Recent Coweta County Deaths A – C

Recent Coweta County Deaths A – C

Name:                              Race:   Gender:                          Age      Residence:
Abbott         Belle       W         F    W            17-May  1976      72 years      Troup 
Abercrombie    Annie       C         F    W            22-Jan  1981      91 years      Coweta 
Abercrombie    Athan       S         M    W            20-Feb  1986      79 years      Coweta 
Abercrombie    Berma                 F    W            11-Jan  1996      93 years      Fulton 
Abercrombie    Charlie               M    W            13-Feb  1997      86 years      Coweta 
Abercrombie    Eunice      I         F    W            23-Aug  1990      78 years     Gwinnett 
Abercrombie    Homer       C         M    W            21-Feb  1987      74 years      Coweta 
Abercrombie    Inez        B         F    W            23-Oct  1992      85 years      Coweta 
Abercrombie    John        W         M    W            18-Jun  1970      98 years      Coweta 
Abercrombie    Martha      R         F    W             8-Apr  1981                    Coweta 
Abercrombie    Ollie       M         F    W            24-Aug  1985                    Coweta 
Abercrombie    Robin       R         M    W             9-Mar  1989                    Coweta 
Abercrombie    Thomas      M         M    W            20-Aug  1976                    Coweta 
Abercrombie    Thomas      M         M    W            31-Oct  1984      80 years      Coweta 
Abercrombie    Tommie      H         F    W            21-Apr  1980      73 years      Coweta 
Abernathy      Willie      B         F    W             6-Dec  1996                   Clayton 
Abner          Frank       A         M    W             8-Nov  1993      71 years      Heard 
Abner          Opal        C         F    W            14-Jul  1992                    Coweta 
Abner          Raymond     L         M    W             7-Mar  1993                    Heard 
Abner          Sam                   M    W            25-May  1996      87 years      Heard 
Abraham        Louise                F    W            19-Feb  1986      86 years      Coweta 
Abt            Archie      A         M    W            19-May  1995                    Coweta 
Acord          Brian       D         M    W            13-Mar  1993                    Coweta 
Acree          Clyde       E         M    W            13-Oct  1991                    Coweta 
Acree          Mae         L         F    W            25-Jul  1990      73 years    Meriwether 
Acree          Ocie                  F    W            20-Jan  1986      71 years     Fayette 
Acree          Ralph       P         M    W            11-Sep  1974                    Coweta 
Acree          Samuel      F         M    W            14-Jun  1983      78 years      Coweta 
Adair          James       H         M    W            31-Dec  1980      76 years      Coweta 
Adams          A           T         M    B            15-Mar  1983                  Meriwether 
Adams          Albert      G         M    W            23-May  1971                    Coweta 
Adams          Alvin       J         M    W             5-Jun  1981      77 years      Coweta 
Adams          Ancie       C         M    W             1-Nov  1966      71 years      Coweta 
Adams          Bennie      L         F    W            26-Jan  1973      74 years      Fulton 
Adams          Billy       W         M    W            25-Jun  1984                    Coweta 
Adams          Curtis      D         M    W            12-Jan  1971                    Coweta 
Adams          Dollie                F    B             2-Oct  1984                    Coweta 
Adams          Donnie      W         M    W            11-Jul  1967                    Heard 
Adams          Edna        O         F    W            11-Nov  1992                    Fulton 
Adams          Emmett      L         M    W            29-Mar  1968      81 years     Fayette 
Adams          Frances               F    C             9-Oct  1968                    Coweta 
Adams          Hettie      F         F    W            21-Dec  1981      89 years     Fayette 
Adams          Ida         L         F    W            29-Apr  1975      81 years      Heard 
Adams          Irene       J         F    B             9-Jan  1996                   Clayton 
Adams          Jackie                M    B            13-May  1997                    Coweta 
Adams          James       C         M    W            22-Nov  1971                    Coweta 
Adams          Jerrell     W         M    W             8-Apr  1975                    Coweta 
Adams          Jettie      G         M    W            14-Mar  1964      82 years     Fayette 
Adams          John        S         M    W            21-Aug  1973                  Meriwether 
Adams          Joseph      S         M    W            30-May  1996      85 years     Clayton 
Adams          Joseph      T         M    W             4-Jan  1978                    Fulton 
Adams          Josie       E         F    W            22-Nov  1980      82 years      Fulton 
Adams          Josie       F         F    W            24-Jan  1984      84 years      Heard 
Adams          Kate        M         F    W             3-Feb  1990      87 years     Clayton 
Adams          Katie       M         F    B             8-Mar  1988                    Coweta 
Adams          Leona       P         F    W            25-Jun  1978      70 years      Coweta 
Adams          Lizzie      M         F    W             3-Jul  1981                    Coweta 
Adams          Loney       I H       F    W             7-Mar  1977                    Troup 
Adams          Luther                M    W            13-Dec  1969                    Coweta 
Adams          Marylou               F    W            17-Mar  1968      71 years      Coweta 
Adams          Mattie                F    B             3-Jun  1988                    Coweta 
Adams          Melvin      W         M    W            15-Aug  1990                    Coweta 
Adams          Millard     F         M    W             2-Mar  1972      81 years      Coweta 
Adams          Monroe      L         M    W            28-Jan  1977      80 years      Coweta 
Adams          Nealy                 M    W             8-Jan  1971      73 years      Fulton 
Adams          Oscar                 M    B            27-Jan  1989                    Coweta 
Adams          Phinnizy    C         M    B            13-Apr  1986                    Coweta 
Adams          Raymond     M         M    W            14-Aug  1972                   Fayette 
Adams          Regional    G         M    W            28-Jul  1968                    Coweta 
Adams          Richard     L         M    W             9-Oct  1967                    Coweta 
Adams          Sallie      W         F    C            16-Mar  1968                    Coweta 
Adams          Sarah       F         F    W             3-Jun  1985      88 years     Fayette 
Adams          William     A         M    W             9-Apr  1989                    Coweta 
Adams          William     H         M    W             5-Aug  1975                    Coweta 
Adams          William     L         M    W            24-Nov  1998                    Coweta 
Adams          William     R         M    W             3-Apr  1979                    Coweta 
Adams          William               M    C            23-Aug  1974                  Meriwether 
Adamson        Eris        E         F    W            21-May  1989      81 years      Troup 
Adamson        Susan       G         F    W            30-Dec  1998                    Coweta 
Adamson        Valeria     A         F    W            10-Apr  1967      83 years      Troup 
Adamson        Winfred     C         M    W            21-Mar  1995      83 years      Coweta 
Adcock         Don                   M    W            10-Jan  1981                    Butts 
Adcock         Elbert      T         M    W            14-Mar  1991      77 years      Coweta 
Adcock         Evie        R         F    W            19-Sep  1995      78 years      Coweta 
Adcock         Florance    R         M    W             2-Jan  1964      79 years      Coweta 
Adcock         Fred        H         M    W            25-Apr  1979                    Coweta 
Adcock         Jewell      O         F    W            14-Apr  1992      89 years      Coweta 
Adcock         Julia                 F    W            10-May  1974                    Coweta 
Adcock         Patti       S         F    W             2-Jan  1996                    Coweta 
Adderley       Myles                 M    W            28-Jul  1987                    Coweta 
Addie          Ella                  F    B             6-Dec  1989      80 years      Fulton 
Addie          Willie      J         M    B             5-Nov  1985                    Coweta 
Addison        Annie       M C       F    W            21-Jan  1973      74 years      Coweta 
Addison        Barbara     H         F    W            29-Dec  1972                    Coweta 
Addison        Benjamin    F         M    W             4-Dec  1964      72 years      Coweta 
Addison        Bessie      M         F    W            23-Jul  1991      95 years      Coweta 
Addison        Beulah      A         F    W            26-Aug  1995      83 years      Coweta 
Addison        Daniel      B         M    W            11-Sep  1986      91 years      Coweta 
Addison        Horace      T         M    W             4-May  1977                    Coweta 
Addison        James       B         M    W            21-Jan  1974      77 years      Coweta 
Addison        James       R         M    W             1-May  1967                    Coweta 
Addison        Lula        M         F    W             3-May  1965                    Coweta 
Addison        Opal        G         F    W             2-Apr  1998                    Coweta 
Addison        Richard     B         M    W            29-Sep  1978                    Coweta 
Addison        Sarah       E         F    W            20-Jan  1982                    Coweta 
Addison        Vera        M         F    W            19-Jun  1998      74 years      Coweta 
Addison        William     E         M    W            29-Jun  1982                    Coweta 
Addy           Andrew                M    C            14-Feb  1966                    Coweta 
Addy           Carey       P         F    W             4-Dec  1974      85 years      Coweta 
Addy           Evelyn      P         F    B            28-Aug  1984      74 years      Coweta 
Addy           George      B         M    W            20-Nov  1972                    Coweta 
Addy           Henry       E         M    W            23-May  1973      74 years      Coweta 
Addy           Henry                 M    C            14-Feb  1967                    Coweta 
Addy           Ida         P         F    C             9-Dec  1976      74 years      Coweta 
Addy           Lizzie      B         F    B             3-May  1984                    Coweta 
Addy           Margaret    B         F    W            26-May  1993      76 years      Coweta 
Addy           Willie      F         M    B             3-Feb  1986                    Coweta 
Aderhold       Thomas      R         M    W             7-Apr  1980      81 years      Coweta 
Adkins         Audrey                F    W            13-Jul  1985      76 years      Coweta 
Adkins         Dorothy     L         F    W             3-Feb  1979                    Coweta 
Adkins         Irma        E         F    W            26-Feb  1972      74 years      Coweta 
Adkisson       Christal    O         F    W            26-Aug  1990      81 years      Coweta 
Adkisson       Harvey      A         M    W            27-May  1969                    Coweta 
Aeger          Henry       J         M    W             6-Jun  1973                   Clayton 
Agan           Marinette   M         F    W            18-Oct  1993                    Coweta 
Agan           Sandra      L         F    W            29-Sep  1992                    Fulton 
Aides          Mary        R         F    W             2-Dec  1997      78 years      Coweta 
Aides          Wiley       N         M    W            22-Dec  1992      72 years      Coweta 
Akers          Amos        N         M    W             5-Feb  1987      88 years     Carroll 
Akin           Wemms       L         M    W            15-Dec  1977      74 years      Coweta 
Akin           Willie      J         F    W            12-Aug  1982      75 years      Coweta 
Albert         Brenda      S         F    W             6-Jun  1998                    Coweta 
Alderman       Jonathan    B         M    W            10-Apr  1973                    Fulton 
Aldredge       Samantha    D         F    W            11-Jul  1995                    Coweta 
Alexander      Agnes       I         F    W            15-Aug  1998      93 years      Coweta 
Alexander      Aubrey      H         M    W            25-Dec  1989      79 years      Coweta 
Alexander      Betty                 F    B             6-Mar  1991                    Coweta 
Alexander      Britney               F    B             9-Aug  1989                    Coweta 
Alexander      Clarence    E         M    W            24-May  1998      87 years      Coweta 
Alexander      Diana       G         F    W             1-Mar  1994                    Coweta 
Alexander      Elizabeth   B         F    W             7-Aug  1982                    Coweta 
Alexander      Helen                 F    B            19-Nov  1986      80 years      Coweta 
Alexander      Henry       B         M    W            27-Feb  1983                    Coweta 
Alexander      James                 M    B            14-May  1997                    Coweta 
Alexander      Jessie      C         M    W            16-Aug  1991      76 years      Coweta 
Alexander      Lewis       C         M    W            25-Nov  1970      89 years      Coweta 
Alexander      Mae                   M    W            24-Dec  1966      84 years      Coweta 
Alexander      Maidellar             F    C             5-Jan  1971                    Coweta 
Alexander      Robert      S         M    W            22-Sep  1998      84 years      Coweta 
Alexander      William     C         M    W             6-Nov  1998                    Coweta 
Alford         Alesia      R         F    B            19-Oct  1988                    Coweta 
Alford         Birdus                M    W            22-May  1985      76 years      Coweta 
Alford         Bobby       L         M    C            23-Jul  1964                    Coweta 
Alford         Bobby       L         M    C            15-Aug  1978                  Meriwether 
