Troup Factory

Built in 1845, and adapted to cotton manufacture in 1848; located on land lot 15 of the 4th district. This plant was built by Robertson, Leslie and Company, a firm composed of J. L. C. Robertson, Thomas Leslie, and a Mr. Beaman, as a gristmill in 1845, and was converted into a cotton mill in 1848, being the second such plant in Georgia, and it continued to operate as such for more than a half century. Troup Factory sheetings and homespun were standards of excellence in a widespread area of Georgia, and their use is within the memory of many present day citizens. Charles H. Griffin was an active factor in the management of this plant in the early nineties. It was originally located on Flat Shoals Creek on the Columbus Road or the Georgia No. 1 Highway, but was moved to Greenville Street in LaGrange in 1902. The business of the plant was so great that on December 22, 1857, a railroad was incorporated for the purpose of handling the products, which was called the LaGrange and Troup Factory Railroad. Disturbances due to the impending Civil War prevented its building. The name was changed after the removal of the plant to LaGrange to that of Park Cotton Mills, and its products were limited to yarn. This mill is now one of the things past and gone with only a few of its walls standing to mark the spot.

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