Joel Smith Family Bible

From Doris Gleasons photocopy files. Bible now in possession of Mrs. C. R. Kendrick of Sweet Water, Texas. Sent by Emma Barrett Reeves of Nacogdoches, Texas. Emma was aged ninety-five in 1997. Typed by Charles Barnum on 21 July 1997.

Note: Seaborn J. Thompson moved to Troup County ca. 1832 with other family members probably from Newton County or Washington County Georgia. Some of those mentioned lived in Jasper, Newton, Troup, Walton and or Wilkes Counties at one time.

Births: Deaths:

Joel T. Smith–16 October 1787; 8 March 1823
Elizabeth J. Bedell–24 September 1794; 26 December 1871
Frances Smith–19 April 1811; 14 May 1828
George Smith–24 May 1812
Nancy Smith–13 October 1813
Martha Smith–15 May 1815
Henry B. Smith–27 January 1817
Amelia R. Smith–26 July 1819
Maria Smith–6 December 1820
Margaret Smith–17 September 1822; 25 August 1855
Frances L. Thompson 2 March 1828 Daughter of Seaborn J. Thompson and Frances Smith.


Margaret Smith married Yarbrough
Joel T. Smith married Elizabeth J. Bedell 22 April 1810
Seaborn J. Thompson married Francis Smith 2 November 1826
Andrew Huling married Martha K. Smith 8 July 1830
Micajah Bedell married Nancy Smith 18 October 1831
George Smith married Nancy C. Wilburn 8 January 1835

Other: Births Deaths

Henry R. Yarbrough–7 March 1842; 8 April 1863
James Yarbrough–27 December 1843; 4 September 1864
Francis P. Yarbrough–24 January 1845; ~~~
Mary Bacon Yarbrough–16 Mar 1847; 26 July 1933
Laura A. Yarbrough–16 February 1848; ~~~
John F. Yarbrough–22 May 1851; ~~~
Elvira H Yarbrough–25 January 1853; 30 September 1853
Robert T. Yarbrough–25 June 1854; 11 December 1874
Millard Yarbrough–13 April 1856;
M. J. Lafayette Yarbrough–4 July 1858; 15 September 1830

(end of Bible recording)

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