1880 Gilmer County Georgia Census

104I. M. BucknerHead31FarmerN. Carolina/NC/SC
~Martha J. BucknerWife30HousekeeperGeorgia/NC/NC
~Georgia Ann BucknerDaughter11HousekeeperGeorgia/NC/NC
~Martha D. BucknerDaughter3HomeGeorgia/NC/NC
~~ ~~~~~
~Hiram BucknerHead60FarmerN. Carolina/NC/NC
~Lucinda E. BucknerWife50HousekeeperS. Carolina/SC/SC
~Liza E. DuckettDaughter19At HomeN. Carolina/NC/SC
~Joseph CottsBoarder41FarmerMaine/ME/ME
~~ ~~~~~
~Benjamin CharlesHead38FarmerGeorgia/TN/SC
~Martha E. CharlesWife35Keeping HouseGeorgia/GA/GA
~William T. CharlesSon18FarmeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Susannah L . CharlesDaughter16At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~John F. CharlesSon15FarmerGeorgia/GA/GA
~Jesse CharlesSon12FarmerGeorgia/GA/GA
~Martha F. CharlesDaughter10At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Nancy I. CharlesDaughter8At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Benjamin H. H. CharlesSon6At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Mary E. CharlesDaughter4At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Ara M. C. CharlesDaughter1At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~Rachel CrawfordWife45/46 ??FarmN. Carolina/TN/GA
~Martha P. CrawfordDaughter22HousekeeperGeorgia/Unk/NC
~Mary I. CrawfordDaughter19HousekeeperGeorgia/Unk/NC
~Robert L. CrawfordSon12FarmGeorgia/Unk/NC
~Sarah M. CrawfordDaughter10HousekeeperGeorgia/Unk/NC
~~ ~~~~~
~W. J. CrawfordHead30FarmerN. Carolina/NC/NC
~Mary ? CrawfordWife24HousekeeperGeorgia/NC/NC
~Ira W. CrawfordSon8HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Clarisa C. CrawfordDaughter6HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~John ?. CrawfordSon4HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Arty E. CrawfordDaughter2HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Dora M. CrawfordDaughter~HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~Mark W. DavisHead33FarmerTennessee/TN/Unk
~Catherine DavisWife32HousekeeperGeorgia/Unk/TN
~William T. DavisSon12FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~John W. DavisSon10FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~Henry L DavisSon9FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~Samuel B. DavisSon7FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~Margret C. DavisDaughter7FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~Benjamin H. DavisSon5FarmGeorgia/TN/GA
~Marion J. DavisSon2FarmN. Carolina/TN/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~Elisha C. DeboardHead24FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Rachel M. DeboardWife20Keeping HouseGeorgia/NC/GA
~Sarah E. DeboardDaughter2At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~Arabella C. DeboardDaughter5/12At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~Isabel DeboardHead31HeadGeorgia/GA/GA
~William A. DeboardSon9FarmerGeorgia/TN/TN
~~ ~~~~~
~John A. DeferHead21FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Julia ?. DeferWife19Keeping HouseN. Carolina/SC/NC
~~ ~~~~~
~(unlegible) DoverHead33FarmerN. Carolina/NC/NC
~Mary A. DoverWife33Keeping HouseGeorgia/NC/NC
~Rosanna DoverDaughter8At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Matilda P. DoverDaughter7At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~James T. DoverSon5At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Sarah DoverDaughter3At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Mary P. DoverDaughter2At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Carrie V. DoverDaughter4/12At homeGeorgia/NC/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~David M. DoverHead36HeadN. Carolina/NC/NC
~Jemimi DoverWife37Keeping HouseGeorgia/SC/SC
~~ ~~~~~
~D. DoverHead45FarmerGeorgia/TN/TN
~Elizabeth DoverWife43Keeping HouseGeorgia/NC/NC
~Dillion M.C. DoverSon17FarmerGeorgia/NC/GA
~Frederick T. DoverSon13FarmerGeorgia/NC/GA
~William A. DoverSon10FarmerGeorgia/NC/GA
~Jason A. DoverSon8At HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Laura A. DoverDaughter7At HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Araminda J. DoverDaughter6At HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Martha DoverDaughter4At HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~Violet C. DoverDaughter1At HomeGeorgia/NC/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~Margret DoverHead80Keeping HouseN. Carolina/Unk/Unk
~Jeptha DoverCousin74BoarderS. Carolina/Unk/Unk
~~ ~~~~~
~John HinsonHead25FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Mary J. HinsonSister35Keeping HouseGeorgia/NC/NC
~John A. HinsonNephew15Farm HandGeorgia/GA/GA
~Nancy A. HinsonNiece12At HomeGeorgia/GA/GA
~~ ~~~~~
~James P. MathisHead28FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Mary E. MathisWife37Keeping HouseS. Carolina/SC/NC
~Hulda A. MathisDaughter2At HomeGeorgia/GA/SC
~~ ~~~~~
~B. F. RadcliffHead29FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Sarah M. RadcliffWife27Keeping HouseN. Carolina/SC/NC
~Mary E. RadcliffDaughter8At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~Nancy S. RadcliffDaughter6At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~Cornelius RadcliffSon2At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~~ ~~~~~
~Euastas P. WellsHead28FarmerGeorgia/NC/NC
~Martha A. WellsWife39HousekeeperNorth Carolina/NC/NC
~Sarah F. WellsDaughter7At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~John H. WellsSon4At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~Mary H. WellsDaughter2At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC
~Florence L. WellsDaughter6/12At HomeGeorgia/GA/NC

This census transcribed and submitted by Barb Nicholson Beaver.

If you have 1880 census entries for Gilmer County, Georgia and would like to contribute them for posting, please contact us!

1 thought on “1880 Gilmer County Georgia Census”

  1. I would like to add the following to Gilmer county Georgia Census for 1880:

    Dwelling/Family #216

    Crow, Carwiley Head Male White Age 63 Married Farmer
    Crow, Lucyndia Wife Female White Age 45 Married Keeping House
    Crow, Amarentha Daughter Female White Age 12 Single At home Sick with Typhoid
    Crow, Henry H Son Male White Age 10 Single At home
    Crow, Vinaan Daughter Female White Age 8 At home
    Crow, Talley M Daughter Female White Age 6
    Crow, Edward E Son Male White Age 2
    Bridges, Martha J Step-Daughter Female Age 15 At home

    Thank you
    Debra Chapman

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