Franklin County Probate Index: 1786-1813

The Franklin County wills index covers the years of 1786-1813 for Franklin County, Georgia. You will find these wills on Roll# RHS-3830. Many of these records are court records and may only contain a couple of lines.

467Allen, Asaguardianship accounting
167Allen, Richardguardian appointed
370Allen, Washingtonletters of administrators
448Ayers, John & Jincyappointed guardian
378Bagwell, Winkfieldletters of administrators
105Baker, Christopherletters of administrators
411Barrett, Isaac Jwill opposed
219Barrett, Nimanwill approved
222Barrett, Nimanwill
234Barrett, Ninianinventory
192Barry, Armsteadcan’t make return
82Barry, Armsted & Keziah & Andrewletters of administrators
282Baugh, Davidinventory
268Baw, Jonathan & Davidletters of administrators
110Beall, Danielletters of administrators
407Beall, Fred Mappointed clerk
274Beason, Isaiahguardian appointed
116Berry, Andrewinventory
244Berry, Andrewinventory
361Blair, Jamesletters of administrators
393Blair, Jamesrequest discharge
64Bobo, Lewisapproved deed
94Bobo, Lewiscourt approved deed
15Bobo, Lewis  inventory
12Bobo, Lewis & Maryexecutorship bond
8Bond, Jesseexecutorship bond
31Bowen, Jonathaninventory
114Bracher, Amosinventory
109Bratcher, Amos & Amosletters of administrators
484Brewer, Johnaccounting
295Brewer, John & Ann & Benjaminguardian appointed
369Brindle, Henryletters of administrators
320Brock, Jamesletters of administrators
326Brock, Jamesinventory
477Brock, Jamesestate sale
502Brock, Jamesaccounting
208Brown, Augustusletters of administrators
53Brown, Hugh & Jamesletters of administrators
427Brown, Isaacapprenticeship
70Brown, Josephinventory
338Bryan, Elibond
374Bryan, Eliapproved sale of land
419Bryan, Eliaapproved sale of land
445Bryan, Eliainventory
402Bryan, Elyinventory
340Bryan, Johnauthorized to sell land
483Bryan, Johnaccounting
446Bryan, Lathaapprenticeship
409Bryan, Royalapprenticeship
423Bryan, Royal & William Brequest discharge
366bryan, Sally & William Bappointed administrators
439Bryan, William Bdischarged
465Bryne, Russel & Juliaapprenticeship
30Bullard, Johninventory
415Bundler, Frederickappointed guardian
434Bundler, Frederickappointed guardian
447Burgess, Eliasapprenticeship
469Burk, Elizabethordered to deliver orphan
203Burk, Johnletters of administrators
322Burns, Robertletters of administrators
59Bush, Danielletters of administrators
66Bush, Danielwill
215Bush, Danielletters of appraisement
232Bush, Danielinventory
260Bush, Danielinventory
313Bush, Danielreleased from guardianship
62Bush, Elizabeth & Danielletters of administrators
371Bush, Elizabeth & Danielaccounting
57Bush, John & William & Thomasguardian appointed
487Calloway, Francisaccounting
332Cammel, Smithapprenticeship
224Carlton, Jacobinventory
210Carlton, Jacob & Robert & Sarahletters of administrators
324Carlton, Robert & Jacoballowed credit
437Carlton, Robert & Sarah & Jacobnew executor appointed
387Cawthon, Rhoda & Williamletters of administrators
400Cawthon, Williaminventory
319Chalmers, Johnletters of administrators
323Chandler, Edmunddeed approved
302Chandler, Elizabeth & James & Josephletters of administrators
310Chandler, Jamesinventory
466Chandler, Josephapprenticeship
325Chandler, Joseph & Jamesapplies for discharge executor
332Chandler, Joseph & Jamesrequest discharge
432Chandler, Joseph & Jamesrequest discharge
490Chandler, Joseph & Jamesaccounting
416Chandler, Matilda & Robertapprenticeship
440Chandler, Robertmistreatment of orphans
386Chandler, Shadrickwill approved
395Chandler, Shadrickwill
403Chandler, Shadrickinventory
421Chatham Epps & Stephenrequest discharge
436Chatham Epps & Stephendischarged
315Christian, Abda & Johnreturn accepted
133Christian, Elijahinventory
108Christian, Elijah & Williamletters of administrators
