Edmon Jones, Orphan of Samuel Jones, bound to Joseph Espey

Edmon Jones, Orphan of Samuel Jones, bound to Joseph Espey

Note: I transcribed the best I could, the writing was bad, so may contain errors. Connie

Madison County, Georgia Probate Office Minutes of Inferior Court of Ordinary, Purposes Book A Book K 1812-1832 page 74

Superior Court Setting for Ordinary Purposes on Monday the 2nd day of January 1826.

Presenting honor Bozman Adams, Lewy Sims, Jamy Eberhart and James Sanders.

Ordered that Edmon Jones Orphan of Samuel Jones died be bound unto Joseph Espey, during the time until he is twenty one years of age, which orphan is eight years on the 12th day of December 1825, and William Hodge, came into court and bound himself in a bond of one hundred and ffty dollars for the faithful performance of the above trustee.

Nathaniel B. Gholston Executor of Dabney Gholston did partition the Court for leave to sell the many belonging to said estate; It appearing to the court that and equal division in kind cannot be had and that they are subject, to distribution,

It is therefore ordered that the beforementioned to sell the same after giving due notice according to law.

Whereas Daniel Taylor administrator of Edmond W. Taylor died, have applied for letters of dismission, and it appearing to the court that due notice have been given in one of the public gazettes of this state, and no cause having been shown why letters of dismission should not be granted. It is therefore deeded that the said Daniel Taylor adm.

As aforesaid shall from hence forward be considered as dismissed from his said administration,

pg 75 Adjourned _____ Monday the 9th instance.

William Sanders James Sanders, Bozeman Adams Lewis Sims James Eberhart

Tuesday the 10th of January 1826 Court then met according to adjournment. Present their honors, Bozman Adams, Lewis Sims, James Eberthard and James Sanders.

Adjourned the Monday the 16th ______

James Eberhart Bozeman Adams Lewis Sims William Sanders James Sanders

Court Records

Contributed by Connie Epps Bond  (Posted with Permission)

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