Hillside Cotton Mills

Built in 1915, and located on land lot 143 of the 6th district. The charter was granted on December 5, 1914, to a large number of incorporators: F. E. Callaway, C. V. Truitt, J. G. Truitt, S. H. Truitt, Roy Dallis, A. T. Dallis, V. E. Dallis, Render Dallis, S. Y. Austin, J. H. Edmondson, H. H. Childs, R. O. Pharr, W. S. Davis, T. H. Nimmons, E. R. Callaway, H. W. Callaway, W. A. Holmes, C. J. Callaway, Hatton Lovejoy, W. H. Turner, Jr., R. C. Key, C. Y. Hall, J. R. Hall, James Newsom, I. B. Grimes, Boyd Ragsdale, H. R. Slack, B. H. Seay, L. H. Zachry, Pike Brothers, J. M. Formby, H. T. Wooding, J. D. Hudson, R. L. Render, C. W. Smith, C. N. Shearer, R. K. Colley, G. W. Birdsong, A. H. Thompson, J. J. Milam, McCaine Brothers, H. D. Glanton, C. L. Smith, W. L. Cleaveland, W. G. Cleaveland, Henry Banks, Sr., H. D. Phillips, J. A. Perry, O. D. Grimes, P. G. Awtry, W. E. Johnson, H. H. Tigner, W. J. Hardy, J. W. Bryant, R. W. Bryant, E. C. Lewis, James Banks, J. Carroll Payne, W. D. Brady, C. H. Hutcheson, J. H. Lane and Company, F. Coit Johnson, James W. Lane, E. W. Leseur, Howard L. Marsh, Oliver L. Johnson, Charles T. Newberry, Charles D. Brady, W. H. Tobey, C. M. Pirkleman, W. W. Quinlan.

This plant, by reason of the installation of a dye house as a part of the equipment, manufactures the greatest variety of products of any mill located in the county; in weight from the heaviest to comparatively lightweight goods with many color variations. This was the parent plant of several lines of manufacture, which were afterwards incorporated as separate entities and some of them removed to other locations. These were Valley Waste Mills, Valway Rug Mills, Rockweave Mills, and Oakleaf Mills. The superintendents of this plant were S. Y. Austin, J. O. Blackmon, and Frank L. Asbury.

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    1. Lynn (Cheatham) Della

      Dianne: If you’re looking for B.H. (Benjamin Howard) Seay who was the brother of George Warren (G.W.), Martha (Mrs.) Dean and others, son of James and Catherine B(uchanan) (Marchman) Seay, I may be able to help some. His sister Lura (also known as Lara, Laura and Lula) was my maternal great-grandmother on my father’s side.

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