170Christian, Johninventory
308Christian, Johninventory
309Christian, Johnestate sale
163Christian, Reuben & Rufus & Nancy & Robertguardianship chosen
230Christian, William  letters of administrators
142Christian, William & Elijahestate sale
267Christian, William & Johnletters of administrators
428Clark, Davidwill approved
443Clark, Davidwill
472Clark, Davidinventory
425Clark, Johnapprenticeship
115Clayton, Charleswill
103Cleveland, Catharine & Johnletters of administrators
283Cleveland, Davidappointed guardian
132Cleveland, Jinventory
179Cleveland, Johnpermission to issue deed
249Cleveland, Johnestate sale
463Cleveland, John & Catharineapproved sale of land
7Cleveland, Larkinexecutorship bond
199Cleveland, Oliverfined 5 dollars
424Coleman, Elijahapprenticeship
271Conally, Charles & Keziahpetition
51Conn, Jomwill
257Connally, Charlesinventory
286Connally, Charlesadministrators failed to appear
281Connally, Johninventory
359Connally, Johnadministrators ordered to appear
363Connally, Thomas & Polly & Charles & Angelica & Archibald &guardian appointed
314Connally, Thomas & Polly & Charles & Auqilliaappointed guardian
229Connaly, Sistey & Johnletters of administrators
367Conner, Boleyappointed administrators
410Conner, Boleyapprenticeship
418Conner, Boleyapproved sale of land
259Cooper, Corneliusinventory
298Cooper, Corneliuswill
125Davis, Richardwill proven in court
131Davis, Richardwill
239Dorsey, Basselwill
240Dorsey, Basselinventory
450Dorsey, Johnordered to deliver orphan
452Dorsey, Johnapprenticeship
475Dorsey, Johnapprenticeship
303Dorsey, John & Andrewguardian appointed
377Dunn, Williamletters of administrators
258Dye, Martinwill approved
276Dye, Martinwill
277Dye, Martininventory
56Easley, Johnguardian appointed
312Easley, Johnreleased from guardianship
304Edwards, Isaacwill approved
306Edwards, Isaacwill
311Edwards, Isaacinventory
46Epperson, Samueladministrators accounting
47Epperson, Samuelappraisement
148Evans, Johnletters of administrators
385Everet, Samuel Hchosen guardian
106Forrester, Eleanor & Owenletters of administrators
143Forrester, Oweninventory
462Franklin, Bapproved sale of land
104Franklin, Bidnyletters of administrators
58Freeman, Jamesguardian appointed
63Freeman, Jamesletters of administrators
353Garrison, Christopherwill approved
360Garrison, Christopherwill
190Gataway, Jamesexecutor confirmed
88Gatewood, Johnletters of administrators
151Gilbert, Johnwill proven in court
155Gilbert, Johnwill
184Gilbert, Johninventory
145Gilbert, Marywill proven in court
153Gilbert, Marywill
412Glen, Josephwill opposed
321Glenn, Josephwill
327Glenn, Josephinventory
196Gordon, Josephletters of administrators
200Gordon, Josephinventory
38Gorham, Johninventory
98Gorham, Johnletters of administrators
112Gorham, Johnadditional inventory
496Gorham, Thomasguardianship accounting
165Graves, Williamletters of administrators
331Greenwood, Hugh Bapprenticeship
197Groxdian, Thomasletters of administrators
69Haggins, Conmackinventory
78Haggins, Conmackestate sale
37Haley, Isaiahinventory
235Hall, Matthewinventory
457Hall, William Happointed guardian
21Hammock, Willobyexecutorship bond
325Harden, Williamwill
326Harden, Williaminventory
500Hardin, Williamaccounting
193Harrington, Richardguardian appointed
404Hay, Gilbert & Williamapproved sale of land
29Hayes, Jamesinventory
32Hayes, Jamesestate sale
99Hendley, Edmundletters of administrators
174Hendricks, Issacwill proven in court
182Hendricks, Issacwill
188Hendricks, Issacinventory
336Hendrix, Jackbond
375Hendrix, Jackapproved sale of land
168Henly, Edmundordered to make settlement
13Hocker, Thomasexecutorship bond
471Holbrook, Jesserequest discharge
183Holbrook, Johnwill
186Holbrook, Johninventory
175Holebrook, Johnwill proven in court
204Hollan, Johnapplied for administrator
