Dixie Cotton Mills

Built in 1895, located on Greenville Street in LaGrange in land lot 107 of the 6th district. This mill was incorporated on September 26, 1895, and the following names appear on the charter:

  • Samuel Hale
  • James G. Truitt
  • Blount C. Ferrell
  • Francis M. Longley, of LaGrange
  • W. N. Weeks of New York
  • J. T. Cressey of New Hampshire
  • Thomas P. Ivey of Atlanta

Many investors of the local commercial world afterwards joined their forces to the above. At first the plant was not an entire success, because of poor equipment, much of which was out of date in cotton manufacture. It is curious to note that in the original plans for buildings and the layouts for machinery no provision was made for a power plant to operate the mill. Provision for this oversight and for the replacement of much of the antiquated machinery placed a handicap on .this plant in the form of excessive debt; nevertheless, under the skillful management of O. A. Dunson, it continued to operate until forced to sell by the mortgagor on October 17, 1917, when the plant passed into the possession of Wellington-Sears Company, and at this date is a unit in their chain of mills. This plant is the pioneer in this county for the manufacture of lightweight cotton fabrics, eight ounces to the yard being the heaviest goods made in this plant. Among the names of the superintendents of this plant are noted the following:

  • DeGroat, Magraw
  • W. S. Dunson
  • Jack Donaldson
  • J. J. Ward
  • A. Culberson
  • George W. Murphy, Jr.
  • Albert Lehmann

The names of Samuel Hale, L. J. Render and O. A. Dunson as the managers of the plant.

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