Pulaski County Georgia Wills

There are four volumes of records in the Ordinary’s office, from which the following abstracts of wills and of estates have been taken. The first volume is not marked by alphabetical order, and contains only six wills, dating from 1809 to 1816; the second volume, Book A, covers the years 1810 to 1848; the third volume, Book B, from 1853 to 1906; the fourth volume, Book C, from 1910 to 1935.

As a key to understand the abbreviations:

w. is for wife; d. daughter; s. son; b. brother; c. child or children; h. heirs; g.c: grandchildren; m. mother; f. father; s.l. son-in-law; d.l. daughter-in-law; b.l. brother-in-law; sis. sister; n. nephew; n. niece; cou. cousin

Since this index was created in order of how they’re listed in the Will Book, it’s best to conduct a search for the surname of the person you’re searching first.

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  1. Any genealogical information on William Phelps (born about 1777, died 1828 Pulaski County GA
    Any genealogical information on Sophia Lee Phelps (born 1779 in SC and died 1879 Pulaski County GA)
    Contact: Carla Phelps Wert, email: trestlewood@yahoo.com

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