Alford         Carl        E         M    B            25-Mar  1979                    Coweta 
Alford         Darron                M    B             1-Nov  1996                  Meriwether 
Alford         Essie       M         F    B            30-Mar  1993      77 years    Meriwether 
Alford         Leila       M         F    B            22-Sep  1988                    Coweta 
Alford         Lela        M         F    C             6-Sep  1968                    Coweta 
Alford         Mary        W         F    B            26-Nov  1985      83 years      Coweta 
Alford         Millie                F    C            15-Dec  1973      70 years      Coweta 
Alford         Paul        E         M    B            26-Jul  1998                   Baldwin 
Alford         Ruby                  F    B            17-Aug  1992                    Coweta 
Alford         Sara        V         F    W             3-Jun  1993      74 years      Fulton 
Alford         Thelma                M    W            14-Jul  1985      82 years      Coweta 
Alford         Willie                M    B            13-Jun  1988                  Meriwether 
Allan          Walter      E         M    W            19-Jan  1996                    Coweta 
Allement       Glenn       M         M    W             8-Feb  1988                   Baldwin 
Allen          Albert                M    C            20-Jan  1970                    Troup 
Allen          Arthur      H         M    W            18-Apr  1997                    Coweta 
Allen          Arthur                M    C            17-Sep  1971      82 years      Coweta 
Allen          Bennie                M    B            19-Nov  1979                    Coweta 
Allen          Bertha                F    B             5-Mar  1981      74 years      Coweta 
Allen          Betty       J         F    W             7-Aug  1997                    Coweta 
Allen          Bithie      E         F    W            18-Jun  1988      82 years      Coweta 
Allen          Cecil       W         M    W             4-Jan  1978                    Coweta 
Allen          Charles     C         M    W            23-Aug  1987                    Coweta 
Allen          Cleve                 M    B            24-Mar  1980      79 years      Coweta 
Allen          Daniel                M    C            16-Nov  1973                    Coweta 
Allen          Ed          L         M    W            24-Mar  1987      83 years      Coweta 
Allen          Emma        W         F    C             8-Sep  1973                    Coweta 
Allen          Eugenia               F    C            27-Jun  1975      86 years      Coweta 
Allen          Fred                  M    W            17-Apr  1994      76 years      Coweta 
Allen          George                M    C             6-Dec  1967                    Coweta 
Allen          Georgia     L         F    B             2-Dec  1989                    Coweta 
Allen          Henry       L         M    C             8-Mar  1968                    Coweta 
Allen          Hubert                M    W            22-Apr  1976                    Coweta 
Allen          Hugh                  M    C             5-Feb  1971                    Coweta 
Allen          James       W         M    W             1-Aug  1975                    Coweta 
Allen          James                 M    C             1-Oct  1967                    Coweta 
Allen          John        H         M    B            21-Mar  1984      78 years      Coweta 
Allen          Lemuel                M    B             4-Jan  1979      71 years      Coweta 
Allen          Lester      E         M    W             5-Jan  1998      84 years      Coweta 
Allen          Lonnie      M         M    W             1-Dec  1974      79 years      Coweta 
Allen          Ludelia     H         F    W             3-Feb  1977                    Troup 
Allen          Maggie                F    C            20-Sep  1967      83 years      Coweta 
Allen          Nancy       C         F    W            14-Aug  1992      92 years      Coweta 
Allen          Rhudene     F         F    C            30-Sep  1972                    Troup 
Allen          Rodney      K         M    C             3-Jun  1965                    Coweta 
Allen          Sadie       A         F    C            20-Sep  1970                    Coweta 
Allen          Sylvanus    G         M    W             2-Mar  1998                    Coweta 
Allen          Sylvanus    G         M    W            17-Oct  1974      88 years      Coweta 
Allen          Vanilu      C         F    W             5-Mar  1976      82 years      Coweta 
Allen          William     R         M    W            17-Nov  1968      73 years      Coweta 
Allen          Young       J         M    W            29-Jul  1981      81 years     Carroll 
Allen                                M    W            14-Apr  1991                    Coweta 
Allison        Glenn                 M    W            20-Feb  1965                    Troup 
Allison        James       L         M    W             9-Sep  1984                    Coweta 
Allman         Adern                 M    W            10-Aug  1989      79 years      Banks 
Allman         Cynthia     D         F    W             4-Feb  1979                    Coweta 
Allred         Clara       M S       F    W             5-Apr  1969                    Coweta 
Allred         Drucilla              F    W             8-Nov  1995      78 years     Haralson 
Alls           Barbara     J         F    W             8-May  1981                    Fulton 
Allums         Tammy       L         F    W            20-Jun  1972                   Carroll 
Almand         Arzula      W         F    W             9-Jan  1967      78 years      Fulton 
Almon          Herman      C         M    W             8-Mar  1973      71 years      Coweta 
Almon          Ridley                M    W            22-Jan  1971      73 years      Coweta 
Almon          Thelma      L         F    W            13-Jun  1975      80 years      Coweta 
Almon          Willie                M    B            16-Aug  1991      78 years     Carroll 
Almond         John        L         M    C             1-Apr  1966                    Coweta 
Almond         John        R         M    B            23-Nov  1985      80 years      Coweta 
Almond         Lessie      P         F    C             9-Feb  1964                    Coweta 
Almond         Willard               M    B            30-Oct  1983                    Coweta 
Alsabrook      James       L         M    W             4-Jan  1974                    Troup 
Alsbrooks      William     T         M    W            18-Jan  1969                    Troup 
Alsobrook      Bryce       N         M    W            18-Dec  1997      90 years     Clayton 
Alsobrook      Sara        J         F    W            27-Jul  1994      84 years     Clayton 
Ames           Arthur      L         M    W            25-Apr  1998      74 years    Effingham 
Amey           Claudette   D         F    C             2-Jun  1966                    Coweta 
Amey           Clifford    B         F    B             8-Apr  1985      79 years      Coweta 
Amey           Cornelia    R         F    B            19-Mar  1989      77 years      Coweta 
Amey           Franklin    D         M    C            27-Oct  1968                    Heard 
Amey           Fred                  M    C            21-Jan  1967                    Coweta 
Amey           Homer                 M    C            10-Apr  1973                    Coweta 
Amey           Hugh        A         M    B             4-Jul  1991      84 years    Meriwether 
Amey           Julius                M    C            19-Jan  1968      71 years      Coweta 
Amey           Julius                M    B            16-Oct  1992      78 years      Coweta 
Amey           Karessie              F    C            11-Jul  1976                    Coweta 
Amey           Karrion               M    B            20-Nov  1988                    Coweta 
Amey           Mary                  F    B            10-Dec  1986      84 years      Coweta 
Amey           Ralph                 M    C             8-Dec  1976                    Coweta 
Amey           Raymon                M    C            17-Jun  1974                    Coweta 
Amey           Willie      J         M    B             6-Jul  1989                    Coweta 
Amie           Algie                 M    C             1-Jul  1978      85 years      Coweta 
Amie           Mattie      S         F    C             6-Oct  1972                    Coweta 
Amis           Charles     F         M    W             7-May  1964                    Coweta 
Amis           Lillian     G         F    W            14-Jan  1984                    Coweta 
Amis           Sara        F         F    W             9-Sep  1990     102 years      Coweta 
Amis           Vivian      R         F    W            31-Oct  1994      84 years      Fulton 
Amney          Dollie      R         F    B            26-Oct  1981                  Meriwether 
Anderson       Alvin                 M    B             2-Mar  1984      73 years      Coweta 
Anderson       Ara         D         F    W            10-Nov  1993                    Coweta 
Anderson       Derek       D         M    B             8-Dec  1997                    Coweta 
Anderson       Frances     I         F    W             7-Dec  1995                    Coweta 
Anderson       Geraldine   W         F    W             8-Mar  1996      75 years      Clinch 
Anderson       Grace       L         F    W            13-Jan  1990      73 years      Coweta 
Anderson       Harry       R         M    W            30-Jul  1985                    Coweta 
Anderson       Haskell               M    W            15-Jul  1994                    Coweta 
Anderson       Irene       P         F    W             9-Jun  1996      76 years      Coweta 
Anderson       James       E         M    W             1-Jul  1991                    Coweta 
Anderson       James       L         M    W            28-Mar  1992      71 years      Coweta 
Anderson       Jennie      L         F    B             5-Jun  1984                    Coweta 
Anderson       Johnnie     L         M    W            27-Jul  1984      72 years      Coweta 
Anderson       Marcus      J         M    B            21-Mar  1996                   Clayton 
Anderson       Maxine      P         F    W             7-Feb  1987                    Coweta 
Anderson       Shirley     E         F    W             3-Aug  1996                    Coweta 
Anderson       Thelma      T         F    W             7-Dec  1982                    Coweta 
Anderson       William               M    B            13-Jan  1991      70 years      Coweta 
Andrews        Edward      T         M    W            30-Sep  1975                    Coweta 
Andrews        Jack        C         M    W            11-Aug  1997                    Coweta 
Andrews        Jack        R         M    W             6-Jan  1971                    Coweta 
Andrews        Mattie      L         F    B             5-Nov  1989      72 years    Meriwether 
Andrews        Sarah       L         F    C            22-Feb  1969                    Coweta 
Anglin         Ethel       M         F    W             2-Oct  1995      91 years      Coweta 
Anglin         Henry       H         M    W             9-Jan  1986      84 years      Coweta 
Ansley         Edgar       S         M    W            19-Sep  1964      74 years      Coweta 
Ansley         Inez        C         F    W            22-Dec  1981      75 years      Coweta 
Ansley         Lewis       G         M    W            21-Jul  1964                    Coweta 
Anthony        Donald      C         M    W            14-Jun  1992      85 years      Burke 
Anthony        Larnett               F    C            27-Feb  1964                    Coweta 
Anthony        Willie      R         M    B             5-Sep  1990                    Coweta 
Appel          Susan       C         F    W            12-Jul  1985                    Coweta 
Apple          Mattie      J         F    W            12-Mar  1984      91 years      Henry 
Apple          William     F         M    W             9-Apr  1993      82 years    Chattahooch
Arata          Howard      P         M    W            25-May  1998                    Coweta 
Archer         William     C         M    W            14-Oct  1994      92 years      Bacon 
Armstead       Reba        C         F    W             4-Jul  1996      76 years      Coweta 
Armstrong      Benjamin    B         M    W            18-Sep  1991     102 years     Fayette 
Armstrong      Harold      L         M    W             1-Mar  1990      76 years      Coweta 
Armstrong      Mary        S         F    C            22-Apr  1968      72 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Bessie      E         F    W             2-Jan  1984      98 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Charles     H         M    W            13-May  1971      83 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Ella        M F       F    W            23-Nov  1973      78 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Etta        S         F    W             5-Jun  1967      86 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Frances     M         F    W             9-Jan  1989      85 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Frank       M         M    W            10-Nov  1969      83 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Hamilton    C         M    W            28-Jul  1990      90 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Hugh        W         M    W            27-Nov  1964      84 years      Coweta 
Arnall         James       W         M    W            18-May  1977      76 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Mildred     S         F    W            29-Jun  1980      71 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Minnie      L         F    W            26-Nov  1973      89 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Raleigh               M    W            15-Apr  1985      77 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Ruth        M         F    W            18-Feb  1991      99 years      Coweta 
Arnall         Susan       C         F    W            15-Jan  1981      73 years      Coweta 
Arnall         William     R         M    W             1-Sep  1981      72 years    Meriwether 
Arnett         Mary        A         F    W            25-Mar  1966      79 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Alice       B         F    W             2-Nov  1967                    Coweta 
