Walton County Probate Index: 1819-1839

The Walton County probate index covers the years of 1819-1813 for Walton County, Georgia. You will find these wills on Books Vol. A, B and D, Roll# RHS 2464-5. Many of these records are court records and may only contain a couple of lines.

46Acock, JonathanwillA
49Acock, JonathaninventoryA
65Acock, Jonathanadministrators accountingA
79Acock, Jonathanadministrators accountingA
86Acock, Jonathanadministrators accountingA
529Adair, Robert JinventoryD
530Adair, Robert Jestate saleD
302Allin, John W Badministrators accountingD
422Ansley, Elizabeth & Sarah Ann & Louisaguardianship accountingD
481Ansley, Elizabeth & Sarah Ann & Louisaguardianship accountingD
293Arnold, W.estate saleD
257Arnold, Williamwarrant of appraisementD
258Arnold, WilliaminventoryD
275Arnold, Williamestate saleD
352Arnold, Williamadministrators accountingD
446Arnold, Williamadministrators accountingD
298Austin, Isaacadministrators accountingD
363Austin, Isaacadministrators accountingD
492Austin, Isaacadministrators accountingD
531Bacchus, JohninventoryD
369Baccus, JohnwillD
47Bagett, AlleninventoryA
50Bagett, Allenestate saleA
109Bagett, Allenadministrators accountingB
209Bagett, Allenadministrators accountingB
283Baird, Thomas & JohnreceiptD
75Baker, BurnardinventoryA
450Baner, Frances E & Allenguardianship accountingD
457Bass, HenryinventoryD
458Bass, HenrywillD
459Bass, Henryestate saleD
303Bauer, Allen & Francis Eguardianship accountingD
218Beaird, WilliaminventoryB
219Beaird, Williamestate saleB
460Beall, JarnattwillD
161Beall, JeremiahinventoryB
166Beall, Jeremiahestate saleB
180Beall, Jeremiahadministrators accountingB
295Beard, Williamadministrators accountingD
424Beard, Williamadministrators accountingD
112Beardin, John H.inventoryB
126Beardin, John H.estate saleB
133Beardin, John H.administrators accountingB
157Beardin, John H.estate saleB
176Beardin, John H.administrators accountingB
177Beardin, John H.administrators accountingB
225Beardin, John H.administrators accountingB
394Beardin, John H.sale of negroesD
409Beardin, John H.guardianship accountingD
482Beardin, John H.guardianship accountingD
231Beardin, Nancy H & Olive & Susan & Caroline & Mary Annguardianship accountingB
395Beardin, Olive & caroline & Mary A & Susanguardianship accountingD
205Beardin, Richardguardianship accountingB
236Beardin, Thomas & Mintyguardianship accountingB
434Beardin/Bearding, John H.distribution of estateD
309Bearding/Beardin, Ollive M & Caroline & Mary Ann & Susanguardianship accountingD
246Beasley, Jamesadministrators accountingB
175Beddingfield, Marthaguardianship accountingB
469Bell, Jarrattestate saleD
470Bell, JarrattinventoryD
515Bell, Jarrattadministrators accountingD
191Bexley, Williamadministrators accountingB
238Bexley, Williamadministrators accountingB
12Blair, AndrewwillA
468Blair, WilliaminventoryD
265Blasingame, JameswillD
272Blasingame, Jameswarrant of appraisementD
273Blasingame, JamesinventoryD
288Blasingame, Jamesestate saleD
289Blasingame, Jamesadministrators accountingD
353Blasingame, Jamesadministrators accountingD
408Blasingame, Jamesadministrators accountingD
462Blasingame, Jamesadministrators accountingD
476Bonner, Allen & Francis Eguardianship accountingD
266Bonner, Lucy Ann & Allinguardianship accountingD
61Booker, Sarah (Booker)administrators accountingA
60Booker, Williamadministrators bondA
62Booker, Williamadministrators accountingA
413Born, Henry   guardianship accountingD
496Born, Henry   guardianship accountingD
347Born, Henry & Maryguardianship accountingD
287Brand, Danielestate saleD
423Brand, Danieladministrators accountingD
382Brason, Josephadministrators accountingD
