Pulaski County, Georgia Land Lottery

In 1802 Georgia ceded to the US all the land between the Chattahoochee and the Mississippi River, in return for a promise from the US to remove all Indians from Georgia’s reserve territory. “By purchase if possible; by pressure if necessary.”

By an act of the Legislature in the year 1803, the new Purchase of lands from the Indians west of the Oconee River was distributed under the first Land Lottery system. Under it the public lands as they were from time to time freed from Indian occupancy, were at public cost surveyed into small lots of uniform size and marked, numbered and mapped, and the whole returned to the Surveyor’s General’s office from whence by Commissioners chosen by the Legislature for the purpose, caused all the lots to be thrown into the Lottery Wheel, and to become fortune’s gift as well as her own, to her own people.

By the treaty of Ft. Wilkinson in 1802, the Creek Indians ceded part of the district between the Oconee, and Ocmulgee. In 1804 at the Creek Agency on the Flint River the Indians ceded the remaining territory east of the Ocmulgee. Every white man, widow and orphan resident of this state was entitled to one draw and every Revolutionary Soldier was entitled to two draws.

The following data has been extracted from those land lotteries and represent those Pulaski County people who received land:

Fortunate DrawersCapts. Dist.No.Dt.Sec.
Wm. Horn, R. SGilstraps18735
Edward BankerKellums32155
Muses RightHendleys14181
William Gays, orphanPowells207161
Moses WrightHendleys148181
Bartlett BarkerBracewells5241
Reamond B. Mason's orphansKellums17131
Frederick MillsSparrows110242
John CaruthersSparrows7101
Sarah TazheryBarnetts21155
Jincy Smith, widowSparrows183171
John Smith, R. SScarboroughs17424
William B. CroffordThomas2323
Win. J. Pennington, illKellums19661
Mary Bryan, w. R. SScarboroughs10495
Sylvanus HoskinsSparrows15711
Josiah WimburnThomas24414
Susan Mayo, w. R. SGilstraps17863
Martin WalldenScarboroughs20732
Edward SmithBracewells2114
William SmithPowells88172
Frances Pugh, orphanSparrows3211
William B. ReevesGilstraps16211
Edmund Dillard, soldierCains1281
Rutha Bell, w. R. SThomas34381
Martha Regan, widPowells1114
David DefnalSparrows144271
Allen W.ThomasSparrows60232
John S.IslerPowells227151
William HawlBracewells200161
Nathan KingPowells1241
Sally Christian, w. R. SThomas104122
Jesse HinesSparrows19251
Silvy Bynum, w. R. SSparrows6672
Eliz. Frazar's childrenScarboroughs1954
Lucrecy Saulter, illegitScarboroughs18491
Sary Armstrong, w. R. SScarboroughs22492
Mary Miller, widowScarboroughs33241
William Z. BaileyGilstraps176105
Wash Wheeler, illSparrows160701
Wm. Shuffield, Sr., R. SHurdleys212181
Thomas McGriffKellams19063
James TumlinsonPowells25214
Robert N. TaylorKellams17965
William S. ColesonGilstraps58151
Daniel Williams, orphanHendleys1763
James J. WordKellams117152
Stephen Kent's orphansSparrows14584
Vincent YeartyScarboroughs19834
Elisha HodgesPowells130291
William Flower's orphansKellams108202
Sally & John Word, orphansKellams7352
Unity Brinson, w. R. SThomas9834
John FairclothGilstraps128142
James RobuckGilstraps1074
Amos BrownBracewells29741
William SingleterryGilstraps11043
Nancy Miller, widScarboroughs6161
Nontford TaylorSparrows271212
William ShippGilstraps118145
William T. SnillingBracewells88212
Mary Anderson, widKellams10023
Arthur Tookes' orphansSparrows23661
David PrielScarboroughs7462
Uriah Pope, solBracewells28171
Epps WallaceThomas100171
John W. CarruthersSparrows166123
Wm. Miller's orphansScarboroughs20271
Thomas McGriffKellams39191
Elizabeth Yawn, illegitHendleys20171
James R. ButtsGilstraps115135
Cynthia GardnerBracewells18231
James HollandScarboroughs189123
Aaron ScarboroughScarboroughs1495
Reuben BynumsSparrows7841
Elisha HollandScarboroughs3013
John Gregory, solThomas6054
Caleb FullingtonThomas105122
John RogersBracewells231232
Elizabeth Haddock, wSparrows9041
Lovet P. FanThomas24165
John ReadonScarboroughs167201
James LittleGilstraps67201
John Smith's childrenSparrows217102
Han'h Snelling, W. R. SSparrows176131
Hillery HendersonGilstraps235112
William TrullKellams4895
Mary Tooke, widSparrows334281
Robert LeeSparrows2213
William CunninghamGilstraps21593
Daniel GrahamScarboroughs21532
R. R. TarverBanchers132123
John Barker's orphansBledsoes204291
William Flower's orphansKellams244161
William Lester, soldierThomas7035
Margaret StephensGilstraps188212
Allen WheelerSparrows6033
Robert N. TaylorKellams8715
John RozarPowells25295
Thomas AllenderPowells23981
Thomas J. Wheeler, illSparrows69113
Frances HarrellHurdleys31385