Arnold         Annie       E         F    W            26-Jan  1972      77 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Annie       L         F    B            25-Mar  1996      81 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Annie                 F    C            25-Apr  1969      71 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Bessie                F    B            19-Mar  1996      83 years     Clayton 
Arnold         Bettie      A         F    W            31-Jul  1970      89 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Calvin      F         M    B             4-Jul  1986                    Fulton 
Arnold         Casey       C         M    B            25-Sep  1992                    Coweta 
Arnold         Ceola       S         F    B             2-Jan  1987      75 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Charles     M         M    W             6-Nov  1970      80 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Clifford              M    C            27-Dec  1968                    Coweta 
Arnold         Cora        M         F    C            12-Jan  1974                    Coweta 
Arnold         Curtis      E         M    B            22-Nov  1988                    Coweta 
Arnold         Eddie       C         M    B            16-Mar  1984                    Coweta 
Arnold         Elizabeth   W         F    W             4-Nov  1970                    Coweta 
Arnold         Emma        C         F    W            25-Nov  1990      75 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Emmett                M    C            25-Jun  1978                    Coweta 
Arnold         Ethel                 F    C            28-Jul  1967                    Coweta 
Arnold         Eula        B         F    W             5-Nov  1974      91 years      Coweta 
Arnold         George      W         M    C            26-Feb  1977                    Coweta 
Arnold         Glenn                 M    C            13-Nov  1965      77 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Hattie      L         F    W            23-Jan  1981      79 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Homer       H         M    C            20-May  1971      73 years      Fulton 
Arnold         Irene       E         F    W             2-Sep  1994      89 years     Carroll 
Arnold         J           W         M    B            30-Oct  1980      75 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Jack                  M    C            30-Mar  1975      81 years      Coweta 
Arnold         James       H         M    C             9-Mar  1965                    Coweta 
Arnold         James       H         M    W            30-Jun  1984      72 years      Coweta 
Arnold         James       T         M    B             6-May  1990                    Coweta 
Arnold         Joel        R         M    W             4-Feb  1976      73 years      Coweta 
Arnold         John                  M    C            27-Aug  1967                    Coweta 
Arnold         John                  M    C            13-Jul  1967      82 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Johnaten    P         M    B            16-Feb  1990                    Coweta 
Arnold         Johnney               M    C             4-Sep  1974                    Coweta 
Arnold         Julia       M         F    B            23-Mar  1979                    Coweta 
Arnold         L           C         M    B            19-Jan  1995      81 years     Clayton 
Arnold         Laura                 F    W             4-Jun  1976      82 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Laura                 F    B             9-Jan  1993      86 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Lillie      M         F    B            16-Feb  1982      84 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Lizzie                F    C             9-Dec  1969      75 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Lois                  F    C             6-Sep  1967                    Coweta 
Arnold         Lorenza               M    C             3-Sep  1976                    Coweta 
Arnold         Lucius                M    W            12-Mar  1971                    Troup 
Arnold         Melvina     L         F    B            27-Sep  1980                    Coweta 
Arnold         Millard               M    C            24-Aug  1974                    Coweta 
Arnold         Minnie      L         F    W             6-Apr  1964      81 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Morn        H         F    W             2-Jan  1983      89 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Nathan      T         M    W            30-Jun  1995                   Clayton 
Arnold         Neomia      L         F    B            16-Sep  1992      73 years      Coweta 
Arnold         O           C         M    C             5-Jul  1973                    Coweta 

Arnold         Odessa                F    B            20-Feb  1983      82 years      Fulton 
Arnold         Paul                  M    B            25-Oct  1979                    Coweta 
Arnold         Pearl                 F    C            19-Mar  1976      72 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Randall     L         M    W            24-Jul  1965                   Carroll 
Arnold         Robert      A         M    W            18-Mar  1981                   Carroll 
Arnold         Robert      L         M    W            15-May  1982                   Carroll 
Arnold         Robert      R         M    W             2-Aug  1975      85 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Robert                M    C            10-Nov  1964                   Fayette 
Arnold         Rosetta               F    B            20-Feb  1988      93 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Ross        L         M    W             7-Oct  1985                    Coweta 
Arnold         Ross        L         M    W             7-Dec  1974      81 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Ruby                  F    C            19-Jun  1977      74 years     Fayette 
Arnold         Seaborn               M    C            16-Dec  1977                    Coweta 
Arnold         Stella      M J       F    C             7-Apr  1974                    Coweta 
Arnold         Tamatha     R         F    C            23-Jul  1969                    Coweta 
Arnold         Thomas                M    C             9-Feb  1973                    Coweta 
Arnold         Vera                  F    B             8-Dec  1992      90 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Virgil                M    C            22-Sep  1964                    Coweta 
Arnold         Virginia    B         F    W             6-Sep  1979      74 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Walter      O         M    W            18-Mar  1969                    Troup 
Arnold         Warner      L         M    B             5-Nov  1991                    Coweta 
Arnold         William     H         M    C             1-Aug  1978                    Coweta 
Arnold         Willie      B         M    B             6-Feb  1988      71 years      Coweta 
Arnold         Willie      M         M    B             6-Apr  1987                    Coweta 
Arnold         Willie      O         M    B            10-Mar  1996                    Coweta 
Arrington      Bessie      W         F    W            26-Oct  1988      93 years      Heard 
Arrington      Bobby       R         M    W            18-Oct  1980                    Coweta 
Arrington      Dovie       L         F    W            19-Feb  1995                    Coweta 
Arrington      Earline     C         F    W             2-Jun  1992      82 years      Troup 
Arrington      Ella        K         F    W            13-Jun  1998                   Clayton 
Arrington      Elma        M         F    W             3-Nov  1971      78 years      Troup 
Arrington      Eudora      L         F    W            15-Sep  1971      76 years      Coweta 
Arrington      Eva         H         F    W            29-Apr  1994      89 years      Heard 
Arrington      Frances     W         F    W            25-Mar  1978      90 years      Coweta 
Arrington      Harvey      L         M    W            29-Jun  1993                    Coweta 
Arrington      James       B         M    W             9-May  1990      81 years      Coweta 
Arrington      Janie       P         F    W             5-Feb  1978      76 years      Coweta 
Arrington      Johnny      L         M    W            14-Nov  1996                    Heard 
Arrington      Julia       R         F    W            20-Jul  1992      75 years      Heard 
Arrington      Maggie      A         F    W            15-Sep  1981                    Coweta 
Arrington      Mary        L         F    W            25-May  1972      77 years      Coweta 
Arrington      Mattie      L         F    W            30-Jan  1986      72 years      Coweta 
Arrington      Morton      E         M    W             5-Nov  1971      72 years      Heard 
Arrington      William     H         M    W             4-Jan  1975                    Coweta 
Arrington      William     T         M    W            10-Oct  1973      77 years      Coweta 
Arrington      Willie      P         F    W            30-Nov  1970                    Coweta 
Arrington      Willie      P         M    W             5-Oct  1978      76 years      Coweta 
Arthur         Leonard     W         M    W             2-Sep  1964      73 years      Coweta 
Arthur         Mae         W         F    W             7-Oct  1984      88 years      Coweta 
Arthur                               F    W            27-Jun  1967                    Coweta 
Ashcraft       James       D         M    W            18-Mar  1991                   Fayette 
Ashford        Elrena                F    B             7-Jan  1987     101 years      Coweta 
Ashford        L           M         M    B            23-Dec  1994      77 years     Clayton 
Ashford        Lula        L         F    B             7-Aug  1986      75 years      Coweta 
Ashford        Ruby                  F    B            14-Dec  1988      70 years      Coweta 
Ashford        Thomas      G         M    B             5-Oct  1991      77 years      Coweta 
Ashley         Estelle               F    W            14-Oct  1988      78 years      Coweta 
Ashley         Florence    A         F    W            29-Aug  1975      85 years      Coweta 
Ashmore        Pamela      A         F    W             5-Sep  1989                    Coweta 
Ashworth       Jerry       L         M    W            25-Jun  1966                   Mitchell 
Askew          Chloe       B         F    W            14-Apr  1973                    Coweta 
Askew          Curtis      E         M    W            17-Aug  1985      76 years      Coweta 
Askew          Curtis      W         M    W             1-Dec  1976      92 years      Coweta 
Askew          Dorothy               F    W            30-Jan  1984                    Coweta 
Askew          Dueard      J         M    W            25-Dec  1993      83 years      Coweta 
Askew          James       B         M    W            14-Oct  1965                    Coweta 
Askew          Mary        A         F    W            16-May  1986      88 years      Coweta 
Askew          Mary        L         F    W            24-Oct  1971      86 years      Coweta 
Askew          Pauline     M         F    C             3-Oct  1974                    Coweta 
Askew          Rosa        L         F    W            26-Jun  1980      92 years      Coweta 
Askew          Rufus       B         M    W             9-Apr  1987      90 years      Coweta 
Askew          Sallie      A         F    W            18-Dec  1967      82 years     Fayette 
Askew          Walter      W         M    W            13-Sep  1973                    Coweta 
Askew          William     J         M    W            18-Aug  1992      87 years    Meriwether 
Askew          William     M         M    W            16-Nov  1990      80 years      Coweta 
Astin          Bessie                F    W            17-Feb  1967      84 years      Fulton 
Astin          Buel        E         M    W            19-May  1970      75 years      Fulton 
Astin          Claude      C         M    W            12-Oct  1966      70 years      Fulton 
Astin          Mary        E         F    W             2-Mar  1987      81 years      Fulton 
Astin          Mattie      S         F    W            11-Jun  1986      83 years      Fulton 
Astin          Myrtie      G         F    W            21-Jan  1978      86 years      Fulton 
Astin          Ralph       E         M    W             4-May  1993                    Coweta 
Astin          Robert      W         M    W            27-Aug  1988                    Fulton 
Astin          Virginia    S         F    W             2-May  1970                    Fulton 
Atchison       John        F         M    C            21-Mar  1976                    Coweta 
Atchison       Lucile      S         F    B            14-May  1992      84 years      Coweta 
Atchison       Winnie      W         F    W            21-Apr  1975      77 years      Coweta 
Atchley        James       L         M    W            24-Feb  1991      77 years      Coweta 
Atkins         Francis     N         M    W            28-Nov  1986      70 years      Coweta 
Atkins         Herman      A         M    W             5-Mar  1988                    Coweta 
Atkins         Mary        K         F    W             2-Jun  1992      77 years      Coweta 
Atkinson       Causby      C         F    W             1-Oct  1989      76 years      Coweta 
Atkinson       Charlie               M    B            14-Apr  1981                    Coweta 
Atkinson       Earline               F    B            23-Feb  1996      75 years     Clayton 
Atkinson       Ella                  F    C            30-May  1965      70 years      Coweta 
Atkinson       Leroy                 M    B             2-Jun  1980                    Coweta 
Atkinson       Lourette    S         F    W            23-Jan  1973      84 years      Coweta 
Attaway        Annie       E         F    W            31-Dec  1982      82 years      Coweta 
Attaway        Lilla       O         F    W            24-Dec  1967      82 years      Coweta 
Attaway        Ralph                 M    W            13-May  1974                    Coweta 
Attaway        Rosa        L         F    W             2-Sep  1986      88 years      Coweta 
Attaway        Virgil      D         M    W            19-Dec  1988      76 years       Cobb 
Atwaters       Emma        B         F    B            17-Sep  1995                    Coweta 
Auger          Frances     W         F    W            26-Aug  1968                    Coweta 