285Breeder, Johnguardianship accountingD
183Brewer, Johnadministrators accountingB
240Brewer, Johnadministrators accountingB
354Brewer, Johnadministrators accountingD
447Brewer, John & William & Joseph & Emileyguardianship accountingD
449Briscoe, John Pguardianship accountingD
451Briscoe, John Pguardianship bondD
508Briscoe, John Pguardianship accountingD
452Briscoe, Patrick H & John P Wguardianship accountingD
264Brown, Josephinventory/saleD
290Brown, Josephadministrators accountingD
10Browning, Williamwarrant of appraisementA
11Burges, ElijahinventoryA
13Burges, Elijahadministrators accountingA
19Burges, Elijahadministrators accountingA
25Burges, Elijahadministrators accountingA
212Burson, Davidwarrant of appraisementB
213Burson, Davidestate saleB
242Burson, Davidadministrators accountingB
518Callaway, JoshuawillD
526Callaway, Wm. A.inventoryD
527Callaway, Wm. A.estate saleD
105Camp, Edmondwarrant of appraisementB
106Camp, EdmondinventoryB
107Camp, Edmondestate saleB
115Camp, Edmondadministrators accountingB
156Camp, Edmondadministrators accountingB
208Camp, Edmondadministrators accountingB
355Camp, Edmondadministrators accountingD
463Camp, Edmondadministrators accountingD
367Carr, Elijahdivision of estate from WoodD
431Chavis, JamesinventoryD
432Chavis, Jamesestate saleD
532Chick, AndersonwillD
524Chick, James BinventoryD
525Chick, James Bestate saleD
333Clark, William Sr.warrant of appraisementD
334Clark, William Sr.inventoryD
335Clark, William Sr.estate saleD
412Clark, William Sr.administrators accountingD
493Clark, William Sr.administrators accountingD
84Clayton, Simpsonwarrant of appraisementA
85Clayton, SimpsoninventoryA
101Cobb, JohnwillA
341Coleman, Davidwarrant of appraisementD
342Coleman, DavidinventoryD
370Coleman, DavidinventoryD
416Coleman, Davidadministrators accountingD
510Coleman, Davidadministrators accountingD
474Crow, Amos & Elizabeth & Templetondistribution of negroesD
245Daviies, William H.administrators accountingB
471Davis, ArthurinventoryD
472Davis, Arthurestate saleD
514Davis, Arthuradministrators accountingD
312Davis, Phebaadministrators accountingD
387Davis, Phelbyadministrators accountingD
389Davis, W.administrators accountingD
210Davis, William H.warrant of appraisementB
211Davis, William H.inventoryB
268Davis, William H.administrators accountingD
304Davis, William H.administrators accountingD
437Davis, William H. & Lemuel W & Levi Madison & LauranceDistribution of landD
461Davis, Wm Hadministrators accountingD
159Dickerson, EdmondinventoryB
181Dickerson, Edmondadministrators accountingB
196Dickerson, Edmondestate saleB
279Farmley, NathaninventoryD
280Farmley, Nathanestate saleD
326Farmley, Nathansale of negroesD
327Farmley, Nathanlist of notesD
328Farmley, Nathanadministrators accountingD
344Farmley, Nathanadministrators accountingD
380Farmley, Nathanadministrators accountingD
421Farmley, Nathanadministrators accountingD
484Farmley, Nathanadministrators accountingD
71Flynt, WilliamwillA
73Flynt, Williamwarrant of appraisementA
74Flynt, WilliaminventoryA
98Flynt, Williamadministrators accountingA
377Flynt, Williamadministrators accountingD
281Forester, Williamadministrators accountingD
349Forester, Williamadministrators accountingD
415Forester, Williamadministrators accountingD
494Forester, Williamadministrators accountingD
267Furlaw, Charlesadministrators accountingD
110Garner, BenjaminwillB
477George, DanielinventoryD
478George, Danielestate saleD
393Graves, JoannawillD
430Graves, JoannainventoryD
503Graves, Joannaestate saleD
504Graves, Joannaadministrators accountingD
122Gray, RichardwillB
124Gray, Richardwarrant of appraisementB
125Gray, RichardinventoryB
127Gray, Richardestate saleB
