Brown Deaths in Madison County, Georgia

Brown Deaths in Madison County, Georgia

NameDate of DeathAgeCo.of ResidenceCounty of Death
George H. Brown18 Feb 194680MadisonMadison
H. J. Brown17 Apr 19510 hrsMadisonClarke
Collet J. Brown17 Nov 195270MadisonClarke
Onie F. Brown07 Oct 195254MadisonFranklin
George W. Brown14 May 195463MadisonFranklin
Henry A. Brown05 Jul 195468MadisonClarke
S. L. Brown, Jr25 Mar 195410 moMadisonClarke
Alma F. Brown06 Aug 195585MadisonClarke
Dixie M. Brown03 Sep 19551 hrMadisonClarke
Sanford Brown14 Feb 195568MadisonClarke
Carl T. Brown07 Mar 195753MadisonJackson
Joe W. Brown12 May 195785MadisonClarke
Mary B Brown15 Jul 195752MadisonClarke
Addie F Brown30 Aug 195874MadisonClarke
Cecil C Brown07 Aug 195861MadisonClarke
Henry J Brown11 Feb 195860MadisonClarke
Robert L. Brown16 Aug 195915MadisonOglethorpe
Bessie S. Brown26 Nov 196075MadisonClarke
Bonnie S. Brown24 Apr 19606MadisonFranklin
Celie B. Brown19 Sep 196082MadisonMadison
James R. Brown07 Feb 196018MadisonClarke
Lindsey J. Brown04 Dec 196084MadisonBaldwin
Flurry N Brown28 Feb 196267MadisonMadison
Noel G Brown21 Apr 196254MadisonClarke
Walter J Brown23 Jan 19621 moMadisonClarke
Dcra S Brown29 Jan 196383MadisonJackson
Sallie B Brown12 Feb 196369MadisonFranklin
Jannie C Brown13 Dec 196469MadisonMadison
Maude W Brown03 Nov 196483MadisonHart
James V. Brown15 Aug 196625MadisonFranklin
Lonnie C. Brown28 Nov 196674MadisonMadison
Susie M. Brown10 Sep 196658MadisonMadison
Juddie H. Brown23 Sep 196746MadisonRichmond
Eli C. Brown14 May 196858MadisonMadison
William F. Brown29 Jul 196863MadisonFranklin
Carrie H. Brown01 Apr 196980MadisonClarke
Dilliard G. Brown24 Apr 196984MadisonMadison
Elise G. Brown14 Dec 196972MadisonClarke
Margie P. Brown30 Jul 196952MadisonMadison
Noah Brown26 May 196995MadisonJackson
Pearl M. Brown15 Jan 196980MadisonClarke
Clara H. Brown12 Feb 197075MadisonJackson
Colton Brown18 May 197059MadisonJackson
Ellar Brown27 Feb 197078MadisonFranklin
John G. Brown02 Aug 197085MadisonClarke
John W. Brown28 Sep 197026MadisonClarke
Foster T. Brown23 Mar 197169MadisonMadison
Herman Brown27 Jan 197140MadisonFranklin
Vernon H. Brown17 Oct 197170MadisonJackson
Viola B. Brown17 Dec 197181MadisonClarke
Vinnie E. Brown12 Aug 197271MadisonJackson
Boyd C. Brown10 May 197362MadisonMadison
Luther G. Brown30 Jun 197473MadisonHart
Isaac T. Brown19 Jul 197568MadisonMadison
Charles D Brown02 Jul 197620MadisonFranklin
D L Brown11 Jul 197665MadisonJackson
Herbert Brown08 Sep 197731MadisonFranklin
Emma S Brown22 Jul 197877MadisonWarren
Johnnie S Brown27 Jan 197834MadisonClarke
Ruth S Brown02 Oct 197882MadisonCandler
George W Brown18 Jul 198239MadisonRichmond
Margaret F Brown05 May 198274MadisonMcIntosh
Cleo J Brown24 Feb 198572MadisonFranklin
Pearl M Brown16 Jan 198595MadisonJackson
Roy L Brown18 Jul 198587MadisonClarke
Virginia M Brown30 Dec 198555MadisonDeKalb
Julian Brown02 Aug 197957MadisonFranklin
Bobby W Brown26 Sep 198038MadisonWare
Boyd Brown06 Oct 198064MadisonClarke
Golden Brown26 Jan 198086MadisonClarke
Linda R Brown12 May 198030MadisonFranklin
Sarah Brown03 Apr 198186MadisonFranklin
Tony L Brown04 Sep 198132MadisonClarke
Robert A Brown31 Oct 19837MadisonClarke
Emma H Brown17 May 198464MadisonClarke
David W Brown17 Jan 198670MadisonClarke
Byron H Brown01 Nov 198727MadisonClarke
Corene Brown30 Nov 198776MadisonFloyd
R D Brown08 Aug 198772MadisonClarke
William J Brown10 Jul 198774MadisonClarke
Connie F Brown13 Jan 198826MadisonClarke
Ella K Brown05 Mar 198871MadisonClarke
George W Brown14 Jul 198883MadisonJackson
Goldman Brown05 Apr 198875MadisonFranklin
Jesse F Brown11 Feb 198896MadisonMadison
Loden D Brown03 Feb 198860MadisonClarke
William Brown23 Dec 198861MadisonClarke
Buford B Brown13 Feb 198965MadisonClarke
Charles A Brown09 Jan 198985MadisonClarke
Justin T Brown19 Dec 19892 daMadisonRichmond
Willie S Brown03 Mar 198976MadisonJackson
Emory L Brown22 Jun 199060MadisonMadison
Willie Brown11 Oct 199069MadisonHart
Willie G Brown20 Sep 199085MadisonMadison
L M Brown08 Sep 199177MadisonClarke
Nobie Brown13 Oct 199398MadisonFranklin
Richard L Brown09 Mar 199356MadisonRichmond
Rosa M Brown28 Feb 199379MadisonClarke
Aaron Brown14 Apr 199472MadisonFranklin

Source: Appear to have been extracted from the SSI.

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