Auger          George      E         M    W            23-Dec  1972      82 years      Coweta 
Auger          Minnie      E         F    W            16-May  1965      77 years      Coweta 
Ault           Cornell               M    W            31-Jul  1992                    Coweta 
Ault           Leoda       J         F    W             5-Jul  1994      85 years     Clayton 
Austin         Ella        M         F    W            20-Dec  1985      98 years      Coweta 
Austin         James       C         M    W            14-Apr  1976                    Coweta 
Austin         James       E         M    W             1-May  1990                   Clayton 
Austin         Jett        M         M    W            24-Nov  1964      80 years      Coweta 
Austin         Nell        K         F    W            29-May  1981      88 years      Coweta 
Austin         Robert      L         M    W            16-Feb  1972      81 years      Coweta 
Austin         Theo        D         M    W            31-Jan  1975                    Coweta 
Austin         Theo        D         M    W            23-Nov  1968      82 years      Coweta 
Austin         Velma                 F    W             2-Mar  1992      84 years      Coweta 
Autry          Patricia    K         F    W            11-Dec  1990                    Coweta 
Avera          Lillie      G         F    W            15-Feb  1989      96 years      Coweta 
Avery          John        R         M    W            12-Jun  1964                    Coweta 
Avery          John        W         M    W            13-Nov  1992      79 years      Coweta 
Avery          Olive                 F    W             7-Sep  1988      85 years      Coweta 
Avery          Richard     L         M    W            11-Jul  1970                    Coweta 
Avery          Thomas      R         M    W            23-Jun  1992                    Coweta 
Avery          William     W         M    W            18-Sep  1969                    Heard 
Awtry          Harold      E         M    W            27-Mar  1969                    Coweta 
Aycock         Elijah                M    B            16-Oct  1986                    Coweta 
Aycock         Maryetta              F    B            16-Feb  1981      80 years      Coweta 
Aydlotte       Frances     Y         F    W             8-Oct  1979      76 years      Coweta 
Ayers          Alma        P         F    W            17-Oct  1992      89 years      Coweta 
Ayers          Carrie      H         F    W             5-Jun  1980      85 years      Coweta 
Ayers          Clayton     E         M    W             4-May  1982      78 years      Troup 
Ayers          Emil        D         M    W             5-Apr  1983      83 years      Coweta 
Ayers          Grady       T         M    W            20-May  1988      85 years      Coweta 
Ayers          James       A         M    W            16-Aug  1984      83 years      Coweta 
Ayers          Matthew               M    C            27-Jan  1978                    Coweta 
Ayers          Myra        C         F    W            14-Mar  1970                    Troup 
Ayers          Robert      E         M    W             7-Apr  1996                    Coweta 
Ayers          Robert      S         M    W             5-Sep  1973                    Coweta 
Ayers          Thomas      L         M    W            19-Mar  1979      70 years      Coweta 
Ayers          Walter      P         M    W            24-Apr  1971      77 years      Coweta 
Ayers          William     A         M    W            31-Aug  1967      78 years      Coweta 
Ayers          William     O         M    W            24-Sep  1980                    Coweta 
Babb           Looney      V         F    W            31-May  1973      79 years     Fayette 
Backes         Frederick   G         M    W            19-Mar  1987                   Fayette 
Baggarley      Luther      D         M    W            19-Nov  1984      82 years      Early 
Baggett        Dessie                F    W            29-Jan  1987      82 years     Carroll 
Baggett        Lawrence    J         M    W            10-May  1976      71 years      Coweta 
Baggett        Walter      A         M    W            10-May  1983      71 years      Coweta 
Bagley         Bessie      P         F    W             8-Jun  1964      86 years      Coweta 
Bagley         Nubie       G         M    W            29-Sep  1977      77 years      Coweta 
Bahor          Catherine   H         F    W             6-Mar  1987                   Fayette 
Bailey         Annie       L         F    W            29-Jun  1975      80 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Barbara               F    B             1-Mar  1996                    Coweta 
Bailey         Bertha      L         F    W            11-Jun  1985                    Heard 
Bailey         Carol       A         F    W            16-Apr  1993                    Coweta 
Bailey         Charles     A         M    W            23-Jan  1979                   Carroll 
Bailey         Clara       V         F    W            19-May  1978                    Heard 
Bailey         Dewey                 M    B            25-Feb  1995                    Coweta 
Bailey         Dorthula              F    C             1-Jan  1966      77 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Edna        V         F    W             1-Feb  1986      80 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Ella                  F    C            12-Apr  1975                    Coweta 
Bailey         Emma        J         F    C            27-Nov  1976                    Coweta 
Bailey         Flora       O         F    W            25-Nov  1995      79 years     Clayton 
Bailey         Garland     P         M    C             8-Jan  1972      70 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Georgia               F    C             2-Nov  1973      79 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Grady                 M    C            13-Nov  1976                    Coweta 
Bailey         Helen                 F    B             1-May  1985                    Coweta 
Bailey         Hewlett     M         M    W            15-May  1965      71 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Ira         A         M    B            10-Jan  1983      77 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Ira         W         M    C            16-Aug  1977                    Coweta 
Bailey         Josephine             F    B            19-Apr  1985                    Coweta 
Bailey         Kate        B         F    W            15-Sep  1969      80 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Lawyer      C         M    B            21-Apr  1982                    Coweta 
Bailey         Leila       M         F    C            13-Jul  1966                    Coweta 
Bailey         Marie       H         F    B             8-Feb  1994      82 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Mary        D         F    W             4-Mar  1968      86 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Mary        E         F    W             5-Jun  1996      81 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Mary        W         F    B            29-Nov  1983                    Coweta 
Bailey         Matthew               M    B             9-Mar  1988                    Coweta 
Bailey         Nola        B         F    W            13-Aug  1968      90 years      Fulton 
Bailey         Omer        L         M    W            14-Apr  1979      87 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Pearl       W         F    W             2-Jan  1995      86 years      Fulton 
Bailey         Preston               M    B            21-Jul  1979                    Coweta 
Bailey         Robert                M    C             2-Mar  1970      83 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Roy         H         M    W            18-Mar  1993      82 years      Heard 
Bailey         Sarah       E         F    W            19-Apr  1989      91 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Sarah       L         F    W             8-Jan  1994      82 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Thomas      L         M    W            23-Jan  1976      84 years      Troup 
Bailey         Virginia              F    B            11-Jun  1988                    Coweta 
Bailey         Walter      L         M    W            18-Oct  1966                   Mitchell 
Bailey         Walter      M         M    W            11-Jun  1973      91 years      Coweta 
Bailey         William     A         M    W             1-Mar  1971      76 years      Coweta 
Bailey         William     S         M    W             1-Jan  1971      73 years      Coweta 
Bailey         William               M    B             1-Feb  1983      79 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Willie      A         M    C            23-Jul  1964                    Coweta 
Bailey         Willie      C         F    B            19-Mar  1993                    Coweta 
Bailey         Willie      D         F    O            17-Aug  1991      80 years      Coweta 
Bailey         Willie                M    C            19-Jul  1974                    Coweta 
Baird          Anna        S         F    W            20-Dec  1969      80 years     Mitchell 
Baird          Ara                   F    W             5-Jan  1985      81 years     Clayton 
Bake           Georgia     A         F    W            17-Aug  1964      75 years      Coweta 
Baker          Ashley      D         F    W            20-Jul  1994                    Coweta 
Baker          Clyde       W         M    W            28-Aug  1971                    Coweta 
Baker          David       F         M    W             4-Jun  1973                    Coweta 
Baker          Eddie       B         M    C            16-May  1970      74 years      Coweta 
Baker          Eddie                 M    B            19-Jul  1980      70 years      Coweta 
Baker          Emmett      L         M    W            21-Jun  1982                    Coweta 
Baker          Eunice      C         F    W            12-Feb  1995      71 years      Coweta 
Baker          Henry       L         M    W            30-Oct  1988      81 years     Carroll 
Baker          Hoyt                  M    W            12-Jan  1984                    Coweta 
Baker          Kristi      A         F    W             7-Dec  1969                    Coweta 
Baker          Lilla       R         F    B             1-Feb  1988      91 years      Coweta 
Baker          Mary        L         F    W             8-Jul  1987      83 years      Coweta 
Baker          Mary                  F    W             6-Sep  1994      87 years      Coweta 
Baker          Mayme       D         F    W             2-Feb  1994      83 years      Coweta 
Baker          Melvin      C         M    W             3-Aug  1995      74 years      Coweta 
Baker          Nora        M         F    W            15-May  1996      81 years     Clayton 
Baker          Sandra      M         F    W            25-Mar  1979                   Fayette 
Baker          Walter      B         M    W            16-Jan  1990      79 years      Coweta 
Baker          William     A         M    W             2-May  1973                    Heard 
Baker          William     C         M    W            10-Oct  1986      78 years     Carroll 
Baldree        William     A         M    W            22-Jul  1991                   Fayette 
Baldwin        Annie       M         F    W             2-Nov  1991      85 years     Fayette 
Baldwin        J           R         M    W            14-Sep  1979                    Coweta 
Ball           Armie       L         F    B             7-Apr  1982                    Coweta 
Ball           Cleo                  M    B             7-Oct  1994      85 years     Clayton 
Ball           Clinton               M    C            30-Jun  1970      73 years      Coweta 
Ball           Earnest               M    C            20-May  1978                    Coweta 
Ball           Easter                F    C            24-Jul  1978      79 years      Coweta 
Ball           Ernest                M    C            11-May  1974                    Coweta 
Ball           Estella               F    B             9-Nov  1982      91 years      Coweta 
Ball           George                M    B            17-Aug  1984      82 years      Coweta 
Ball           Homer       N         M    W            17-Mar  1980                    Coweta 
Ball           James       E         M    W            26-Apr  1979                    Heard 
Ball           James       E         M    B            30-May  1988                    Coweta 
Ball           James       T         M    W            30-Jan  1967      83 years      Coweta 
Ball           Martha      C         F    W            27-Jul  1993      71 years      Coweta 
Ball           Marvin                M    C            26-Aug  1969      80 years      Coweta 
Ball           Nikita      S         F    B            13-Jun  1984                    Coweta 
Ball           Roy         A         M    W            29-Jun  1996      85 years      Clinch 
Ballard        Annie       M         F    B             9-Feb  1996      73 years     Clayton 
Ballard        Chance      L         M    W             2-Jul  1990                    Coweta 
Ballard        Clotie                F    B            25-Feb  1992      95 years      Coweta 
Ballard        Dannell               M    B            29-Aug  1987                    Coweta 
Ballard        Edward      A         M    W             2-Mar  1992      73 years     Fayette 
Ballard        George      E         M    W             9-Dec  1986      79 years      Coweta 
Ballard        John        H         M    C            15-Sep  1971      79 years      Coweta 
Ballard        Junior      L         M    B            31-Mar  1982                    Coweta 
Ballard        Kempton     W         M    W             7-Jul  1978                    Coweta 
Ballard        Lara        R         F    C            22-May  1964                    Coweta 
Ballard        Mollie      S         F    W            16-Apr  1964      80 years      Coweta 
Ballard        Odessa      P         F    C            29-Oct  1977                    Coweta 
Ballard        Rosa        L         F    W            12-Sep  1969                    Coweta 
Banks          Alice                 F    B             9-May  1995      85 years      Coweta 
Banks          Annie       R         F    C            22-Feb  1964                    Coweta 
Banks          Barham      D         M    W            15-Dec  1975      81 years      Coweta 