278Hammock, Travisadministrators accountingD
276Haralson, Vadministrators accountingD
346Haralson, Vadministrators accountingD
483Haralson, Vadministrators accountingD
142Harris, SarahwillB
151Harris, Sarah R.inventoryB
152Harris, Sarah R.administrators accountingB
202Harris, Sarah R.administrators accountingB
241Harris, Sarah R.administrators accountingB
154Hawkins, John W.inventoryB
158Hawkins, John W.inventoryB
388Hill, Johnadministrators accountingD
197Hill, Theophiluswarrant of appraisementB
198Hill, TheophilusinventoryB
216Hill, Theophilusadministrators accountingB
318Hill, Theophilusadministrators accountingD
397Hill, Theophilusadministrators accountingD
535Hill, TheophilusdistributionD
536Hill, Theophilusadministrators accountingD
251Hitchcocck, JessewillB
68Hmmock, TravisreceiptA
128Hobson, Christopherletters of administrationB
129Hobson, ChristopherinventoryB
130Hobson, Christopherestate saleB
131Hobson, Christophermedical accts owed estateB
132Hobson, Christopheradministrators accountingB
165Hobson, Christopheradministrators accountingB
292Hogan, Isham Tadministrators accountingD
509Hogan, J. T.administrators accountingD
375Hogan, Winford E & John & Manan & Wiley & William& Adaline Frances Mariaguardianship accountingD
528Hoseh, MathewinventoryD
214Hughey, Josephwarrant of appraisementB
215Hughey, JosephinventoryB
226Hughey, Josephestate saleB
239Hughey, Josephadministrators accountingB
232Jackson, SamuelwillB
299Jackson, Samueladministrators accountingD
373Jackson, Samueladministrators accountingD
512Jackson, Samueladministrators accountingD
511James, Williamguardianship accountingD
262Jones, A. J. C. & Clabornguardianship accountingD
308Jones, A. J. C. & Clabornguardianship accountingD
383Jones, A. J. C. & Clabornguardianship accountingD
456Jones, A. J. C. & Clabornguardianship accountingD
537Jones, A. J. C. & Clabornguardianship accountingD
247Jones, C.administrators accountingB
221Jones, Claibornewarrant of appraisementB
113Jones, DudleywillB
143Jones, DudleyinventoryB
162Jones, Dudleyadministrators accountingB
178Jones, Dudleyadministrators accountingB
59Jones, Sarah (Booker)petition to remove administratorA
58Jones, Thomasestate saleA
91Jones, Thomasadministrators accountingA
111Jones, Thomasadministrators accountingB
144Jones, Thomasguardianship accountingB
146Jones, ThomasinventoryB
147Jones, Thomasadministrators accountingB
148Jones, Thomasdivision of estateB
57Jones, Thomas  inventoryA
55Jones, Thomas & Sarahapplication for letters of administrationA
56Jones, Thomas & Sarahadministrators bondA
499Jordan, Charlesadministrators accountingD
507Knowls, Sallyguardianship accountingD
249Lane, Sarahwarrant of appraisementB
522Lyon, StarlinginventoryD
523Lyon, Starlingestate saleD
270Malcom, Davidwarrant of appraisementD
271Malcom, DavidinventoryD
277Malcom, Davidestate saleD
317Malcom, Davidadministrators accountingD
418Malcom, Davidadministrators accountingD
534Malcom, Davidadministrators accountingD
63Martin, GeorgewillA
254Mathews, Robertadministrators accountingD
378Mathews, Robert  administrators accountingD
368Mathews, Robert & Martha & William & Sarah & Elijahdistribution of negroesD
116Mathis, Robertadministrators accountingB
23Matthews, RobertinventoryA
24Matthews, Robertestate saleA
51Matthews, Robertadministrators accountingA
66Matthews, Robertadministrators accountingA
173Matthews, Robertadministrators accountingB
27Matthews, Robert & Maryclaimed a childs part of estateA
217McGuire, Johnwarrant of appraisementB
305McGuire, Johnadministrators accountingD
542McMahan, B.inventoryD
543McMahan, B.estate saleD
517McMahan, BarnettwillD
406Meador, Edward  inventoryD
407Meador, Edward  estate saleD