Daniel T. ClemmonsThomas10781
Hardy Powers, soldierGilletts 67192
Oliver G. WillifordScarboroughs220211
John WilsonThomas240115
William Haddock's orphansSparrows16622
John HenleyGilstraps24375
Bynum Syloy, widowSparrows32175
George GilderKellams10313
Isom McDonald, R. SScarboroughs58141
William F. SnellingBracewells82151
John B. GreeneBracewells24442
Robert H. JoinerHendleys1731
Seaborn RaineyHendleys21871
Spire Mills' orphansSparrows246202
Amos PipkinsScarboroughs38101
Martha E. Anderson, widowScarboroughs51103
Richard Gainy's orphansThomas833
Hiram DykesHendleys274123
Elizabeth Averett, widKellams19954
Manuel W.LovinSparrows6513
M., D. A. & C. C. Snell, orphansKellams9913
Mur. McLeod, R. SBracewells18481
Elizabeth Pratt, widSparrows157142
Isaac W.MitchellBracewells2614
J. W. Bunn, orphKellams220122
James Parker, SrScarboroughs218261
William TrullKellams18041
James M. Christian's orphansThomas78211
William MayoKellams48291
Richard Doves' orphansScarboroughs257221
James Adams' orphansPowells255115
Owen DillardBracewells26251
Lewis HarrellHendleys117291
James DillardPowells214132
William CunninghamGilstraps182201
John BryanScarboroughs39261
James HarrisonScarboroughs134301
William ShippGilstraps268162
Daniel HarvelPowells144331
Rewbin BynumSparrows26951
David Miller's orphansBracewells172202
Zachariah WillisScarboroughs941
Barny WilliamsHendleys18653
Josiah Wemburn, R. SThomas24181
Green H. ChairsKellams15052
Wm. Anderson's orphansScarboroughs34122
M. C. StegallSparrows19125
Reubin Bynum's orphansSparrows38161
Mary Defnal, w. R. SSparrows102192
Jackson Hogan, illegitSparrows25583
Frederick HaudleyThomas25291
James CarePowells99301
Shadrick RozarPowells15892
William Smith, solScarboroughs108171
J. Willoughby's mins. f. aThomas2143
James CarePowells22162
Amos Wheeler, R. SSparrows39221
Archabal Odom, R. SPowells69331
Malta ScarboroughScarboroughs22471
Ica AtkinsonThomas4145
Isaac JohnsonScarboroughs33162
James Roach's orphansGilstraps260212
Allen WheelerSparrows13371
LeviBush, R. SGilstraps124161
Rehum Readen's orphansScarborough6843
Joney Savage, widPowells12991
John RicksKellams5762
Elizabeth BallardPowells5595
Ann Wilson, w. R. SThomas226151
Dugal C. McPhailKellams109241
Rasmus GayPowells67212
Penny Brown, illegHendleys73222
Patsey Johnson, w. R. SGilstraps11753
James J. VickersThomas189115
Henry SparrowSparrows275202
Polly Ballard, illegGilstraps6572
Sessom PurkinsGilstraps194142
William MayoKellams173192
Benjamin LovelessScarboroughs77211
Hyram PollardGilstraps14241
Moses HornGilstraps198123
Richard Gainy's orphansThomas7762
Elizabeth Gregory, widThomas21043
James Roach's orphansGilstraps18925
M., D. A. & C. C. Snell, orphansKellams7053
David J. WalkerHeandelsy76261
M.J. Loper, orphanGilstraps100131
Jeremiah ForehandGilstraps7862
Rutha Beall, w. R. SThomas6532
Tabitha Arnold, widGilstraps2074
James Oliver, R. SHendleys58201
James T. Thomas' orphansThomas172172
Philip TroyScarboroughs149221
Mary Thompson, widScarboroughs75152
John McCreThomas57251
Richard ThomasScarboroughs18463
Bartlett BakerBracewells93113
John PowersScarboroughs9713
James YatesGilstraps88321
Emery SermonsSparrows22155
Milly Cardin, W. R. SSparrows3331
John J. LanierBracewels50281
Thomas DavisGilstraps9955
Robert SavagePowells1885
Galsey Smith's illegitimPowells171162
Abner Averett's orphansKellams8091
Jacob ParkersonHendleys20522
Joseph HaskinsKellams13271
Jeffer. Armstrong, illScarboroughs25055
Wiley KentSparrows146241
Marin Johnson, h. aKellams16184
John Smith, R. SScarboroughs25321
Pernal SermonsSparrows9923
William Haddock's orphansSparrows114212
John CaruthersSparrows3742
Larkin Armstrong, orphanHendleys206151
David PrielScarboroughs5075
John Leith, orphanSparrows33075
James M. Taylor's orphansSparrows16893
Peter GilstrapGilstraps88121
Daniel HarrelPowells9622
James H. WarrenKellams25032
John BuchanHendleys14572
Levi E. BushGilstraps146132
Isaac Burkhalter, solSparrows49132
James O. JelksSparrows154221
Celia Kellum, widGilstraps10183
Cynthia Crofford, widThomas17375
William BryanScarboroughs18101
Harrison PeacockScarboroughs4571
Abraham Wood, R. SThomas24171
Joseph SimmonsSparrows23035
Mary Mannings, illegPowells114135
James LittleGilstraps66115
Tabitha Yearty, widowKellams52101
Abner Averett's orphansKellams235171
Tyra GarrettSparrows209251
Mary Mills, widowSparrows161122
James BynumGilstraps17773
James Bryan's orphansKellams18365
Catherine McGlothernHendleys7155
Shadrack AtkinsonThomas51105
Charlotte Bailey, orphanHendleys189192
Baker AdamsScarboroughs15312

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