Banks          Benjamin    M         M    W             2-Jan  1972      85 years      Coweta 
Banks          Charlie     H         M    W            26-Jan  1986      80 years      Coweta 
Banks          Clara       E         F    W            21-Apr  1989                    Coweta 
Banks          Dollie      E         F    W             5-Jul  1987      85 years      Coweta 
Banks          Earl        C         M    W            30-May  1995                   Carroll 
Banks          Ethel       L         F    W             3-Sep  1988      71 years      Coweta 
Banks          Evelyn      S         F    W            18-May  1981                   Fayette 
Banks          Evelyn      W         F    W            30-Mar  1976      82 years      Coweta 
Banks          Fannie      K         F    W            26-Jun  1995      85 years      Coweta 
Banks          James       F         M    W             9-Jan  1987      75 years      Coweta 
Banks          Janie       J         F    W            11-Jul  1976      75 years      Coweta 
Banks          Jesse       F         M    W            19-Jul  1977      74 years      Coweta 
Banks          Jesse       J         M    W            15-Apr  1992                    Coweta 
Banks          Jessie                F    W            17-Feb  1992                    Heard 
Banks          John        H         M    W            19-Apr  1990                    Coweta 
Banks          Linda       E         F    W             2-May  1971                    Coweta 
Banks          Mamie       C         F    W            12-Apr  1986      82 years      Coweta 
Banks          Mary        D         F    W             2-Nov  1980                    Coweta 
Banks          Mary        F         F    W             7-Nov  1989      84 years      Coweta 
Banks          Mary        I         F    W             7-Jan  1969      87 years      Coweta 
Banks          Myrtie                F    W            24-Aug  1982      92 years      Coweta 
Banks          Render                M    W            11-Apr  1992                    Coweta 
Banks          Walter      E         M    W            28-Jan  1973      77 years      Fulton 
Banks          William     D         M    W            24-Oct  1969                    Coweta 
Banks          William     N         M    W            20-Mar  1965      80 years      Coweta 
Banks          Wylie       J         M    W            10-May  1996      72 years     Clayton 
Bankston       Gloria      S         F    W             5-Oct  1991                    Coweta 
Bannister      Johnny      A         M    W            20-Aug  1966                   Fayette 
Bannister      Maggie      F         F    W            15-Dec  1964      82 years     Fayette 
Bannister      Marlin      A         M    W             3-Jul  1964                   Fayette 
Barber         A           C         M    B            20-Jul  1988      78 years      Coweta 
Barber         Alice       M         F    W            18-Jun  1974      90 years      Fulton 
Barber         Amanda                F    B             3-Oct  1996      74 years      Coweta 
Barber         Ambers                M    B            15-Sep  1992     103 years      Coweta 
Barber         Andrew      J         M    W            29-Apr  1983      77 years    Meriwether 
Barber         Averline              F    W            13-Apr  1991      91 years      Coweta 
Barber         Bee                   M    W            30-Jun  1983      89 years      Coweta 
Barber         Bob                   M    C            19-Mar  1969                    Coweta 
Barber         Booker      T         M    B            17-Jul  1996      80 years      Coweta 
Barber         Carl                  M    B            21-Jun  1994      73 years     Clayton 
Barber         Carlye                M    C             3-Feb  1975                    Coweta 
Barber         Elizabeth             F    C            21-Jul  1970                    Coweta 
Barber         Harold      E         M    W            27-May  1989                  Meriwether 
Barber         Harold      E         M    W            25-Jul  1987                  Meriwether 
Barber         Henry       C         M    W             8-Jun  1993      85 years    Meriwether 
Barber         James       W         M    B             9-Feb  1991                    Coweta 
Barber         Jeanie      M T       F    C             3-May  1968                    Coweta 
Barber         Jefferson   J         M    W            16-Dec  1968                  Meriwether 
Barber         Joffie                M    C            30-Apr  1976      75 years      Coweta 
Barber         Mary                  F    B            22-Dec  1989     101 years      Coweta 
Barber         Nannie      R         F    W            13-Sep  1967                  Meriwether 
Barber         Quilliam              M    B             6-Oct  1994                    Coweta 
Barber         Robert      J         M    W            29-Aug  1980                    Coweta 
Barber         Ronnie                F    C            24-Dec  1964                    Coweta 
Barber         Stanley     J         M    W            21-Oct  1971                    Coweta 
Barber         William     R         M    W            16-Feb  1971                    Coweta 
Barbour        John        D         M    W            16-Sep  1995      79 years     Douglas 
Barclay        Luke        M         M    W            16-Dec  1990                    Henry 
Barfield       Richard     A         M    W            19-Sep  1988                   Fayette 
Barge          Edgar       E         M    W            19-Sep  1966      80 years     Fayette 
Barge          James       H         M    W             5-Nov  1995      81 years      Coweta 
Barge          John        L         M    W            28-Jul  1995      87 years      Fulton 
Barger         Margaret    B         F    W            23-Apr  1988                     Cook 
Barger         Una         H         F    W            26-Nov  1987      77 years      Coweta 
Bargeron       Mary        G         F    W             6-Sep  1987      88 years      Coweta 
Barker         Alexander   R         M    B            23-Mar  1994                    Coweta 
Barker         Garnett               M    C            29-Jun  1971                    Coweta 
Barker         Gladys      H         F    W             2-Dec  1995      93 years      Coweta 
Barker         Hosten                M    C             6-Mar  1972                    Coweta 
Barker         Jimie       L         F    B            12-Apr  1987      86 years      Coweta 
Barker         Lizzie      C         F    W             7-Oct  1988      82 years     Douglas 
Barker         William     C         M    W             3-Feb  1971      81 years      Coweta 
Barker         Willie      H         M    C             4-Oct  1970                    Coweta 
Barksdale      Rebecca               F    B            29-Dec  1985      75 years      Marion 
Barkwell       Etta        R         F    W            29-Jan  1985      79 years      Coweta 
Barner         Debra                 F    B             8-Jul  1990                    Coweta 
Barner         Eddie       W         M    C            12-May  1973                    Coweta 
Barner         Ella        M         F    C            13-Feb  1967                    Coweta 
Barner         Lilla       B         F    C            30-Dec  1975      71 years      Coweta 
Barnes         Adam        L         M    W            12-Mar  1983                    Coweta 
Barnes         Anderson    W         M    W            11-Dec  1968      86 years      Coweta 
Barnes         Annie       M         F    W             3-Mar  1987      84 years      Fulton 
Barnes         Bessie                F    B            11-Feb  1995      98 years     Clayton 
Barnes         Cammie      M         F    W            13-Mar  1989      84 years      Coweta 
Barnes         Charles     M         M    W             9-Oct  1982                    Fulton 
Barnes         Edna        M         F    W             6-Feb  1991      84 years      Fulton 
Barnes         Emily       M         F    W             4-Feb  1995                    Coweta 
Barnes         George      O         M    W            19-Jan  1970                    Coweta 
Barnes         Henry       L         M    B             2-Apr  1992      92 years      Coweta 
Barnes         Henry       W         M    W            28-Aug  1985      88 years      Fulton 
Barnes         Jewell      L         F    W            27-Jul  1984      77 years      Coweta 
Barnes         John        H         M    C            21-Dec  1974                    Coweta 
Barnes         John        R         M    W            20-Aug  1981                    Fulton 
Barnes         Josie                 F    C             7-Aug  1964                    Coweta 
Barnes         Kenneth     R         M    W             6-Jan  1994                    Coweta 
Barnes         Lewis       M         M    W            21-Feb  1977                    Coweta 
Barnes         Lola        K         F    B            27-May  1979                    Coweta 
Barnes         Pearl                 F    C             5-Aug  1965                    Coweta 
Barnes         Ray         S         M    W            22-Oct  1969                    Fulton 
Barnes         Richard               M    C             6-Feb  1968      72 years      Coweta 
Barnes         Tommy       L         M    B             1-Oct  1980                    Coweta 
Barnes         Urylara               F    C            22-Feb  1971      80 years      Coweta 
Barnes         William     T         M    W            22-Jan  1987      81 years      Coweta 
Barnes         Willie      T         M    B             2-Jun  1983                    Coweta 
Barnes         Winston               M    C             5-Sep  1973                   Mitchell 
Barnett        Etta        B         F    W            26-Mar  1967      86 years      Coweta 
Barnett        Leroy                 M    B            15-Nov  1986      86 years      Coweta 
Barnette       Doris       P         F    W            19-Apr  1981                    Coweta 
Barns          Jasper                M    C            30-Nov  1971      74 years      Coweta 
Barr           Lula        H         F    W            14-Jul  1964      78 years      Coweta 
Barrett        Josie       M         F    W             3-Aug  1976                    Coweta 
Barrett        Mattie      E         F    W            25-Nov  1966      70 years      Coweta 
Barrett        Virginia              F    W            27-Dec  1989                    Coweta 
Barron         Allene      B         F    W            20-Feb  1984      83 years      Coweta 
Barron         Charles     L         M    W            28-Oct  1982      89 years      Coweta 
Barron         Elizabeth   D         F    W            17-Feb  1969                    Coweta 
Barron         Esther      M         F    W            18-Mar  1992      76 years      Coweta 
Barron         Frank       M         M    W            26-Aug  1981                    Coweta 
Barron         George      S         M    W            10-Aug  1990      87 years      Coweta 
Barron         Gussie      A         F    W            28-Nov  1980      88 years      Coweta 
Barron         Harry       E         M    W             2-Jun  1979                    Fulton 
Barron         Harvey      E         M    W             8-Nov  1977      79 years      Coweta 
Barron         Joseph      D         M    W            21-Feb  1967      75 years      Coweta 
Barron         Laura       K         F    W            31-Aug  1987      79 years      Coweta 
Barron         Tommie      L         F    W            12-Jan  1986      90 years      Coweta 
Barron         William     E         M    W            20-Nov  1972      71 years      Coweta 
Barronton      Berriman    T         M    W            13-Mar  1992      84 years      Fulton 
Barronton      Jeanette    G         F    W            30-Apr  1977      77 years    Meriwether 
Barronton      Johnnie     L         M    W             3-Jun  1981      81 years     Fayette 
Barrow         James       C         M    W            24-Feb  1977      74 years      Coweta 
Bartlett       George      T         M    W            21-Jan  1981                    Troup 
Bartlett       Herbert     J         M    W            20-Sep  1976                    Coweta 
Barzilay       Gladys      C         F    W             5-Dec  1990                   Fayette 
Bass           Barbara     A         F    W            30-Sep  1987                    Coweta 
Bass           David                 M    W             2-Jul  1990                    Coweta 
Bass           Gerald      G         M    W            30-Mar  1984                    Coweta 
Bass           Henry       G         M    W            13-Apr  1990      78 years      Coweta 
Bass           Jerry       P         M    W             7-Jan  1987                    Coweta 
Bass           Lera        O         F    W            15-Jun  1988      78 years      Coweta 
Bass           Mattie      C         F    W             5-Mar  1968      88 years      Coweta 
Bass           Timmie      L         F    W            16-Aug  1971                    Coweta 
Bass           Tommy       L         M    W            18-Jun  1968                    Coweta 
Bass           William     D         M    W             2-Jan  1974      75 years      Coweta 
Bass           Zelma       C         F    W            15-May  1978      75 years      Coweta 
Bassett        Clarence              M    W             9-Dec  1983      83 years      Coweta 
Bassett        Hattie      P         F    W             6-Dec  1976      76 years      Coweta 
Bassett        Woodroe     W         M    W            22-Dec  1973                    Heard 
Batchelor      James       C         M    W            17-Mar  1979                    Coweta 
Bates          Cecil                 M    W             9-Dec  1982                    Coweta 
Bates          Frank                 M    C            11-Feb  1978      82 years      Coweta 
Bates          Henrietta   K         F    W             8-Mar  1981      97 years      Fulton 
Baugh          Teresa      D         F    W            18-Nov  1990                   Douglas 
Baumgardner    Maude       B         F    W            28-Oct  1970      75 years      Coweta 
Baxley         Carol       L         F    W            14-Apr  1969                    Coweta 
Baxter         Rachel      W         F    W            16-Sep  1982      74 years      Coweta 
Bayne          Earl        I         M    W            14-Aug  1982      71 years      Heard 
