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I invite you to enter a query for your Madison County Georgia ancestors.

A few basic rules for posting your query:

  • Your query must have an Madison county connection or it will not be posted.
  • Please put the date, your name and email address on the first line.
  • Please do not post queries for tracing living individuals.
  • Please do not post information on living individuals.
  • Please be specific, do not just list a surname in your query.
  • Please be sure to include at least one date in your query, even if its approximate.(See example)
  • Please use capitalization on surname only.(See example)

Example of a good query: Looking for information on John DOE, b: abt 1842 in GA, d: unk. Family tradition has it that John came to Madison County abt 1885 with friends he fought with in the Civil War.

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ALLEN, COLBERT, SHORT   April 10, 2006 “I am searching for information on Henry Allen (1794-187_) and Elizabeth Colbert (1799-1880) who lived in Oglethorpe Co. and Madison Co.  Elizabeth Colbert is buried at Black’s Creek Church and Henry Allen is buried ???.  I have no information past these two and am interested in any information on Their ancestors, children, and other sources.  Their daughter Mary Ann Allen (1819-1904) is my ancestor.  She married Archibald Short 11-27-1834 in Oglethorpe Co.”.   Michael Black


GARRISON, SWEETNAN   February 17, 2006 Caleb Anderson Garrison, born 1862, died 1916 Clarke Co., GA — He married Sarah E. Sweetman, born 1871, died 1943, Clarke Co., GA —- Caleb Anderson Garrison is buried Union Baptist Ch. Cemetery, Madison Co., GA — Sarah E. Sweetman Garrison is buried Lester Family Cemetery, Clarke Co., GA.   Seeking Addition Family Information;   James T. Lord


BRIDGES, HUFF, BELL, JOHNSON, HAMM, FORTSON, KIDD, DRAKE  January 30, 2006  I am a descendent of the following people:  John Wiley Bridges and Oliver Huff Bell.  I am interested in information on them I would love any iformation anyone is willing to share.  I am also a descendent of James Willam Johnson, Gussie Hamm Fortson, Patterson Thurmond Kidd and Aldean JW Drake.  I believe they were from Elbert and Madison Counties, I’ll take any information anyone may have on them also.  Thanks in advance, Lisa Abercrombie


WRIGHT, GARRISON        January 3, 2006 Thomas E. Wright, Born 1859, Madison or Banks Co., GA —- He married Siscily A. Garrison, she was born 1860, their children were William A., Sarah J., Henry G., Mamie J., Oscar and Dawson L. Wright.  Seeking information on Family. James T. Lord


HARRISON, DYE        January 3, 2006 Andrew Jackson Harrison Lord, born December 17, 1886, Madison Co., GA — He married Maoza Hepsey Dye, she was born 1884 — their children were James H., born 1908, Eula Mae, born 1909, Fannie Lou, born 1914, Walter Ralph, born 1917 and Joseph Boyd Lord, born 1922. Seeking information on family; James T. Lord


LOONEY           November 4, 2005 Joseph B. Looney, Age 39 in 1910 Madison Co., GA Census records, His wife was Georgia B., age 34, their children were Otha C., Lonada, Serepter, Addie M., William W., Ruby G., Martha J., Dovie L. and Oney Looney. Seeking Family Information:  James T. Lord


BAXTER        July 13, 2005 John Thomas Baxter, born 1880, Madison Co., GA — He married Mary Polly Lord, borm 1884, Madison Co., GA —– Their children were Ellis R., Addie, George R., Mattie, Willie and Robert Baxter.  Seeking information on Family. James T. Lord


LOVIN     July 13, 2005 Jason Daniel Lord, born 1881 Madison Co., GA — He died March 9, 1950, Fulton Co., GA —- He married Nellie Lovin.  Seeking Family Information: James T. Lord


