Troup County

Troup Factory

Built in 1845, and adapted to cotton manufacture in 1848; located on land lot 15 of the 4th district. This plant was built by Robertson, Leslie and Company, a firm composed of J. L. C. Robertson, Thomas Leslie, and a Mr. Beaman, as a gristmill in 1845, and was converted into a cotton mill in 1848, being the second such plant in Georgia, and it continued to operate as such for more than a half century. Troup Factory sheetings and homespun were standards of excellence in a widespread area of Georgia, and their use is within the memory of many …

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Valway Rug Mills

Incorporated on November 4, 1927, by Cason J. Callaway, Ira B. Grimes, and Henry G. Smith. This plant is a distinctive idea in the diversification of production in the South. The manufacture of rugs in the plant has always been a source of interest to the passing visitor, because the use of jacquard looms and other machines is so different from those of the ordinary cotton mills. The beauty and variety of the rugs had commended them to a widespread patronage in America.

Rockweave Mills

This plant was another offshoot of Hillside Cotton Mills, and was originally called Rockweave Laundry Textile Mills, but the charter was amended on December 9, 1927, to conform to the above name. The plant with a wide variety of products specialized in the manufacture of those products associated with the laundry trade: bags, nets, and all forms of canvas containers and receptacles. Most of this plant had been transferred to LaGrange Calumet Mills, and its corporate identity was lost in the merger of 1932.

Stark Mills

Built in 1922, and located in land lot 11 of the 12th district. This plant was not chartered in Troup County, but was built by Lockwood, Green and Company of Boston, the owners at that time of the Hogansville and LaGrange plants of the New England Southern Mills, and sold with them in 1928. It was afterwards sold to the United States Rubber Company and is still in their possession. This mill was adapted to the use of long staple cotton for the manufacture of tire cord. The mill is under the superintendency of H. H. Ocheltree. The managers were …

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Lagrange Mills

Built in 1888, and located on land lots 108 and 109 of the 6th district. The LaGrange Oil and Manufacturing Company was chartered on August 6, 1883, and its incorporators numbered most of the business and professional men of the little town of LaGrange: L. J. Render, A. N. Davenport, J. M. Barnard, J. G. Truitt, J. P. Thornton, H. C. Butler, W. O. Tuggle, S. P. Smith, F. M. Longley, M. L. Fleming, J. C. Forbes, T. J. Harwell, H. H. Cary, E. D. Williams, G. A. Speer, Henry Banks, W. V. Gray, A. R. Phillips, T. H. Whitaker, …

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Oakleaf Mills

This plant is another of the Hillside group of industries, and was chartered on April 16, 1928, and its location changed to the vicinity of the Unity Spinning Mills. It specialized in flannels, wiping cloths and cords of various kinds. The superintendent in 1932 was T. L. Arnette.

Robertson Woolen Mill

Built in 1847; located in land lot 78 of the 4th district. At some time prior to 1847, there came from Scotland to Troup County Robert Robertson, who bought from James O’Neal a site a short distance west of the Smith Mill on the Salem Road, and established thereon the first textile plant of the county, which was known as the Robertson Woolen Mill. From far and near the patrons brought their bags of wool for cleaning and carding. It was returned to them in long rolls or balls ready for the home spinner or weaver. The success of this …

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Elm City Cotton Mills

Built in 1905, located in land lot 142 of the 6th district. The charter bears the date of November 15, 1905, and enlisted a large number of contributors under the leadership of Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., as the directing genius. The following names are recorded in the charter: F. E. Callaway C. V. Truitt J. G. Truitt S. H. Truitt Roy Dallis W. A. Holmes A. T. Dallis V. E. Dallis George E. Dallis Pike Brothers E. G. Hood J. H. Edmondson Henry Banks, Sr. J. W. Johnston Bradfield Drug Co. F. M. Ridley H. R. Slack J. C. Roper …

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Dunson Mills

Built in 1910, and located in land lot 87 of the 6th district. The charter was granted on November 19, 1910, and the following names appear on the charter as the promoters of this plant: T. J. Thornton W. S. Dunson A. H. Cary F. M. Ridley W. A. Reeves J. M. Barnard S. H. Dunson W. E. Morgan P. H. Hutchinson F. M. Longley R. O. Pharr J. E. Dunson J. F. Ogletree The plant was enlarged in 1923, nearly doubling the original capacity of the mill, and varying the production to include the light as well as the …

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Hillside Cotton Mills

Built in 1915, and located on land lot 143 of the 6th district. The charter was granted on December 5, 1914, to a large number of incorporators: F. E. Callaway, C. V. Truitt, J. G. Truitt, S. H. Truitt, Roy Dallis, A. T. Dallis, V. E. Dallis, Render Dallis, S. Y. Austin, J. H. Edmondson, H. H. Childs, R. O. Pharr, W. S. Davis, T. H. Nimmons, E. R. Callaway, H. W. Callaway, W. A. Holmes, C. J. Callaway, Hatton Lovejoy, W. H. Turner, Jr., R. C. Key, C. Y. Hall, J. R. Hall, James Newsom, I. B. Grimes, Boyd …

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