Johnson Deaths in Madison County, Georgia

Johnson Deaths in Madison County, Georgia

NameDeath DateAgeCo. of ResidenceCo of Death
Cassie Johnson01 Feb 194654MadisonMadison
Fannie A Johnson14 Apr 194686MadisonMadison
Lizzie Johnson11 May 194665MadisonMadison
Minnie S Johnson15 May 194647MadisonMadison
Simon Johnson22 Nov 194654MadisonMadison
Neal L. Johnson08 Jun 195373MadisonMadison
Thomas L. Johnson04 Jan 195474MadisonClarke
William A. Johnson04 Oct 195486MadisonClarke
Cora C. Johnson12 Dec 195565MadisonMadison
Tobie Johnson05 Dec 195670MadisonMadison
Hattie Johnson09 Dec 195762MadisonMadison
Eva B. Johnson22 Apr 195876MadisonClarke
H A Johnson, Jr04 Dec 195819 daMadisonClarke
Jim Johnson29 Jun 195855MadisonMadison
Amanda Johnson08 Dec 196080MadisonMadison
Judy Johnson01 Jul 196013 hrsMadisonMadison
Docia Johnson13 May 196269MadisonClarke
Owen W. Johnson25 Sep 196277MadisonMadison
Rosa Johnson23 Mar 196269MadisonMadison
Roy Johnson08 Nov 196283MadisonClarke
Florence Johnson08 Nov 196366MadisonMadison
Nancy B. Johnson15 Feb 196373MadisonMadison
Bennie Johnson06 Jul 196450MadisonMadison
G. C. A. Johnson13 Mar 196485MadisonMadison
George E Johnson30 Oct 196488MadisonClarke
Leonard Johnson03 May 196462MadisonMadison
Jacob C. Johnson22 Sep 196552MadisonMadison
Alma L. Johnson20 Sep 196633MadisonClarke
Berta P. Johnson20 Jan 196769MadisonFloyd
Johnny Johnson27 Jul 196782MadisonJackson
Mary D. M. Johnson16 Jul 196740MadisonClarke
Jack Johnson03 Jun 196854MadisonMadison
Mary O. Johnson18 Nov 196873MadisonMadison
Lila Johnson30 Sep 196964MadisonClarke
Grover H Johnson21 Jan 197081MadisonClarke
Joe R Johnson30 Aug 197155MadisonClarke
Eddie C. Johnson07 Sep 19711 daMadisonClarke
Fletcher Johnson06 Jun 197156MadisonMadison
Helen Johnson07 Jun 197268MadisonFranklin
Estelle Johnson01 Dec 197484MadisonMadison
Olivia Johnson16 Jul 197464MadisonClarke
Willie C Johnson19 Nov 197441MadisonClarke
Jestus Johnson10 Feb 197575MadisonMadison
Viola K. Johnson15 May 197681MadisonClarke
Edmond B. Johnson28 Mar 197762MadisonFranklin
David K. Johnson11 Oct 197817MadisonBarrow
Hazel S. Johnson04 Oct 197840MadisonClarke
Howard T. Johnson19 Jan 198248MadisonClarke
Martha M. Johnson20 Apr 198269MadisonClarke
Ruther B. Johnson17 Mar 198567MadisonClarke
William E. Johnson07 Sep 198572MadisonClarke
Nealie Johnson13 Aug 197987MadisonClarke
Matilda Johnson16 Aug 198194MadisonMadison
Ella M. Johnson30 Sep 198344MadisonClarke
Jack V. Johnson06 Jun 198378MadisonClarke
Willie J. Johnson05 Sep 198371MadisonMadison
Roba A. Johnson08 Jul 198686MadisonClarke
Thomas E. Johnson08 Mar 198775MadisonJackson
William S. Johnson20 Apr 198768MadisonDeKalb
Homer D. Johnson02 Jun 198866MadisonClarke
Nolan Johnson25 Dec 198894MadisonClarke
Willie B. Johnson14 Jul 198970MadisonDeKalb
Lois Johnson23 Jul 199185MadisonClarke
Curtis C. Johnson18 Nov 199234MadisonClarke
Irene Johnson10 Jan 199282MadisonClarke
Oshie M. Johnson16 Sep 199283MadisonClarke
Allen E. Johnson19 Nov 199374MadisonHall
Burl Johnson22 Jul 199374MadisonClarke
Dora Johnson06 Feb 199369MadisonClarke
Myrtie Johnson16 Feb 199387MadisonClarke
Johnson B. Burden06 Aug 199484MadisonFranklin
Shirley Johnson04 Nov 199433MadisonMcDuffie
Ellis L. Johnson30 Mar 199650MadisonMadison
L. M. Johnson09 Apr 199678MadisonMadison
Birdie M. Johnson05 Jan 199756MadisonClarke
John C. Johnso01 Nov 1997MadisonMadison
O. T. Johnson04 Jan 1997MadisonClarke
Lillie M. Johnson01 Dec 1998MadisonMadison
Rosie N. Johnson31 May 1998MadisonMadison

Source: Appear to have been extracted from the SSI.

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