SORROW, CHANDLER         July 13, 2005 John Reuben Sorrow, born 1916 Madison Co., GA — He died 1985, He married Georgia Chandler, she was born 1918, Madison Co., GA ——– Their Daughters were Alice M. & Sandra Y. Sorrow.  Seeking family information: James T. Lord


BRAY       July 13, 2005 Alvin Green Bray, born 1875 Madison Co., GA — He died 1955, Clarke Co., GA — He married Addie O. Lord, born 1877 Madison Co., GA – She died 1943, Oconee Co., GA —– Their children were Nellie, Ralph H., Clara, Carlos and Lee Bray:  Seeking information on Family: James T. Lord


BROWN Dewey Brown, born December 26, 1896, Madison Co., GA — He married Clara Haggard, born May 8, 1894, She was the Daughter of James B. Haggard and He was the son of Benjamin Brown: Their Children were J. Benjamin Brown and they had a Daughter that married E.B. Ward.  Seeking Family Information: James T. Lord


HUTCHINSJune 1, 2005 Henry Luther Hutchins, born 1870, Madison Co., GA — He married Bernice Josephine Maddox, she was born 1872, Their children were Sarah Nell & Doris Hutchins, Doris born 1910, died 1986, she married Ucal Crawford:  Seeking information on the Maddox Family and Hutchins Family: James T. Lord


HAGGARD, LORD   May 18, 2005 Hall Dorsey Lord, born February 4, 1923, Madison Co., GA — He died May 28, 1997 Madison Co., GA — He married Tomette Haggard, she was born April 12, 1920 Madison Co., GA — died March 6, 1998. Their children were Tommy, Vera Dianne, Linda Jean and Shirley Juatita Lord. Seeeking Family Information:  James T. Lord


HAGGARD, BUSBIN       May 14, 2005 Annie Sue Haggard, born August 10, 1912 Madison Co., GA — Died December 16, 1995 Jackson Co., GA – She Married Harvey Busbin, Sr. – He was born 1906.  Their Children were, Ruth, Elender and Harvey Busbin, Jr.  Seeking Family Information: James T. Lord


LORD, DALRYMPLE        April 18, 2005 Sumner Jewel Lord, born August 6, 1866, Banks Co., GA — died September 12, 1942 Madison Co., GA – He married Lula Jane Dalrymple, she was born August 29, 1868, died October 30, 1929, Madison Co., GA.  Their Children were, Bessie Clementine, Lillia Dell, Rhea C., Loray Dowd, Ernest Boley, Ruth A., Lula Mae, Lucy B., Sumner Truitt, and Temple Lord.   Seeking Additional Information on Family: James T. Lord


LORD, MCCANNON, SORROW Gilbert A. Lord, born 1899 Madison Co., GA — He married Callie McCannon — Their Children were Quinton Lord, born 1921 and Vivian Lord born 1923. Gilbert was the Son of William Jesse Lord and Mary Alice Sorrow Lord, Madison Co., GA.  Seeking Family Information. James T. Lord


MATTOX, BEALL/BELL, WEBB I am looking for any information on the Mattox Familles of Oglethorpe, Madison and Elbert Counties of Georgia. The main Family that I am interested in is a David Mattox  married?  His son William David Mattox married Eurenna Beall or Bell. Their  children were Hosea Mattox who married ? both are buried in Danielsville,  Georgia. Levania or Lavonia (Puss) Mattox married Andrew Jackson Webb who is a  brother to Abner Webb who married Ellin E. (Nellie) Mattox also a Victoria  Mattox married ? Would like to know of any information on any of the above  and any of their kinfolk. Thanks, Thurmond


BENNETT, JORDAN     11-06-04 John W. Bennett, Sr. — Madison County, Georgia, He married Elizabeth Anne Jordan, she was born 1856, died 1928, Their children were, William Clifton Bennett, born 1872, died 1939, he married Effie Dunson,  Julian Obediah Bennett, born 1878, died 1958, he married Ada Catherine Williams, Ambrose G. Bennett, born 1881, died 1962, he married Neely Evie Embry, Minnie Lee Bennett, born 1884, died 1967, age married Joe Turner, John W. Bennett, Jr., born 1886, died 1957, he married Effie Ray, Beulah Bennett, born 1890, she married Tyra Wood.   Seeking Addition Information: James T. Lord


