West Point Manufacturing Company

While the plants of this corporation are not located in Troup County, yet the executive and administrative offices are located in the city of West Point. The plants of this corporation are noted below: Riverdale at Riverview, Alabama, built in 1866, makers of tent and awning ducks. 11,684 spindles. Langdale at Langdale, Ala., built in 1867 as the Chattahoochee Manufacturing Company, and purchased in 1880. The plant has 33,856 spindles. This plant donated the sails to refit the frigate Constitution, popularly known as “Old Ironsides,” also donated the sail duck for the Byrd Expedition to the South Pole. Lanett Mills, makers of wide drills, twills and sateens, and the fabrics used in automobile manufacture. Shawmut Mills, makers of the heavier forms of cotton duck that is used for hose and belting. Fairfax Mills, whose specialty is the making of towels for every kind of use, and of every size and weight. Lanett Bleachery and Dye Works is the pioneer in the dyeing of the fabrics and the addition of color to our section of the South. The West Point Manufacturing Company has a total of 192,000 spindles in the various plants. The corporation has been for many years under the management of the Lanier family, which has contributed so much to the financial, educational, social, cultural and political life of Troup County, and of West Point in particular.

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