Elm City Cotton Mills

Built in 1905, located in land lot 142 of the 6th district. The charter bears the date of November 15, 1905, and enlisted a large number of contributors under the leadership of Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., as the directing genius. The following names are recorded in the charter:

  • F. E. Callaway
  • C. V. Truitt
  • J. G. Truitt
  • S. H. Truitt
  • Roy Dallis
  • W. A. Holmes
  • A. T. Dallis
  • V. E. Dallis
  • George E. Dallis
  • Pike Brothers
  • E. G. Hood
  • J. H. Edmondson
  • Henry Banks, Sr.
  • J. W. Johnston
  • Bradfield Drug Co.
  • F. M. Ridley
  • H. R. Slack
  • J. C. Roper
  • J. M. Barnard
  • George W. Murphy
  • P. G. Awtry
  • J. L. Bradfield
  • H. D. Glanton
  • N. E. Marshburn
  • E. R. Bradfield, Sr.
  • W. V. Gray
  • L. D. Mitchell
  • Pope F. Callaway
  • McCaine and Market
  • E. B. Clark
  • F. M. Longley
  • B. H. Seay
  • R. L. Adams
  • J. R. Hall
  • G. B. Heard
  • S. P. Smith
  • W. S. Davis
  • A. H. Cary
  • C. Y. Hall
  • J. R. Broome
  • W. L. Cleaveland
  • N. S. McCalley
  • J. M. Formby
  • W. J. Hardy
  • J. F. Market
  • J. Wid Freeman
  • Banks and Arnold of Coweta County
  • H. M. Atkinson
  • W. D. Brady
  • George M. Traylor
  • James Banks
  • A. E. Thornton
  • M. Frank
  • George W. Parrott
  • George Dole Wadley
  • S. P. O’Neal
  • J. H. Lane & Company

Elm City was also a cotton duck plant and has enjoyed a long term of prosperity under the skillful management of the superintendents, Ira B. Grimes and H. F. Shuford.

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