402Meador, Edward & JesseinventoryD
403Meador, Edward & Jesseestate saleD
404Meador, JesseinventoryD
405Meador, Jesseestate saleD
310Meadors, William Sadministrators accountingD
376Meadors, William Sadministrators accountingD
445Meadors, William Sadministrators accountingD
453Meanes, HughinventoryD
479Means, Hughdistribution of estateD
100Moore, RichardwillA
491Ogelby, John T.administrators accountingD
320Ogelby, John ThorntonwillD
428Ogilley, John TinventoryD
429Ogilley, John Testate saleD
444Ogilley, John Tadministrators accountingD
134Park, Barton S.guardianship accountingB
411Park, E. J>guardianship accountingD
390Park, Effiah  guardianship accountingD
263Park, Effiah & James & Mary Sguardianship accountingD
313Park, Effiah & James & Mary Sguardianship accountingD
436Park, GeorgeinventoryD
184Park, Rebecca Catharine & Mary Stewart & Effiah Jennett & JamesGuardianship bondB
185Park, Rebecca Catharine & Mary Stewart & Effiah Jennett & Jamesguardianship accountingB
294Parker, Jamesadministrators accountingD
315Parker, Jamesadministrators accountingD
234Part, Barton Lguardianship accountingB
538Patterson, WilliamwillD
69Paxson, JohnwillA
72Paxson, JohninventoryA
94Paxson, Johncollections madeA
99Paxson, Johnadministrators accountingA
119Paxson, Johnadministrators accountingB
255Peeples, JosephwillD
256Peeples, JosephinventoryD
345Philips, Z.administrators accountingD
339Phillips, SingletoninventoryD
340Phillips, Singletonestate saleD
489Phillips, Z.division of negroesD
250Phillips, Zachariahwarrant of appraisementB
490Phillips, Zachariahadministrators accountingD
321Powel, Boycewarrant of appraisementD
322Powel, BoyceinventoryD
464Powell, B.administrators accountingD
384Powell, Boiceadministrators accountingD
486Powell, Boyceadministrators accountingD
193Powers, Michaelwarrant of appraisementB
194Powers, MichaelinventoryB
248Powers, Michaeladministrators accountingB
392Prince, NoahwillD
439Prince, NoahinventoryD
440Prince, Noahestate saleD
441Prince, Noahadministrators accountingD
454Prince, NoahdistributionD
336Ragan, Hambletonwarrant of appraisementD
337Ragan, HambletoninventoryD
338Ragan, Hambletonestate saleD
410Ragan, Hambletonadministrators accountingD
501Ragan, Hambletonadministrators accountingD
360Ransone, Reubenadministrators accountingD
502Ransone, Reubenadministrators accountingD
419Ransone, Reubinadministrators accountingD
102Rasberry, Josephwarrant of appraisementB
103Rasberry, JosephinventoryB
104Rasberry, Josephestate saleB
149Rasberry, Josephadministrators accountingB
195Rasberry, Josephestate saleB
199Rasberry, Josephadministrators accountingB
381Rasberry, Josephadministrators accountingD
455Rasberry, Josephguardianship accountingD
237Reynolds, John J & Mary Ann & A. M. & David J. & Mahalaguardianship accountingB
243Reynolds, Levinaadministrators accountingB
307Reynolds, Mahalaguardianship accountingD
362Reynolds, Mahalaguardianship accountingD
497Reynolds, Mahalaguardianship accountingD
179Reynolds, Thomasadministrators accountingB
235Reynolds, Thomasadministrators accountingB
291Reynolds, Thomasadministrators accountingD
164Reynolds, Thomas  division of estateB
386Reynolds, Thomas & Mary Ann & John J Abner & David J.guardianship accountingD
155Reynolds, Thomas sr.inventoryB
169Reynolds, Thomas sr.estate saleB
207Roberson, Jamesadministrators accountingB
425Roberts, WilliamwillD
466Roberts, WilliaminventoryD
519Roberts, Williamadministrators accountingD
92Robertson, Jameswarrant of appraisementA
93Robertson, Jamesadministrators accountingA
329Robertson, Jameswarrant of appraisementD
330Robertson, JamesinventoryD
480Robertson, Jamesadministrators accountingD