391Hollingsworth, Benjamin & Henryguardianship letters
356Hollingsworth, Jacob & Hannahappointed guardian
100Hollingsworth, Jacob & Mary & Samuelletters of administrators
118Hollingsworth, Samuelinventory
191Hollingsworth, Samuelguardian to be appointed
246Hollingsworth, Samuelestate sale
261Hollingsworth, Thomas & Johnappointed guardian
146Hooper, Obadiahwill proven in court
154Hooper, Obadiahwill
426Hooper, Toliverapprenticeship
337Horey, Johnbond
81Howard, Johnletters of administrators
206Howel, Matthew & Sarahletters of administrators
228Howell, Matthewletters of administrators
285Hudson, Ann & Joshua & Josephletters of administrators
61Hudson, Joakinletters of administrators
205Hudson, Joakinletters of administrators
216Hudson, Joakinletters of appraisement
287Hudson, Joakininventory
479Hudson, Joakinaccounting
468Hudson, Mary & Virginaguardianship accounting
270Hunt, Joelpetition
288Hunt, Joelletters of administrators
2Hunt, Nathanielexecutorship bond
406Hurley, Darbyapprenticeship
212Hurley, Edmundappointed guardian
324Huxham, Williamletters of administrators
147Isom, Williamletters of administrators
156Isom, Williaminventory
330James, Johnapprenticeship
139Jarter, Jamespermission to issue deed
296Johnson, Josephwill approved
297Johnson, Josephwill
128Jones, Arthurinventory
138Jones, Arthurpermission to issue deed
149Jones, Arthurletters of administrators
124Jones, Tignal & Arthurletters of administrators
417King, Georgeapprenticeship
273Lane, Sampsonappointed guardian
442Lard, Samuel & Sarahmistreatment of orphans
451Lard, Samuel & Sarahapprenticeship
474Lard, Samuel & Sarahapprenticeship
22Laughridge, Jacobexecutorship bond
405Laughridge, Robertapprenticeship
305Lenoir, Thomasissued citation
317Lenoir, Thomasreceipt ordered
135Liner, Adamwill proven in court
253Little, Jamesinventory
289Little, James Hletters of administrators
489Little, James Haccounting
269Little, James H  petition
225Little, James H & Jamesletters of administrators
92Lockhart, Jamescourt approved deed
376Long, Jamesletters of administrators
254Lowrey, Johnwill approved
264Lowrey, Johnwill
278Lowrey, Johninventory
501Lowrey, Johnaccounting
141Lyner, Adamwill
181Lyons, Henrywill
256MacKee, Patsy Roseannaguardian appointed
194Malone, Williamappointed guardian
470Manley, Danielordered to appear
381Manley, Daniel  request discharge
368Manley, Daniel & Isaac Dletters of administrators
408Manley, Isaac Dinventory
189Martin, Charles Cexecutor confirmed
327Martin, Elizabeth & Johnletters of administrators
498Martin, Elizabeth & Johnaccounting
333Martin, Johninventory
334Martin, Johnguardian appointed
480Martin, Johnestate sale
486Martin, Johninventory
413McDonald, Hughwill opposed
399McDowell, Jamesinventory
379McDowell, Martha & Jamesletters of administrators
122McKee, Elizabeth & Johnletters of administrators
129McKee, Johninventory
481McKee, Johnaccounting
113McKie, John & Elizabethletters of administrators
388McKinzie, Kenithguardianship letters
429Mercer, Robertwill approved
444Mercer, Robertwill
461Mercer, Robertinventory
456Meredith, Signalguardian appointed
509Mitchell, Jamesaccounting
508Molder, Catharine & Jamesaccounting
214Molder, Danielwill
23Moore, Johnexecutorship bond
24Moore, Johninventory
4Morain, Johninventory
231Morgan, Davidletters of administrators
1Morgan, Elizabeth & Johnexecutorship bond
5Morgan, Johnaccounting
201Morton, Charles Sinventory
213Morton, Charles Swill
488Morton, Charles Saccounting
74Murphy, Johnletters of dismissory
241Nail, Josephguardianship accounting
247Nail, Josephguardianship accounting
341Neal, John & Josephauthorized to sell land
107Neal, John & Juliaguardianship appointment
136Neal, Josephguardianship payment
123Parks, Henryletters of administrators
250Parks, Henryadditional sales
