Gilmer County Surname Researchers

The following information provides a list of surnames from Gilmer County Georgia that researchers are looking for. In some cases only an email is provided, while in others a website is given as well. While we consistently scan for bad web page links, we do not send emails. So if an email is bad on this list, please comment below and let us know.

Please feel free to submit your surnames for inclusion on this page by commenting also. Be sure to list the email address that you would like included and if you have a web page, list your URL. We periodically add new comments which have been submitted to this list, and then delete the comment. Happy hunting!

Anderson Teri MichelleN/A
Bailey Sandra RossN/A
Ballew Ruth ByrneN/A
Banks Marcene OxfordN/A
Batson Mollie MorrowN/A
Boone Ray LangleyN/A
Bradford John CatronN/A
Bridges Charles H. HendersonN/A
Brock Wanda AndersonN/A
Brock Ray LangleyN/A
Brown Mary-Ann VandaveerHerz & Brown Family Website
Bryan Cathye Griffin BetzelCathye Griffin Betzel’s Family Connections
Bryant Kathi LedfordN/A
Buffington Ray LangleyN/A
Burrell Arnetta Kee-WhitlockN/A
Callahan Louise DenstonN/A
Carroll Paula FranklinN/A
Chastain Ray LangleyN/A
Clayton Ray LangleyN/A
Corbin Ray LangleyN/A
Craig Ray LangleyN/A
Craigo D. DavenportN/A
Crumbly Kenneth CrumblyN/A
Crumley Kenneth CrumblyN/A
Crump Cathye Griffin BetzelCathye Griffin Betzel’s Family Connections
Davenport D. DavenportN/A
Davis John CatronN/A
Davis Lorene DavisN/A
Debord Marcene OxfordN/A
Densmore Ray LangleyN/A
Dinsmore Ray LangleyN/A
Dockery Peggy Sue O’Shields GaddisN/A
Elder Marcene OxfordN/A
Elder D. DavenportN/A
Ellis Ray LangleyN/A
Foote Lorene DavisN/A
Foster Suzanne ForteSuzanne Smith Forte’s Ancestors
Gaddis Peggy Sue O’Shields GaddisN/A
Gates Marcene OxfordN/A
Grant Jean TaylorN/A
Griffith Dot BarnumN/A
Gudger Suzanne ForteSuzanne Smith Forte’s Ancestors
Harper AmandaN/A
Harrison Ray LangleyN/A
Holifield Gladys Mountainwinds
Hood Ray LangleyN/A
Hubbard pllesterN/A
Johnson Marie JohnsonN/A
Jones Teri MichelleN/A
Kee Arnetta Kee-WhitlockN/A
Keener Cathye Griffin BetzelCathye Griffin Betzel’s Family Connections
Keener Margie Keener RomansN/A
Key Arnetta Kee-WhitlockN/A
Lance Cathye Griffin BetzelCathye Griffin Betzel’s Family Connections
Langley Ray LangleyN/A
Langley pllesterN/A
Langley SharonN/A
Ledford Kathi LedfordN/A
Loudermilk Marcene OxfordN/A
Loudermilk D. DavenportN/A
MastersRay LangleyN/A
MathewsMarlene PooleN/A
MathisMarlene PooleN/A
MulkeyMarie JohnsonN/A
OrrRay LangleyN/A
PenceMarcene OxfordN/A
PenlandRay LangleyN/A
PittsRay LangleyN/A
PriceKathryn BassettRhinehart & Bassett Family Tree
PurdueBrent WelzN/A
QuarlesRay LangleyN/A
ReedDot BarnumN/A
RogersRay LangleyN/A
SellersLee FryN/A
SharpL. BoydN/A
SissonJim SissonN/A
SmithLee FryN/A
StephensDot BarnumN/A
StoverRay LangleyN/A
StoverMarie JohnsonN/A
SumnerD. DavenportN/A
TankersleyRay LangleyN/A
ThompsonKathryn BassettRhinehart & Bassett Family Tree
UnderwoodHarold CochranN/A
WatkinsPatt ThomasPatt’s Genealogy Page
WeeksSuzanne ForteSuzanne Smith Forte’s Ancestors
WellsLawrence WellsN/A
WestDonna LedfordN/A
WilsonPatt ThomasPatt’s Genealogy Page
WithrowRuth ByrneN/A
YotherLinda RodgersN/A

Please feel free to submit your surnames for inclusion on this page. Be sure to list the email address that you would like included and if you have a web page, list your URL. Happy hunting!

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5 thoughts on “Gilmer County Surname Researchers”

  1. Davenport, Walker, Stanley, Free, Painter, Rogers. Looking for cherokee heritage. My maiden name is Davenport. My grandfather was James Edward Davenport his father was Franklin (Frank) Davenport and his mother was Jose Maye Walker Davenport. My grandmothers name was Winnie Cleo Painter Davenport her father was Ralph Painter and her mother was Agnes Rogers Painter. My Davenport family look most native in their apprenses.

  2. Linda Logan Blanchard

    I would like to submit the surname Logan in Gilmer County. My Logan line was there only from about 1835-1855. They came from SC/NC border area and moved on to AR, most there by 1860.

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