Greene Co. Ga. married Meriwether Co. Ga. 18 Mar 1847 Sara Ann...

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Descendants of Archibald Gresham 1753-1823

Archibald Gresham moved with his father to North Carolina (Orange Co.) as a child and was elected there to serve as Justice of Inferior Court. He was a revolutionary soldier and a resident of Georgia for 35 years. He served Greene County three times as a Legislator and 15 years as justice of the Inferior Court. He commanded a militia unit of the county during the War of 1812. He was a Baptist for 14 years and left a widow and 6 children when he died February 23, 1823 at his residence, which is about 7 miles outside Greensboro. He is buried in Oakland Cemetary. These are his descendants.

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Andrews – Barnett – Griffin Bible

The last know owner of this Bible was Mrs. Helen Griffin Steel of Locust Grove, GA. Nathan Barnett Departed this life the 4 day of April 1818 Elizabeth T. Johnson departed this life 22 day of Dec. 1830 Aged Nineteen years Six month and five day Nathan Barnett was Born March 2nd 1778 Ave G. Barnett was born June 20th 1776 Lucy W. Barnett daughter of Nathan & Ave her mother was Born January 14 1798 John G. Barnett was Born December 12th 1799 Mary A. Barnett was Born November 26th 1801 William J. Barnett was Born November 29th 1803 Susna G. Barnett was Born January 31st 1806 (torn) A. Barnett was Born January 30th 1808 (torn) Beth Barnett was Born July 7th 1811 Thomas G. Barnett was Born November 27th 1813 (handwriting changed) John Leonard Johnson was Born November 27th 1818 Nathan B. Johnson was born July 16th 1819? Elizabeth T. Johnson was Born Dec 8 1830 Mary Elizabeth Barnett was born August 18th 1835 (at the end of The Prophets) Nancy W. Aallen (sic) Daughter of William and Elizabeth her mother was Born 30th of March 1809 John R. Allen Born 30 March 1809 Thos. Milton Griffin Born Jany 7th 1816 Maryan Caroline Griffin Born 14th Novm. 1817 Sarah C. Griffin was born 5th May 1797 John Griffin was married to Sally his wife 24th Septr. In...

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