255Parks, Henryappointed guardian
187Payne, Champnessinventory
279Payne, Clevelandinventory
459Payne, Davidletters of administrators
464Payne, Daviddenied letters of administrator
119Payne, Johninventory
169Payne, Johnordered to make deed
251Payne, Johnestate sale
121Payne, John & Ann & Paynedexterletters of administrators
157Payne, John & Charlespermission to issue deed
176Payne, Mary & Champnessletters of administrators
177Payne, Mary & Champness & Patsyappointed guardian
90Payne, Reubenletters of administrators
389Payne, Rutha & Clevelandguardian appointed
420Payne, Thomas  & Sarah (Carlton)approved sale of land
422Payne, Thomas  & Sarah (Carlton)request discharge
438Payne, Thomas  & Sarah (Carlton)appointed executor
3Payne, Thomas Jrwill
266Payne, Zebediah & Clevelandletters of administrators
365Payne, Zebediah & Clevelandauthorized to sell land
491Payne, Zebediah & Clevelandaccounting
284Perryman, David & Anthony Majorguardian appointed
26Pope, Louis & Burwellexecutorship bond
173Prewitt, Japhethinventory
497Prewitt, Japhethaccounting
159Prewitt, Joseph & Samuelletters of administrators
221Prewitt, Samuel & Phillip & Patsy & Tilman & Zachariahguardian appointed
134Prickett, Georgewill proven in court
140Prickett, Georgewill
237Reaves, Benjamininventory
54Rice, Edwardletters of administrators
67Rice, Edwardwill
71Rice, Edwardinventory
290Rich, Williamletters of administrators
102Right, Hannah & John & Obadiahletters of administrators
316Robbins, Williamreceipt ordered
331Roberts, Woodsonappointed guardian
354Roberts, Woodsonappointed guardian
357Roberts, Woodsonappointed guardian
504Roberts, Woodsonguardianship accounting
414Robertson, Elizabeth & Terrellguardian appointed
433Robertson, Elizabeth & Terrellguardian appointed
120Robertson, Williamwill proven in court
126Robertson, Williamwill
130Robertson, Williaminventory
245Robertson, Williamestate sale
87Sandidge, Johnletters of administrators
262Sandidge, Johnappointed guardian
150Sartain, Jamesletters of administrators
41Shipley, Johnwill
42Shipley, Johninventory
43Shipley, Johnadministrators accounting
48Shipley, Johnestate sale
79Shipley, Johnadministrators accounting
52Shipley, John & Robert & Nathanielcontempt of court
60Shipley, Martha & George & Pollyguardian appointed
72Shipley, Robert & Nathanielreleased from contempt
435Smith, Jamesattorney for Chatham
280Sparks, Ann & Jamesappraisement
394Sparks, Ann & Jamesrequest discharge
265Sparks, Jeremiah & Ann & Jamesletters of administrators
272Sparks, Jeremiah & Ann & Jamesfailed to appear
86Stephens, Williamletters of administrators
358Stephenson, Elizabethguardian appointed
355Stephenson, Mooreguardian appointed
505Stevenson, Morre & Elizabeth & Rebeccaguardianship accounting
330Stevenson, Rebecca & Polly  chose guardian
263Stevenson, Rebecca & Polly & Williamguardian appointed
101Stevenson, Williamwill
117Stevenson, Williaminventory
180Stevenson, Williamcorrection of inventory
243Stevenson, Williamadministrators accounting
492Stevenson, Williamaccounting
17Stevitle, Fred Kexecutorship bond
430Stockley, Aquila & Richard & Jamesletters of administrators
318Storey, Thomasletters of administrators
144Strickland, Jacobwill proven in court
152Strickland, Jacobwill
158Strickland, Jacobinventory
28Strong, Elijahestate sale
27Strong, Elijah  inventory
25Strong, Elijah & Rebeccaexecutorship bond
495Tabor, Johnguardianship accounting
453Taylor, Charleswill approved
454Taylor, Charleswill
473Taylor, Charlesinventory
275Taylor, Elizabeth & Richardordered to appear
291Taylor, Richardletters of administrators
299Taylor, Richardinventory
294Taylor, Williampetition
198Terrell, Hezekiahfined 5 dollars
300Terrell, John D & Patsey & Harryguardian appointed
84Terrell, Josephletters of administrators
328Terrell, Josephappointed security
