Georgia Marriage Parental Consent Forms

Various laws refer to persons “of lawful age” being entitled to marry, without specifically stating that age. In 1846, Howell Cobb “collects” that persons must be age 21 to marry – or with the consent of parents, males – age 14; females – age 12. By 1863 the need for parental consent seems to apply only to females under 18. When called for, a parent’s consent for a minor child to marry may be granted to the County Ordinary. It is unclear whether the permission could be verbal or had to be in writing. Regardless, very few of these records exist. What few such records do exist may be found among loose marriage records. Such a consent may cite the minor’s name and age, date, name of county and of Ordinary, and parent’s signature. A crude such record may simply record a father’s permission for a young man to wed his daughter, citing names and date.

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