GOSSETT    11-02-04 My 5th great-grandfather moved from South Carolina (he was born 1780 in SC) to Georgia in 1804 according to the 1804 Tax Digest.  His name was JohnGossett (not to be confused with his son John W. Gossett).  John Sr. lived in Madison County until at least 1844 when he married his second wife…this is a span of 40 years, yet except for the census records and a land lottery, I cannot really find much on him.  He then moved to Cherokee County, GA.  His son John Jr. stayed behind and died in 1855 there in Madison (it’s Jr. instead of Sr. as most people believe).  His children were then sent to live with their uncle Jacob Gossett in Cherokee County.  Are there any records that I could look for that would tell me where John Sr. was from in South Carolina?  There were SO many Gossett’s in SC at this time, and I cannot find a line that he would fit in to. Peter J. Gossett


ADAMS COAL & GROCERIES           11-01-04 I found a photograph in my grandparents things – that has a picture of a group of young boys/men in a truck that has Adams Coal & Groceries on the side of the truck. They are parked under a Texaco sign. I think the picture was made in Madison County (Danielsville), Georgia – but don’t know for sure. If anyone happens to know anything about Adams Coal & Groceries, please email me. Thank you, Nancy Adams Bedell


JOHNSON, SORROW   09-06-04 I am looking for the family of SARAH “SALLIE” JOHNSON. She was born 1800. Sallie married Jesse Mercer Sorrow  04 April 1819 in Madison Co. GA. and they resided in Madison Co. GA. Jesse M. Sorrow was the s/o Samuel and Mary Sorrow. Jane Combs

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  1. Looking for anyone who is related to John T. McDuff, born 1782 in Georgia, and showing up only in the 1860 Census in Madison County at age 78, living with Celia Smith McDuff Ginn, the widow of his son Alford McDuff, who died in 1850.

  2. I am looking for the father of Isaac Bridges born 1801 in north Carolina. Isaac married Sarah Seagraves in Madison county Georgia in 1828. They lived in the grove hill district of Madison county until there death.Any help would appreciated.

    1. March 26, 2022
      Hello Rick — I, too, am searching for info about Isaac Bridges (b 1801)and Sarah Seagraves (b 1805). Isaac was my 3rd great-grandfather. I am also searching for Sarah Seagraves parents. Will be happy to share info, however, have hit a brick wall with Isaac Bridges.

  3. Long, James Samuel and Frances Gholston Long
    I am looking for the descendants of this family. My gg grandfather l (Nathaniel B. Gholston) lived with them after he was orphaned at age 12 in Madison County, GA. I communicated with one of the descendants who now lives in London, England, but I have since lost his email address. I would also be interested in knowing more about the areas my descendants lived especially Dabney Gholston and Nathaniel B. Gholston. They are buried at the Old Fork Cemetery in Carlton Community of Madison County, GA

  4. Looking for the location of the Collins 2 cemetery. The information on this site says the following:

    “Located on the edge of Madison & Banks County on the Old Fort Lamar
    Road near the Jot-Em-Down store”.

    Can anyone put a GPS or street address on this location? Where is the Jot-em-down store? I located an old store at the intersection of Jot-em-down and Drake Woods, but I found no cemetery. Old Fort Lamar Rd?? Any assistance would be appreciated.. Theron Rogers.

