Children of Lee and Ellie Whitfield

The Whitfield Family of Madison County, Georgia

Contributed by Sandra Baird Wilson March 11, 2006 Photos Copyright © Sandra Baird Wilson

My maternal grandparent Henry Lee Whitfield and Ellie Shubert Whitfield moved to Madison County in March 1945 and lived their until their deaths. Lee died in 1962 and Ellie in 1979.They had previously lived in Clarke, Banks, and Jackson counties. The owned a farm on what is now Homestead Rd. between Hwy 98 and Blacks Creek Church Rd. Lee was a farmer and basket maker. He sold baskets or traded them for goods the family needed.

These photos were taken in the 1920’s.




Louise (born in 1938) married Charlie Dyer and lives on Homestead Rd. in Madison County beside my grandparents home place. She is the only one of Lee and Ellie’s children still living. She has 6 children, several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Roy (1933-1998) married Patsy Morrison and they lived on the Jot-Em-Down Rd. in Madison County. They did not have children.

Jim (1929-1992) married Vera Morrison (sister of Patsy Morrison) they live in Ila. Vera still lives there. They did not have children.

My mother Daisy (1922 – 2001) married James W. Baird. They lived in Madison County from 1958 until their deaths. James died in 1979. They have 5 living children. One child died at birth.

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