Sorrow Deaths in Madison County, Georgia

Sorrow Deaths in Madison County, Georgia

NameDeath DateAgeCo. of ResidenceCounty of Death
Early Sorrow18 Jan 194652MadisonMadison
Ivery R Sorrow21 Apr 19511MadisonMadison
John W Sorrow24 Nov 195151MadisonMadison
L D Sorrow02 Apr 195221MadisonMadison
J Will Sorrow23 May 195382MadisonBaldwin
George W Sorrow23 Feb 195457MadisonClarke
James H Sorrow06 Jan 195574MadisonMadison
Ella L Sorrow10 Apr 195665MadisonMadison
J B Sorrow20 May 195723MadisonClarke
Love W Sorrow17 Oct 195784MadisonMadison
Annie Sorrow16 Sep 195978MadisonClarke
Robbie B Sorrow24 May 195926MadisonClarke
Linnie C Sorrow16 Oct 196090MadisonMadison
H P Sorrow13 Aug 196371MadisonMadison
Horace L Sorrow10 Oct 196660MadisonClarke
Betty P Sorrow25 Apr 196719MadisonRichmond
Thomas W Sorrow25 Dec 196773MadisonClarke
Jessie J Sorrow19 Jan 196860MadisonMadison
Marty D Sorrow11 Apr 19682 moMadisonMadison
Annie G Sorrow30 Jan 196941MadisonMadison
Donald N Sorrow18 Aug 196926MadisonClarke
Genie R Sorrow30 Dec 196987MadisonClarke
Emma Sorrow01 Nov 197290MadisonElbert
Fred G Sorrow31 Jul 197322 hrsMadisonFranklin
Murdies D Sorrow30 Jul 19737 hrsMadisonFranklin
Verner E Sorrow02 Sep 197556MadisonClarke
Mattie P Sorrow12 May 197881MadisonClarke
Dewey Sorrow20 Jan 198576MadisonJackson
Earnest W Sorrow01 Mar 198566MadisonClarke
David S Sorrow02 Apr 198011MadisonClarke
Fred D Sorrow26 Dec 198765MadisonMadison
Lola Sorrow06 Apr 198995MadisonClarke
James F Sorrow22 Dec 199168MadisonClarke
Myrtle E Sorrow16 Jan 199194MadisonMadison
Hillyer G Sorrow06 Jul 199276MadisonMadison
Murdies Sorrow04 Oct 199366MadisonRichmond
Ben T Sorrow19 Feb 199480MadisonClarke
Joe W Sorrow03 Sep 199475MadisonClarke
Mildred Sorrow29 Jul 199473MadisonClarke
Herman B Sorrow19 Jul 199659MadisonClarke
Rebecca L Sorrow06 Nov 199647MadisonMadison
Clifford Sorrow21 Jul 199772MadisonClarke

Source: Appear to have been extracted from the SSI.

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