Beachboard     Jay         M         M    W            11-Nov  1980                    Coweta 
Beadles        Charlie     L         M    C             9-Mar  1965                    Coweta 
Beadles        Esula                 F    C            11-Jan  1974      73 years      Coweta 
Beadles        Sol                   M    C            15-Jun  1975      79 years      Coweta 
Beall          Henly       H         M    W            14-Dec  1969      84 years      Troup 
Beam           Gaston      L         M    W            23-Nov  1968                    Coweta 
Bearden        Henry       M         M    W            30-Jul  1977                    Coweta 
Bearden        Raymond     W         M    W             4-Sep  1977                    Heard 
Beasley        Bumie       M         F    C             5-Jan  1966                  Meriwether 
Beasley        Earnest     L         M    C            10-May  1972                    Coweta 
Beasley        Eddie       R         M    C            13-Oct  1974                    Coweta 

Beasley        Emmett                F    C            19-Jun  1971                    Coweta 
Beasley        James                 M    B             3-Jan  1982                   Richmond 
Beasley        Julia                 F    C            31-Jan  1969      76 years    Meriwether 
Beasley        Lorena      S         F    B            22-Dec  1983      85 years      Coweta 
Beasley        Orange                M    B            22-Apr  1982      89 years      Coweta 
Beasley        Pearl       P         F    C             6-Apr  1968      81 years      Coweta 
Beasley        Robert      L         M    C            18-Jan  1973                    Coweta 
Beasley        Rosie       A         F    C            27-Oct  1975      92 years      Coweta 
Beasley        Roy                   M    B             4-Sep  1979      79 years    Meriwether 
Beasley        Sylvia                F    C            26-Feb  1964                    Coweta 
Beasley        Tiney       C         F    W            30-Jul  1973      96 years     Carroll 
Beauchamp      Ajah        B         M    W            13-Sep  1976      85 years      Coweta 
Beauchamp      Mary        L         F    W            18-Jun  1981      87 years      Coweta 
Beavers        Barbara     J         F    W            24-Nov  1981                    Coweta 
Beavers        Elizabeth   E         F    W            15-Jun  1972      89 years      Coweta 
Beavers        James       A         M    W             4-Dec  1973      83 years      Coweta 
Beavers        James       E         M    W            17-Jan  1972                    Coweta 
Beavers        John        A         M    W            13-May  1967      76 years      Coweta 
Beavers        John        A         M    W            19-Jun  1970      83 years      Coweta 
Beavers        Love        S         F    W             1-Oct  1974      76 years      Coweta 
Beavers        Mary        L         F    W             3-Dec  1969                    Coweta 
Beavers        Nancy       A         F    W            21-Nov  1966      80 years      Coweta 
Beavers        Sallie      E         F    W            20-Feb  1979                    Coweta 
Beavers        William     R         M    W            20-Jan  1968                    Coweta 
Beckham        Jerry       J         M    W            23-Mar  1973                    Coweta 
Beckom         Cora        L         F    W            15-May  1979      73 years      Coweta 
Beckom         Ernest      R         M    W             5-Aug  1972                    Coweta 
Beckom         Hewlette    H         M    W             5-Apr  1968                    Coweta 
Beckom         Jessie      D         M    W             7-Jun  1974                    Coweta 
Beckom         Joe                   M    W            10-Jun  1981      83 years      Coweta 
Beckom         Opal        C         F    W            26-Jun  1966                    Coweta 

Beckom         Starling    G         M    W            11-Jun  1964                    Coweta 
Beckom         Tommie      L         M    W            22-Jun  1974                    Coweta 
Beckom         Willie      L K       F    W            17-Nov  1978      77 years      Coweta 
Beddington     Essie       G         F    W            18-Jan  1979                   Fayette 
Bee            Taylor      C         M    W            22-Feb  1970      75 years      Coweta 
Beers          Lucile      L         F    W            24-Oct  1973      81 years      Coweta 
Beers          Lynwood     S         M    W            22-Dec  1977      74 years      Coweta 
Beetles        Rufus                 M    C             9-Apr  1969                    Coweta 
Belcher        Annie       M         F    W             9-May  1972                    Coweta 
Belcher        Christropher          M    W             8-Mar  1969      85 years      Fulton 
Belcher        Jesse       C         M    W            21-May  1964                   Mitchell 
Bell           Charlie     M         M    W            17-Feb  1975                    Coweta 
Bell           Cora        D         F    W            22-Apr  1970      75 years      Coweta 
Bell           Joseph      T         M    W             5-May  1973      73 years      Coweta 
Bell           Joseph                M    B            10-Jun  1979                  Meriwether 
Bell           Maggie      P         F    W             6-Jan  1972                    Coweta 
Bell           Michol      E         M    C            22-Dec  1972                    Coweta 
Bell           Pirllia               F    C             4-Feb  1965                    Coweta 
Bell           Wade                  M    C             9-Feb  1974      83 years      Coweta 
Bell           Willie      C         M    C            28-Sep  1975                    Coweta 
Bellisle       Julia       V         F    W            25-Nov  1978      83 years      Coweta 
Bellisle       Walter      D         M    W            15-Apr  1964                    Coweta 
Bendfelt       Margaret    W         F    W            19-Aug  1971                    Fulton 
Benefield      Joe         W         M    W            10-Apr  1971                    Fulton 
Benefield      Miles       M         M    W             1-Dec  1973                    Coweta 
Benefield      Ollie       M P       F    W            21-Dec  1972      81 years      Fulton 
Bennett        Eddie       H         M    C            19-Jan  1970                   Fayette 
Bennett        Emmett                M    C             9-May  1975                    Coweta 
Bennett        Felix                 M    C            22-Nov  1964                    Coweta 
Bennett        George      N         M    W            17-Sep  1971                    Coweta 
Bennett        Mary        F         F    C            25-Sep  1972                    Coweta 
Bennett        Missouri              F    W            11-Apr  1965      83 years      Coweta 
Benning        Johnnie     B         M    C             8-Mar  1971                    Coweta 
Bentley        Theodis               M    C            25-Jul  1971                    DeKalb 
Benton         Alice       R         F    W            14-Apr  1971      88 years      Coweta 
Benton                               M    W            22-Nov  1970                    Coweta 
Bernhard       John        J         M    W            29-Nov  1966      78 years     Fayette 
Berry          Lonnie      B         F    C            30-Jan  1966                    Coweta 
Bishop         Angela      R         F    W             5-Nov  1964                    Coweta 
Bos??l         Joseph      E         M    W             7-Mar  1997      82 years      Heard 
Bowden         Jarrell     W         M    W            30-Sep  1998                    Coweta 
Bowen          Celeta      A         F    W            29-Jun  1998      92 years      Fulton 
Bowling        Cedric      T         M    W            26-Feb  1997      83 years     Clayton 
Boynton        Chester     L         M    W             6-Feb  1997      74 years     Clayton 
Bradberry      James       L         M    W            17-Sep  1997      85 years      Coweta 
Brand          Harvey      G         M    W            22-Feb  1997      70 years      Heard 
Brand          Sara        J         F    W             4-Feb  1998                    Coweta 
Brandenburg    Luther      D         M    W            30-Jan  1997                  Meriwether 
Brazell        Carl        E         M    W             4-Apr  1997      86 years     Clayton 
Brazell        Susie       P         F    W            17-Apr  1998      85 years      Coweta 
Brewster       Daniel      F         M    W             3-Feb  1998      81 years      Coweta 
Brewster       James       D         M    W            20-Aug  1998      96 years      Coweta 
Brewster       Letitia               F    B             2-Sep  1997                   Clayton 
Breyer         Martha                F    W             1-Nov  1998      83 years      Coweta 
Bridges        Ella        M         F    W            23-Nov  1997      88 years      Coweta 
Brim           Mary        G         F    W            27-Sep  1998                    Coweta 
Brimer         Chester     S         M    W            16-Feb  1997      87 years      Coweta 
Britt          Anthony               M    B            27-Oct  1997                   Clayton 
Brittain       Allen       R         M    W            19-Jun  1997                    Coweta 
Brocious       Gary        R         M    W            20-Mar  1998                   Carroll 
Brooks         Albert                M    B             4-Jul  1998      91 years     Clayton 
Brown          Ann         E         F    W             4-Aug  1997                   Clayton 
Brown          Annie       K         F    W            24-Mar  1998      76 years      Coweta 
Brown          Charles     W         M    W            10-Nov  1998      81 years     Clayton 
Brown          Charlie               M    B            30-Jul  1998      77 years      Coweta 
Brown          Clara       J         F    B             3-Jun  1998      82 years      Coweta 
Brown          Cleo                  F    B            20-Jan  1998      86 years     Bullock 
Brown          David       W         M    W             9-Feb  1998      74 years      Coweta 
Brown          Frances     D         F    W             5-Jun  1998      87 years      Coweta 
Carpenter      Muriel      T         F    W             5-Jul  1996      78 years     Clayton 
Carroll        William     T         M    W            21-Nov  1995                   Clayton 
Carter         Erie        J         F    W            14-Dec  1995      90 years     Fayette 
Carter         Mattie                F    B            13-Mar  1994      92 years      Coweta 
Carter         Weems       B         M    W            27-Oct  1994      85 years     Clayton 
Cartledge      Evelyn      L         F    W            27-May  1995      80 years     Clayton 
Casey          Dorothy     G         F    W            23-Oct  1995                    Coweta 
Cash           Claudie               M    W            24-Aug  1994      79 years     Clayton 
Cathey         William     R         M    W            18-Jun  1995                    DeKalb 
Cauthen        Dorothy     K         F    W            12-Apr  1996      82 years      Coweta 
Chaffin        Mary        L         F    W            20-Mar  1995      76 years      Coweta 
Chambers       Charles     N         M    W             3-Oct  1993      73 years      Coweta 
Champion       Eldora                F    B            23-Nov  1993      72 years      Coweta 
Chance         Clara       I         F    W            31-Dec  1995      77 years      Coweta 
Chandler       James       D         M    W            22-May  1994                    Coweta 
Chandler       Roy         L         M    W            29-Nov  1994      89 years      Coweta 
Chapman        General     G         M    W            20-Apr  1994      81 years     Clayton 
Chastain       Truman      P         M    W            22-Aug  1992      74 years      Fulton 
Chatham        Lounette              F    W             2-Dec  1996     101 years      Coweta 
Chatman        Rodney      K         M    W             2-Jul  1994                    Heard 
Chavez         Cary        D         M    W            22-Oct  1992                    Coweta 
Cheatham       Lois        T         F    W             1-Jun  1996      74 years      Coweta 
Cheatwood      James       L         M    W             7-Oct  1994                    Coweta 
Cheek          Annie       M         F    W            10-Nov  1991      94 years      Coweta 
Cheek          Leonard     D         M    W            19-Jan  1994      75 years     Clayton 
Cheek          Morris                M    W            27-Sep  1996      73 years     Ben Hill 
Cheeves        Nomie       E         F    W            19-Oct  1996      78 years      Coweta 
Chesnut        Helen       L         F    W            21-Apr  1994      80 years      Coweta 
Chesnutt       William     T         M    W            20-Oct  1996                    Bryan 
Chester        James       C         M    W            10-Jul  1991      81 years     Clayton 
Chew           John        S         M    W            14-Jan  1996      83 years      Bartow 
Childers       Hallie      I         F    B            26-Sep  1991      85 years      Coweta 
Childs         Lyndia      C         F    B            16-Feb  1989                    Coweta 
Childs         Sandra      D         F    B            16-Feb  1989                    Coweta 
Chitwood       Muriel      O         F    W            23-May  1994      85 years      Coweta 
Christian      Charlie     T         M    W            28-Jul  1994      86 years     Clayton 
Christian      Mina        C         F    W            29-Oct  1996      83 years     Clayton 
Christoff      Beatrice    J         F    W             7-Nov  1988                    Fulton 
Chumbley       Geraldine   E         F    W            16-Dec  1993      74 years      Coweta 
Chvasta        Michael               M    W             1-Apr  1996                   Clayton 
Ciullo         Barbara     A         F    W            23-Nov  1991                    Coweta 
Clanin         Martha      L         F    W            14-May  1997      77 years      Coweta 
Clark          Annie       C         F    W            10-Feb  1988      88 years      Coweta 
Clark          Edna        H         F    W             3-Mar  1997      96 years      Coweta 
Clark          Elsie       O         F    W            21-Aug  1993      71 years      Coweta 