  5. SHAW AND WOOD(S) November 7, 2018. I am searching for information relating to Euriah Wood(s) (1837- 1915). The Wood(s) ancestors that I am researching are: Euriah (Uriah), Dilsey, and Comb(Coan), all are shown on the 1880 Census Record for Warren County, Georgia. Would very much appreciate the assistance of a genealogist in locating the names of Euriah, his sister Sarah Jane and Dilsey’s parents. Euriah’s father is assumed to have been Richmond Wood(s), however, I do not have confirmation of that. Euriah, his wife, Elizabeth, and their family lived in Penfield, Greene County, GA in 1870, Hello or Red Lick, Warren County in 1880, Beaver Dam, Oglethorpe Co. in 1900 and Athens, Mitchells Bridge and Winder Road in Clarke County Georgia in 1910. Euriah’s grave is in Barnett Church Cemetery; in 1915. Some of Euriah’s grandchildren had the surname of Shaw. They lived with Euriah in 1900. No adult Shaw members lived with them. Linton is shown as living in Grove Hill, Madison County Georgia in 1920. Would very much appreciate knowing the name of their mother and father. Dilsey had a grandson named Uriah Woods who was born in 1874. They lived in Warren County, GA in 1880. His parent’s names were Coan and Eugenia Woods. Dilsey’s grandson, Uriah died in 1967 in Sharon, Taliaferro County, Georgia. I am interested in receiving any information available about these Shaw and Wood(s) ancestors as well as the names and contact information for individuals who may be related to them or who may have known about them.
    Teri Murray

  6. David scarborough

    SCARBOROUGH, Georgia Victoria (born BREWER) 1866(?) – 29 July 1896.
    SCARBOROUGH, Aner Liomy 2 Sept 1885 (?) – July 27 1896.
    SCARBOROUGH , Ranel P. 14 Oct 1890 (?) – 17 June 1896

    This is my Great-Great-Grandfathers (HENRY CLAYTON SCARBOROUGH) first wife and two of their five children. They were married in Madison County 2 Oct 1884. Note the date of their deaths. One of the older family researchers said they died from typhoid or yellow fever, but I can find no confirmation of either. Nobody seems to know the location of their graves or final disposition.
    I would appreciate any information or leads that can be provided

    David Scarborough

    *note: my email address is all lower case

  7. Searching for biological parents names for Sarah Frances Cox-Lord. She was raised by H.J.Cox and wife,Martha Hill Cox. Barrow Co Georgia. Sarah (Sallie Cox) was born September 6,1876. Died Aug.28.1912 Buried in Winder ,Ga. Rumor is James and Elmira Johnson Norton were her biological parents but there are no records on this couple anywhere. Supposedly they both died in 1876. If anyone has any leads or info of any orphans born in 1876 or family name, I’d appreciate it greatly. Another family lore is Sarah Cox grandfather was a Royston of the area. Thank you,Tania

  8. Ruth Jordan Hathaway

    I am seeking any information on Carlton High School. My father was principal of this school about 1925-1928. I have a printed invitation for this graduation with his name as principal. Am seeking a photo or any knowledge of this school and where it was located and possibly where he may ha ived. I visited there sometime in the early 50’s and cannot remember if I visited at the school or at a house that he may have boarded in. Anyone having any knowledge about the school or my father at that time, please respond to me. His name was Edward T. (E.T.) Jordan. He left there with his family and moved to Carter Co. TN in the summer of 1927/28.

  9. Looking for information on Elizabeth Hawkins (Bullock) Lester
    Born: 12/21/1834, Madison County, GA
    Died: 1/1/1914
    Married James W. Lester (b. 11/28/1829 Madison County, d. 5/5/1873 Madison County)on 1/23/1850

    Father of Elizabeth Hawkins (Bullock)Lester was Alexander Gordon Bullock (b. 2/13/1797 Madison d. 9/9/1864 Madison)
    Mother of Elizabeth Hawkins (Bullock)Lester was Mildred Sorrells (b. 2/1/1800 Oglethorpe County d. ABT 1874 Madison County)

    Trying to find primary documents for a DAR application for Patriot Hawkins Bullock (b. 3/19/1764 Warren County d. 11/1/1833 Madison County)

    Thank you.

    Judy Drago

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