284Robeson, Jamesadministrators accountingD
70Robinson, JamesinventoryA
76Robinson, JamesinventoryA
138Robinson, Jamesguardianship accountingB
168Robinson, Jamesguardianship accountingB
385Robinson, Jamesadministrators accountingD
114Robison, Jamesadministrators accountingB
163Robison, Jamesadministrators accountingB
222Robison, Jamesadministrators accountingB
319Robison, Jamesadministrators accountingD
473Robison, Jamesadministrators accountingD
282Roe, Williamadministrators accountingD
323Russell, Thomaswarrant of appraisementD
324Russell, ThomasinventoryD
325Russell, Thomasestate saleD
356Russell, Thomasadministrators accountingD
399Russell, Thomasadministrators accountingD
500Russell, Thomasadministrators accountingD
1Scates, ThomaswillA
8Scates, ThomasinventoryA
301Selman, Benjamin F & George C & Josiah & Mary Mguardianship accountingD
372Selman, George C & Joseph & Benj F & Mary Mguardianship accountingD
186Selman, Johnwarrant of appraisementB
187Selman, JohninventoryB
188Selman, Johnlist of notesB
206Selman, Johnadministrators accountingB
223Selman, Johnadministrators accountingB
300Selman, Johnadministrators accountingD
371Selman, Johnadministrators accountingD
427Selmon, Benjamin & George C & Josiah S & Maryguardianship accountingD
426Selmon, Johnadministrators accountingD
365Sewell, Joshuaestate saleD
443Sewell, Joshuaadministrators accountingD
487Shackleford, John W & Hiram & Johnguardianship accountingD
358Shell, Edmondadministrators accountingD
359Shell, Edmondestate saleD
495Shell, Edmundadministrators accountingD
475Shepard, Fancis & Sarah (Banks)administrators accountingD
224Shepard, Francisadministrators accountingB
398Shepard, O.administrators accountingD
396Shepard, Olandoadministrators accountingD
533Shepard, Sidney & Josephguardianship accountingD
348Shephard, Johnguardianship accountingD
364Shephard, orlandoadministrators accountingD
401Shephard, orlandodivision of negroesD
87Shepherd, Franciswarrant of appraisementA
88Shepherd, FrancisinventoryA
53Shepherd, OrlandoinventoryA
54Shepherd, Orlandoestate saleA
513Silman, George C & Josiah S & Benjamin F & Mary Mguardianship accountingD
121Sims, IshaminventoryB
145Sims, IshamreceiptB
153Sims, Ishamadministrators accountingB
200Sims, Ishamdivision of landB
201Sims, Ishamadministrators accountingB
274Sims, IshamreceiptD
306Sims, Ishamadministrators accountingD
350Sims, Ishamadministrators accountingD
351Sims, Ishamestate saleD
417Sims, Ishamadministrators accountingD
488Sims, Jmaes M & John C & Minerva Kguardianship accountingD
485Sims, Martial Hguardianship accountingD
9Skates/Scates, Thomasestate saleA
139Smith, JeremiahinventoryB
140Smith, Jeremiahestate saleB
141Smith, Jeremiahadministrators accountingB
150Smith, Jeremiahadministrators accountingB
120Smith, Joseph W & John J & Peter B & Sally & Josephguardianship accountingB
160Smith, Joseph W & John J & Peter B & Sally & Josephguardianship accountingB
204Smith, Joseph W & John J & Peter B & Sally & Josephguardianship accountingB
374Smith, Peter B & Josephguardianship accountingD
442Smith, Sarah & Josephguardianship accountingD
2Spears, Joseph G.warrant of appraisementA
3Spears, Joseph G.inventoryA
4Spears, Joseph G.estate saleA
14Spears, Joseph G.administrators accountingA
15Spears, Joseph G.sale of negroesA
18Spears, Joseph G.administrators accountingA
48Spears, Joseph G.administrators accountingA
78Spears, Joseph G.administrators accountingA
170Spears, Joseph G.administrators accountingB
228Stephens, Abnerwarrant of appraisementB
229Stephens, Abnerestate saleB
438Stephens, NancydowerD
220Stroud, Isaacwarrant of appraisementB
227Stroud, Isaacestate saleB
414Stroud, Isaacguardianship accountingD