Clark          Emma                  F    W             5-Feb  1989      85 years      Coweta 
Clark          George      H         M    W            23-Dec  1991      74 years     Paulding 
Clark          Golden      W         M    W             4-Jan  1995      78 years     Clayton 
Clark          Herman      C         M    W            19-Jul  1988                    Coweta 
Clark          J           C         M    B            11-Jun  1990      74 years      Coweta 
Clark          James       D         M    W             6-Dec  1994                    Coweta 
Clark          Lottie      M         F    B             3-Feb  1989      70 years      Coweta 
Clark          Myrtice               F    W            10-Jul  1990      93 years      Coweta 
Clark          Nathaniel   O         M    B            11-Dec  1993      89 years      Fulton 
Clark          Ralph       M         M    W            26-Dec  1992      84 years      Coweta 
Clark          Richmond    H         M    W            22-Sep  1996      77 years      Coweta 
Clark          Ruby        J         F    W            16-Feb  1994                    Coweta 
Clarke         James       A         M    W            16-Aug  1996      79 years      Clinch 
Clay           Georgia     A         F    B            26-Nov  1995      87 years     Clayton 
Clay           Willie      G         M    B            20-Apr  1991      93 years      Coweta 
Clayton        Beverly     S         F    B            24-Mar  1995                  Meriwether 
Clement        Annie       L         F    W            14-Feb  1995      85 years     Fayette 
Clements       Alice       C         F    B             4-May  1986                    Coweta 
Clements       Bobbie      J         F    B            21-May  1993                    Coweta 
Clems          Ethel                 F    B            24-Jan  1987      78 years      Coweta 
Cleveland      Cicero                M    B            19-Jun  1991      81 years      Coweta 
Cleveland      Fannie                F    B            18-May  1986                    Coweta 
Cleveland      Lizella               F    B             6-Jan  1994      79 years     Clayton 
Cleveland      Mary        F         F    W            22-Dec  1997      77 years      Coweta 
Cleveland      Robert      L         M    B            21-Sep  1994      70 years     Clayton 
Click          Allen       R         M    W             4-Aug  1995      70 years      Clinch 
Clifton        Agnes       D         F    W            18-Nov  1995                    Heard 
Clifton        Aury                  M    W             6-Apr  1992      81 years      Heard 
Clifton        Edgar       F         M    W            25-Oct  1992                    Coweta 
Coalson        James       A         M    W             3-Mar  1989      71 years      Coweta 
Coalson        Kathleen              F    W            29-Sep  1995      71 years      Coweta 
Coan           Myrtle      M         F    W            25-Oct  1990      95 years     Gwinnett 
Cobb           Alma        M         F    W             2-Aug  1994      88 years      Coweta 
Cobb           Isaac       T         M    W             2-Aug  1993      80 years      Coweta 
Cobb           Luke                  M    W            11-May  1989                  Meriwether 
Cobb           Misty       M         F    W            24-Aug  1991                  Meriwether 
Cobb           Pauline     M         F    W             7-Nov  1994      70 years      Coweta 
Cobb           Sara        E         F    W            13-Nov  1988                   Fayette 
Cochran        Billy       E         M    W             4-Jan  1998                  Meriwether 
Cochran        Clive       B         M    W            16-Oct  1985      75 years      Coweta 
Cochran        Gairon      B         M    W            18-Aug  1992      82 years      Fulton 
Cochran        Jessie      R         M    W            15-Feb  1985      81 years      Coweta 
Cochran        John                  M    W            19-Jun  1997      75 years      Coweta 
Cochran        Johnny      R         M    W            17-May  1995                  Meriwether 
Cochran        Lillian               F    W            19-Feb  1987      73 years      Fulton 
Cochran        Lula        L         F    W            22-Jul  1994      82 years      Coweta 
Cochran        Margaret    O         F    W            12-Jan  1988                    Coweta 
Cochran        William     G         M    W            26-Jul  1990      80 years      Coweta 
Coe            Mary        E         F    W            23-Oct  1993      89 years      Troup 
Cofer          Bernice               F    B             3-Jan  1988                    Coweta 
Coffee         Christine             F    W             6-May  1997      77 years      Clinch 
Cofield        Annie       C         F    B            15-Jul  1994      81 years     Clayton 
Cofield        James       E         M    W            15-Sep  1984                    Coweta 
Cofield        Jimmy       W         M    W            15-Jun  1997                    Coweta 
Cofield        Mattie      R         F    W             1-Jan  1990      95 years      Coweta 
Cofield        William     R         M    W            13-Jul  1998                    Coweta 
Cofty          Cuve        A         F    W            12-Jan  1986                   Fayette 
Coggin         G           W         M    W            29-Jun  1996                    Coweta 
Coggin         George      M         M    W            30-Jul  1985      89 years      Coweta 
Coggin         Harold      G         M    W            11-Jul  1986                    Fulton 
Coggin         Josephine   H         F    W            24-Jun  1998      94 years     Clayton 
Coggin         Raymond     D         M    W             9-Apr  1993      82 years      Coweta 
Coggin         Roy         L         M    W             2-Aug  1997      88 years      Coweta 
Coggin         Viola       E         F    W            22-Jul  1997      86 years     Clayton 
Coggins        William     G         M    W            22-Aug  1991      73 years      Coweta 
Coker          Carrie      O         F    W            30-Aug  1984                    Coweta 
Coker          John        W         M    W            24-Aug  1987      76 years      Coweta 
Coker          Russell     E         M    W            29-Aug  1989                    Coweta 
Cole           Edward      G         M    W            20-Feb  1988      70 years      Coweta 
Cole           Floyd       M         M    W            17-Jan  1992      76 years      Coweta 
Cole           Hiram       F         M    W            11-Mar  1993      90 years      Coweta 
Cole           Lizzie      L         F    W             6-Oct  1992      79 years      Coweta 
Cole           Lois                  F    W            25-Apr  1987      77 years      Coweta 
Cole           Louise      P         F    W            26-Sep  1985      72 years      Coweta 
Cole           Madison     F         M    W            18-Feb  1992      72 years      Coweta 
Cole           Olive       G         F    W            31-Jan  1991      91 years      Coweta 
Cole           Oliver      B         M    W            23-Nov  1988      81 years     Douglas 
Cole           Roy         W         M    W            29-Aug  1985      74 years      Coweta 
Coleman        Albert      J         M    W            21-Aug  1984      79 years      Coweta 
Coleman        Fannie      K         F    B            29-May  1987                    Coweta 
Coleman        Fannie      R         F    W            17-Mar  1991      82 years      Coweta 
Coleman        Hattie                F    B            14-Sep  1993      84 years      Coweta 
Coleman        Levi                  M    B            10-Apr  1994      73 years     Clayton 
Coleman        Minor       R         M    B             2-Jan  1995      88 years     Clayton 
Coleman        Romie                 M    B            31-Dec  1992      89 years      Coweta 
Coleman        Royel       H         M    W            22-Feb  1998                    Troup 
Coleman        Sallye      M         F    B            22-Sep  1989      74 years      Coweta 
Coleman        Samuel      E         M    B            10-Dec  1992     102 years      Coweta 
Collicott      Roy         E         M    W            28-Oct  1983                    Coweta 
Collins        Grace       L         F    W            31-Dec  1996      86 years     Clayton 
Collins        Harold      E         M    W            12-Nov  1995      83 years     Clayton 
Collins        Joan        D         F    W            27-Apr  1996                    Coweta 
Collins        Joseph      L         M    W            13-May  1988      78 years     Berrien 
Collins        Joseph      W         M    W             1-Aug  1989                    Coweta 
Collins        Kathryn               F    W            18-Dec  1990      83 years      Fulton 
Collins        Louise                F    W            15-Nov  1985                    Coweta 
Collins        Minnie      L         F    W            18-Apr  1997      87 years      Coweta 
Collins        Robert      M         M    W            14-Sep  1994      78 years      Coweta 
Collins        Thomas      J         M    W             2-May  1991                    Coweta 
Collins        Thomas      M         M    W            12-Sep  1992      83 years      Coweta 
Collinsworth   Ella        R         F    W            19-Oct  1986      75 years      Coweta 
Collinsworth   Hugh        A         M    W             2-Jun  1996                    Coweta 
Collis         Florence    R         F    W            30-Nov  1987      75 years      Coweta 
Colosi         Joseph      S         M    W             5-Jan  1996                    Coweta 
Colquitt       Susan       D         F    W            10-Nov  1984      74 years      Coweta 
Colquitt       Susie       B         F    W             5-Sep  1989      95 years      Coweta 
Colton         Cliffton              M    B            20-Jan  1989                  Meriwether 
Colton         Clora       B         F    B            15-Jul  1992      88 years    Meriwether 
Colton         James       W         M    B             9-Jun  1989                    Coweta 
Colton         Jimmie      L         F    B             1-May  1983                  Meriwether 
Colton         Lena        M         F    B             9-Apr  1997      91 years      Coweta 
Colton         Sarah       M         F    B            19-May  1991                  Meriwether 
Combs          Evelyn      K         F    W            16-Apr  1994                    Coweta 
Combs          Hulett      H         M    W             6-Jun  1983      75 years      Coweta 
Combs          John        H         M    W            25-Dec  1986      81 years      Coweta 
Combs          Robert      H         M    W            27-Dec  1993                    Coweta 
Combs          Sallie      W         F    B            28-Oct  1983      76 years      Coweta 
Combs          Sara        H         F    W             8-May  1994      89 years      Coweta 
Comer          Mary        M         M    W             7-Aug  1983      78 years      Coweta 
Congo          Joe         B         M    W            16-May  1990      87 years      Coweta 
Conley         Ruben                 M    B            10-Oct  1993      73 years     Carroll 
Connally       Jannette              F    B            19-Sep  1993                    Coweta 
Connally       Tyrone      D         M    B            10-Aug  1997                    Coweta 
Connally       Vivion                F    B             6-May  1989      81 years      Coweta 
Connell        Charles     E         M    W            22-Feb  1984      76 years      Coweta 
Conner         Carolyn     D         F    W            13-Mar  1981                    Coweta 
Conner         Elena       P         F    W            21-Dec  1988      75 years      Coweta 
Conner         Frank       A         M    W            19-Oct  1988      84 years      Coweta 
Conner         Hattie      M         F    W             7-May  1981      89 years      Coweta 
Conner         J           D         M    W             2-Feb  1984                    Coweta 
Conner         Larry       J         M    W            16-Oct  1982                    Coweta 
Connolly       Edgar       J         M    W             6-May  1989      86 years      Coweta 
Connolly       Florence    E         F    W             6-Sep  1983      74 years      Coweta 
Conway         Walter      G         M    W             3-Apr  1980                    Troup 
Coogler        Charles     C         M    W            28-Dec  1992      77 years      Fulton 
Cook           A           C         M    B            20-Aug  1997      71 years      Coweta 
Cook           Alvin                 M    W            20-Feb  1984                    Coweta 
Cook           Annie       K         F    B            14-Nov  1983                    Heard 
Cook           Annie       R         F    W            12-Feb  1994      82 years      Marion 
Cook           Annie       V         F    W            13-Aug  1990      97 years      Coweta 
Cook           Betty       J         F    W            31-Oct  1984                    Coweta 
Cook           Bobby       C         M    B             2-Jan  1997                   Clayton 
Cook           Christene   T         F    B            13-Nov  1992      80 years      Coweta 
Cook           Christine             F    W             4-Aug  1989      89 years      Coweta 
Cook           Clark                 M    B            25-Mar  1982      76 years      Coweta 
Cook           Clifford    H         M    W            23-Jan  1990                   Carroll 
Cook           Ernert                M    W             5-Sep  1986      86 years      Coweta 
Cook           Evelyn                F    W            13-Apr  1987      79 years      Coweta 
Cook           George      M         M    W            18-Apr  1986      80 years    Meriwether 
Cook           Glover                M    B            24-Aug  1993      74 years      Coweta 
Cook           Hazel       G         F    W             9-Mar  1988                    Coweta 
Cook           Hulda       A         F    W            28-Oct  1981      81 years      Coweta 
Cook           James       D         M    B            23-Jun  1992                    Coweta 
Cook           Joe         P         M    B            27-Dec  1991                    Coweta 
Cook           John        W         M    W            16-Apr  1980                    Coweta 
Cook           Lela        M         F    W            23-Mar  1981      83 years    Meriwether 
