Butler Deaths in Madison County, Georgia

Butler Deaths in Madison County, Georgia

NameDeath DateAgeCo.of ResidenceCo. of Death
Cora Butler13 Jun 195584MadisonJackson
Myrtle D. Butler09 May 197068MadisonMadison
Lorenza H. Butler26 May 197383MadisonHancock
Emma A. Butler17 Feb 197787MadisonClarke
Thelma B. Butler19 Feb 198771MadisonMadison
Beverly A. Butler25 Jun 199137MadisonRichmond
William R. Butler21 Jun 199170MadisonRichmond
Herbert F. Butler26 Feb 199368MadisonClarke
Peggy A. Butler18 Apr 199376MadisonClarke
Rudez E. Butler26 Dec 199583MadisonMadison

Source: Appear to have been extracted from the SSI.

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