Dunson Mills

Built in 1910, and located in land lot 87 of the 6th district. The charter was granted on November 19, 1910, and the following names appear on the charter as the promoters of this plant:

  • T. J. Thornton
  • W. S. Dunson
  • A. H. Cary
  • F. M. Ridley
  • W. A. Reeves
  • J. M. Barnard
  • S. H. Dunson
  • W. E. Morgan
  • P. H. Hutchinson
  • F. M. Longley
  • R. O. Pharr
  • J. E. Dunson
  • J. F. Ogletree

The plant was enlarged in 1923, nearly doubling the original capacity of the mill, and varying the production to include the light as well as the heavyweight cotton goods. The management was in the hands of T. J. Thornton in the beginning, and he was succeeded by the present efficient manager, W. S. Dunson. There has always been exercised a liberal conservatism in the management: liberal in attitude towards the churches and schools and sports, yet conservative in the business aspects. The superintendent was W. S. Dunson until his promotion to manager, and he was succeeded by A. C. Dunson as the present superintendent.

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