Cook           Lugenia               F    B            30-Apr  1980                    Coweta 
Cook           Lula        J         F    W            18-Apr  1987      90 years      Fulton 
Cook           Marie       B         F    B            18-Apr  1980                    Coweta 
Cook           Mary        E         F    W            22-Nov  1990      73 years      Fulton 
Cook           Mary        J         F    B            27-May  1990                    Coweta 
Cook           Myrtle      C         F    W            24-Dec  1988      88 years      Heard 
Cook           Ruth        C         F    W             8-Apr  1981      80 years     Carroll 
Cook           Sarah       F         F    W            17-Feb  1984                    Coweta 
Cook           Tip                   M    W            12-Oct  1986      86 years     Fayette 
Cook           Viola       C         F    W             5-Apr  1988      81 years      Heard 
Cook           Walter                M    B            22-Jan  1990                    Coweta 
Cook           William     E         M    W            29-Nov  1989                    Coweta 
Cook           Willie      B         M    B            24-Nov  1983      76 years      Coweta 
Cook           Willie      M         F    W            30-Dec  1986                    Troup 
Cooley         Betty       M         F    W            15-May  1981                    Coweta 
Cooley         James       H         M    W            15-Sep  1992                   Muscogee 
Cooper         Aubrey      L         M    W            28-Oct  1988      77 years      Coweta 
Cooper         Dera        H         F    W            12-Apr  1990      85 years      Troup 
Cooper         Elizabeth   C         F    W            27-Jan  1994      87 years     Clayton 
Cooper         Ethel       M         F    W            16-Nov  1981      77 years      Fulton 
Cooper         Gladys      O         F    W             1-May  1992                    Coweta 
Cooper         John        W         M    W             8-Oct  1988      71 years      Coweta 
Cooper         Joyce       E         F    W            10-Aug  1994                    Coweta 
Cooper         Shirley     M         F    W             8-Oct  1993                    Coweta 
Cooper         T           C         M    W            23-May  1985      88 years      Coweta 
Cooper         Willis      G         M    W            22-Apr  1998      75 years      Coweta 
Coopland       Melodie               F    W            26-Dec  1986                    Coweta 

Copeland       Bernard     L         M    W            23-Jul  1993      70 years      Coweta 
Copeland       Joyce                 F    W            22-Feb  1988                   Fayette 
Copeland       Leroy                 M    B             8-Aug  1986                    Coweta 
Copeland       Nathaniel             M    B            28-Sep  1981                    Coweta 
Copeland       Ora         A         F    W            11-Apr  1983     101 years      Coweta 
Copeland       Sallie                F    B             3-Jan  1986      74 years      Coweta 
Copeland       Thomas      A         M    W            19-Jul  1990      73 years      Coweta 
Coppage        John        I         M    B            29-Apr  1984                    Coweta 
Corey          Rosa        F         F    W            16-Jul  1980      82 years      Coweta 
Cornwell       Walter      H         M    W            12-May  1983      78 years      Coweta 
Coshnitzke     Dussie      P         F    W            29-Jul  1982      73 years      Coweta 
Coshnitzke     John        A         M    W            23-May  1981      81 years      Coweta 
Cosper         Cecil                 M    W            24-Apr  1982                    Echols 
Cosper         Effie       B         F    W            21-Jan  1984      77 years      Coweta 
Costley        Ales        J         M    W            27-Jan  1989                    Coweta 
Costley        Eddie       L         M    W             8-May  1992      70 years      Coweta 
Costley        William     T         M    W             2-Jun  1981                    Coweta 
Cotton         Clara       A         F    W            30-Nov  1984      92 years      Fulton 
Couch          Claudia     M         F    W            19-Dec  1988                    Coweta 
Couch          Curtis      E         F    W            17-Jan  1980      81 years      Coweta 
Couch          Fred                  M    W            21-May  1981                    Coweta 
Couch          Harry       A         M    W            19-Jul  1981      88 years      Fulton 
Couch          John        H         M    W            18-Oct  1980                    Coweta 
Couch          Joseph      C         M    W            13-Sep  1982                    Coweta 
Couch          Mary        E         F    W            31-Oct  1990      76 years      Coweta 
Couch          Nettie      C         F    W            14-Sep  1981      90 years      Coweta 
Couch          Robert      G         M    W             4-Aug  1990      70 years      Coweta 
Couch          Roy                   M    W             2-Jan  1986      85 years      Coweta 
Couch          Willie      C         M    W            30-Nov  1988      74 years      Coweta 
Couch          Willie      D         F    W            23-Dec  1984      92 years      Coweta 
Coursey        Alice       B         F    W            14-Mar  1982                  Meriwether 
Coursey        Jack        P         M    W            30-Apr  1982      73 years      Coweta 
Courtney       John        H         M    W             3-Jul  1991                    Heard 
Courtright     Linda       R         F    W            25-Jan  1985                    Coweta 
Courtright     Walter      R         M    W            18-Jun  1987                    Coweta 
Cousins        Willie      G         M    B             4-Apr  1987                    Coweta 
Cowart         Earnest     C         M    W            23-Oct  1981                  Meriwether 
Cox            Jim         H         M    B             4-Sep  1991      82 years    Meriwether 
Cox            Katherine             F    W            24-May  1991      80 years      Fulton 
Cox            Mildred     G         F    W            26-Dec  1989                    Coweta 
Cox            Winnie      L         F    W            15-Jun  1991      85 years     Carroll 
Coy            Mamie       B         F    W             3-Jul  1991      80 years      Coweta 
Crabtree       Elizabeth   N         F    W            29-Jan  1985                    Coweta 
Craft          Betty                 F    W            15-Jun  1978                   Mitchell 
Craft          Charlie     L         F    W            20-Sep  1979      75 years      Coweta 
Craft          Fannie      E         F    W            17-Jun  1989      76 years      Heard 
Craft          Florine     C         F    W            10-Mar  1977      72 years      Coweta 
Craft          John        W         M    W            19-Jul  1973      72 years      Coweta 
Craig          Judith      M         F    W             6-Apr  1988      85 years      Coweta 
Craig          Mary        L         F    W             3-Nov  1991      83 years     Clayton 
Craig          Samuel      P         M    C            22-Mar  1974                    Fulton 
Crain          Elizabeth             F    B             7-Sep  1986      88 years      Coweta 
Crain          Herdus                M    B            16-Feb  1981                    Coweta 
Crain          Lucille               F    W            12-Apr  1991      71 years      Coweta 
Crain          Marie       C         F    W            14-Feb  1981                    Coweta 
Cranford       Clifford    A         M    W             2-Feb  1988                    Coweta 
Cranford       Doris       A         F    W            24-Jan  1988                    Coweta 
Craven         Douglas     I         M    W            20-Dec  1990                   Fayette 
Craven         Inez                  F    W            27-Dec  1989      83 years      Troup 
Craven         Rufus       H         M    W            24-Feb  1982      79 years      Coweta 
Craven         Woodrow     W         M    W            23-Aug  1990      74 years      Coweta 
Cravey         Thelma      W         F    W            25-Oct  1979                    Fulton 
Crawford       Carl        C         M    W            10-Feb  1991      72 years      Coweta 
Crawford       Clara       E         F    W            19-Sep  1986                    Coweta 
Crawford       Elaine                F    C             7-Jan  1977                    Coweta 
Crawford       Elizabeth   M         F    W             7-Jun  1992      70 years      Coweta 
Crawford       Eula        M         F    W            15-Apr  1983      92 years      Coweta 
Crawford       Floyd       L         M    W            25-Dec  1982                    Coweta 
Crawford       John        H         M    W            10-Apr  1981                    Coweta 
Crawford       Willie      C         M    C             5-Jun  1974                    Coweta 
Crawley        Forrest     C         M    W            25-Feb  1977                    Coweta 
Crays          Mabel       L         F    W             1-Jun  1988      74 years     Fayette 
Creel          Emmett      H         M    W             7-Feb  1987      70 years      Coweta 
Crews          Ben                   M    W            20-Jan  1985                    Coweta 
Crews          Benjamin    T         M    W            20-Jul  1987                    Coweta 
Crews          Ida         B         F    W             1-Dec  1979      76 years    Meriwether 
Crews          Randy                 M    W            23-Jul  1981                    Coweta 
Crider         Emma        Lou W     F    W            20-Sep  1979      86 years      Coweta 
Crider         Grover      W         M    W            22-Mar  1990      86 years      Heard 
Crider         Mary        K         F    W            11-Apr  1978      77 years      Coweta 
Crider         Rebecca     L         F    W            25-Jul  1970                    Coweta 
Crispo         Helen       M         F    W            22-May  1978      70 years      Coweta 
Criswell       Oscar       M         M    W            23-Dec  1983                    Coweta 
Crocker        Martha      P         F    W            30-Oct  1985                    Coweta 
Crockett       Ruth                  F    W            30-Jul  1986      93 years      Heard 
Croft          Cora        T         F    W             8-Apr  1979      76 years      Fulton 
Croft          Oscar       W         M    W            31-Mar  1980      76 years      Fulton 
Croker         Charles     F         M    W             4-Dec  1989                    Coweta 
Croker         Vera        R         F    W            31-Aug  1971      81 years      Fulton 
Cronier        Marvin      Z         M    W            16-Sep  1970                   Clayton 
Crook          Arry        L         M    W            20-Jan  1980      91 years      Coweta 
Crook          Hester      M         F    W            18-Feb  1977                    Coweta 
Crook          Jeremy      R         M    B            19-Mar  1989                    Coweta 
Crook          Leola       A         F    W             1-Dec  1973      86 years      Coweta 
Crooke         Wilbur      N         M    W            23-Sep  1973      90 years      Coweta 
Cross          Charles     C         M    W             1-Jun  1982                    Coweta 
Cross          Major       L         M    W            17-Jan  1977                    Fulton 
Cross          Vaughn      M         M    W             9-Sep  1979                    Coweta 
Crotts         Donald      H         M    W            11-Apr  1989                    Coweta 
Crouch         Alicia      M         F    W            12-Dec  1983                    Coweta 
Crouch         Sara        M         F    W            12-Dec  1983                    Coweta 
Crowder        Ernest      A         M    W             7-Apr  1984      75 years      Coweta 
Crowder        Mark        H         M    W            26-May  1970      76 years      Coweta 
Crowder        William     C         M    B            25-Dec  1985                    Coweta 
Crowe          Alberta               F    B             7-Feb  1989                    Coweta 
Crowe          Cora        M         F    W            29-May  1988      77 years      Coweta 
Crowe          George      L         M    W            29-Sep  1986      82 years      Coweta 
Crowe          Jerry       E         M    W             3-Oct  1988                    Coweta 
Crowe          Martin      R         M    W            11-May  1987      74 years      Coweta 
Crowe          Michael     C         M    W            10-Dec  1987                   Spalding 
Crowley        Lewis       L         M    W             6-May  1992      82 years      Coweta 
Crowley        Mary        B         F    W            23-Sep  1978                   Fayette 
Croxton        Vashti      L         F    W            28-Aug  1987      87 years      Coweta 
Crumbley       Danny       B         M    W            17-Dec  1976      76 years      Coweta 
Crumbley       Josephine             F    W            16-Feb  1986      78 years      Coweta 
Crump          Helen       L         F    W            27-Dec  1990                    Coweta 
Crumpton       Minnie                F    W            23-Feb  1986      87 years     Fayette 
Cruver         Lydia       A         F    B            27-Oct  1985                    Coweta 
Cruver         Mildred     D         F    B            21-Apr  1990                    Coweta 
Culpepper      Annie       E         F    W            10-Sep  1983      76 years      Coweta 
Culpepper      Brandon     T         M    W            20-Jun  1980                    Coweta 
Culpepper      Eugene      T         M    W             4-May  1990                    Coweta 
Cumbess        Grace                 F    W            11-Jul  1985                  Meriwether 
Cunningham     Gussie      S         F    W             1-Nov  1970      72 years      Fulton 
Cunningham     J           B         M    W            29-Nov  1978                    Coweta 
Cunningham     Purlie      B         F    W             7-Dec  1975                    Coweta 
Cunningham     Wilburn     L         M    W            27-Apr  1977                    Coweta 
Cureton        Sallie                F    C            17-Oct  1975      83 years      Coweta 

Contributed by Dianne Wood ©2002

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