Joshua Moore’s Will, Coweta County, Georgia

Joshua Moore’s Will, Coweta County, Georgia

In the name of God amen, I Joshua Moore of the County & State of Georgia, being of sound & disposing mind & memory & being desirous to settle my worldly affairs while I have strength
so to do, do make & publish this my last Will & Testament hereby revoking all Wills by me at any time heretofore made, and first I commit my soul to God who gave it, and my body I desire to be buried in the family burial ground and my Worldly Estate I dispose of as follows:

Item 1st.
It is my will & desire that all my just debts be paid by my Extrs. herein after named as soon as practicable after my death. My funeral expenses to be first paid.

Item 2nd.
I give & bequeath to my dearly beloved wife Elizabeth Moore & my daughter Susan Moore all my personal property consisting of household & kitchen furniture, hogs, horses, mules, wagons, farming utensils and every other article of personal property now owned by me or which I may have or own at the time of my death including what money I may have. The foregoing personal property to be equally divided between  them and they are to be equally interested in the same. It is my will & desire that my wife & daughter herein before mentioned continue to reside at my place in said County and that all the personal property given them in item be held together by them & used for their joint benefit & interest and my will is and I so bequeath that if my said daughter survives my wife she shall have the whole of said personal property with its increase & profits and if my wife shall survive my said daughter Susan Moore  then my said wife shall have! all my personal property, my debts are to be paid out of my personal property by my Extrs. hereinafter named.

Item 3rd

I give devise & bequeath to my said wife Elizabeth Moore & Susan Moore my daughter the following described Real Estate situated lying & being in Coweta County, the place where on I now live being a fractional lot & containing one hundred acres more or less together with all rights members & appurtenances including the residence said place lying on Chattahoochee River in said County. Also  one hundred & thirty-six acres off of Lot No (17), Seventeen in  the 4th District of Coweta. The above Real Estate containing in all about two hundred & thirty-six acres. They my said wife & daughter are to hold as tenants in common with equal interest until one or the other dies and whom survives shall have the share of the other.

Item 4th.

I give to my son Robert’s children One Dollar each which I desire my Extrs. herein after named to pay out of my Personal property before the bequests herein before mentioned shall become operative. I give to Joseph Moore, my son One Dollar to be paid by my Extrs. as he is directed to do in the case of Robert’s children. To Thomas Moore One Dollar in the same way, To Clarke Moore One Dollar in the same way, To Mary Webb now of Texas One Dollar, To Olive Abigail One Dollar, To Isabella Wood of Alabama Five Dollars, To James S. Moore, my Grandson Fifty Dollars, To William Moore One Dollar.
The above gifts are to be paid by my Extrs. by sale of enough Personal property to pay them after which my daughter Susan & my wife Elizabeth are to take as herein before directed.

Item 5th.

I make constitute & appoint by beloved & trusty friends N. B. Glover & Samuel F. Vineyard, Extrs. to this my land Will & Testament & I do not wish them to give bond as I rely on their judgment and integrity t o carry out this will. In witness where of I the said Joshua Moore to this my will consisting of the foregoing three pages of paper have set my hand & seal this July 18, 1883 signed and sealed published & declared by the above named Joshua More as his last Will & Testament in presence of us who at his request in presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto.

Jno Dunbar Joshua Moore; Seal
George H. Carmical
Lee C. Johnson
Recorded Feb. 19, 1891, W H. Persons, Ordinary
Pages 63, 68, 69 of Coweta County Will Book?
From Georgia Department of Archives & History

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