286Stroud, William H & John W & Isaac B & Mary & Absylla & Abel C.guardianship accountingD
331Suoell, Joshuawarrant of appraisementD
332Suoell, JoshuainventoryD
259Thomas, Williamwarrant of appraisementD
260Thomas, WilliaminventoryD
261Thomas, Williamestate saleD
400Thomas, Williamadministrators accountingD
135Thomton, Dredadministrators accountingB
45Thornton, Dredguardianship accountingA
80Thornton, Dredadministrators accountingA
44Thornton, Patsyguardianship accountingA
42Thorton, Davidguardianship accountingA
31Thorton, DredinventoryA
32Thorton, Dredestate saleA
33Thorton, Dredadministrators accountingA
34Thorton, Dredestate saleA
35Thorton, Dredadministrators accountingA
36Thorton, Dredsale of negroesA
37Thorton, Dredadministrators accountingA
38Thorton, Dredadministrators accountingA
39Thorton, Dredguardianship accountingA
64Thorton, Dredguardianship accountingA
41Thorton, Isaacguardianship accountingA
40Thorton, Naressaguardianship accountingA
43Thorton, Wyattguardianship accountingA
316Thurmond, Harris Fadministrators accountingD
343Thurmond, Harris Fadministrators accountingD
297Tolbert, Williamadministrators accountingD
67Truman, Lucy & George WreceiptA
28Turman, George  inventoryA
21Turman, George WwillA
433Turman, James MinventoryD
81Turman, MartinwillA
82Turman, Martinwarrant of appraisementA
83Turman, MartininventoryA
189Turmon, Martinadministrators accountingB
5Twitty, Peterwarrant of appraisementA
6Twitty, PeterinventoryA
7Twitty, Peterestate saleA
16Twitty, Peteradministrators accountingA
22Twitty, Peteradministrators accountingA
26Twitty, Peteradministrators accountingA
52Twitty, Peteradministrators accountingA
77Twitty, Peteradministrators accountingA
108Twitty, Peteradministrators accountingB
137Twitty, Peteradministrators accountingB
172Twitty, Peteradministrators accountingB
203Twitty, Peterdivision of estateB
521Walker, D.schedule of notes/landD
505Walker, DanielwillD
520Walker, DanielinventoryD
391Walker, DavidwillD
379Walker, John HwillD
467Walker, John HinventoryD
506Walker, John Hadministrators accountingD
95Wayne, Thomaswarrant of appraisementA
96Wayne, ThomasinventoryA
97Wayne, Thomasestate saleA
30Whitley, EuphudiluswillA
269Williams, John G.willD
357Williams, John G.inventoryD
17Williams, NathanielinventoryA
20Williams, Nathanielestate saleA
29Williams, Nathanielnotes & accountsA
117Williams, Nathanielschedule of bad debtsB
118Williams, Nathanieladministrators accountingB
190Williams, Nathanieladministrators accountingB
233Williams, Nathanieladministrators accountingB
296Williams, Nathanieladministrators accountingD
539Willingham, William B.inventoryD
540Willingham, William B.estate saleD
541Willingham, William B.administrators accountingD
465Willoughby, Williamguardianship accountingD
498Willoughby, Williamguardianship accountingD
435Winn, Alexander Mcfarlinguardianship accountingD
420Wogan, Isham T.guardianship accountingD
314Wood, T. C.administrators accountingD
361Wood, T. C.administrators accountingD
89Wood, ThomasinventoryA
90Wood, Thomasestate saleA
136Wood, Thomasadministrators accountingB
171Wood, Thomasadministrators accountingB
174Wood, Thomasadministrators accountingB
252Wood, Timothywarrant of appraisementD
253Wood, TimothyinventoryD
311Wood, Timothy Cestate saleD
366Wood, Timothy Cdivision of estate to CarrD
230Wood, Wm. & Margaretguardianship accountingB
244Wood, Wm. & Margaretguardianship accountingB
448Woods, T. C.administrators accountingD
516Woods, T. C.administrators accountingD
167Wright, WilliaminventoryB
182Wright, Williamadministrators accountingB
192Wright, Williamwarrant of appraisementB
123Zackry, SarahwillB

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