362Terrell, Josephletters of administrators
398Terrell, Josephinventory
506Terrell, Josephaccounting
335Terrell, Simonappointed guardian
499Terrell, Simonaccounting
238Thomas, Phillipinventory
485Thomas, Phillipaccounting
209Thomas, Phillip & Edward Lewis & Elizabeth Cletters of administrators
76Thompson, Peterletters of administrators
93Thomson, Petercourt approved deed
91Thrasher, Benjaminletters of administrators
97Thrasher, Benjamininventory
33Thrasher, Robertwill
34Thrasher, Robertinventory
35Thrasher, Robertestate sale
36Thrasher, Robertadministrators accounting
339Thrasher, Robertauthorized to sell land
482Thrasher, Robertaccounting
68Thrasher, Robert & Elizabeth & Gilbertguardianship accounting
328Thrasher, Sallychose guardian
292Tolbert, Williampetition
293Tolbert, Williampetition
73Vaughan, Abnerletters of dismissory
217Vaughan, Benjaminwill approved
223Vaughan, Benjaminwill
236Vaughan, Benjamininventory
18Walters, Robertwill
19Walters, Robertinventory
20Walters, Robertappraisement
16Walters, Robert & John & Peter & Mosesexecutorship bond
89Walters, Robertsletters of administrators
9Walton, Jesseinventory
10Walton, Jessewill
11Walton, Jesseaccounting
6Walton, Jesse & Mary & William Wexecutorship bond
55Walton, Killisletters of administrators
49Walton, Maryletters of administrators
77Walton, Marywill
85Walton, Robert & Maryletters of administrators
83Watkins, Williamletters of administrators
111Watkins, Williaminventory
14Watts, Edwardexecutorship bond
226Westbrook, Johnletters of administrators
494Wheeler Williamaccounting
307Wheeler, Williamappraisement
392Wheeler, Williamwill approved
397Wheeler, Williamwill
455Wheeler, William & Maryletters of administrators
161Whitaker, Isaacletters of administrators
172Whitaker, Isaacinventory
171Whitaker, Samuelinventory
164Whitaker, Samuel & Pollyletters of administrators
137Whitehead, Burwellguardianship payment
242Whitehead, Burwellguardianship accounting
248Whitehead, Burwellguardianship accounting
75Wilkins, Clementletters of administrators
202William, Sarah & Williamletters of administrators
207Williams, Lewisletters of administrators
227Williams, Lewisletters of administrators
329Williamson, Alexanderappointed guardian
333Williamson, Alexanderapprenticeship
431Williamson, Alexander & Thomasletters of administrators
390Williamson, Andaywill approved
396Williamson, Andaywill
401Williamson, Andayinventory
503Williamson, Johnaccounting
195Williamson, John & Robert & Peterguardian appointed
384Williamson, John Gchose guardian
39Williamson, Peterwill
40Williamson, Peterinventory
211Williamson, Peter Gguardian appointed
476Williamson, Sallyguardianship accounting
166Williamson, Sally & Peterguardian appointed
329Williamson, Sarah & Williamsecurity appointed
162Williamson, Williamletters of administrators
233Williamson, Williaminventory
372Willis, Josephwill approved
382Willis, Josephwill
383Willis, Josephinventory
301Willis, Mary & Williamletters of administrators
507Willson, Pollyaccounting
178Wilson, Mary & Williamguardian appointed
380Wilson, Williamrequest discharge
352Wilson, William & Abigailappointed guardian
493Wilson, William & Mary (Poe)guardianship accounting
218Winningham, Samueldid not appear
44Wofford, Jamesinventory
45Wofford, Jamesadministrators accounting
50Woodward, Thomaswill
96Woodward, Thomasinventory
80Woodward, Thomas & Maryletters of administrators
185Workman, Jonathaninventory
160Workman, Jonathan & Charlesletters of administrators
478Wright, John & David & Obediahreceipt
364Wright, John & Thomas & Obadiahrequest discharge
127Wright, Obadiahinventory
252Wright, Obadiahestate sale
220Wright, Obadiah & Johnadministrator ordered to appear
373Wright, Thomas & Johnrequest discharge
458Yarboth, Jamesletters of administrators
460Yarbrough, Groves & Jamesletters of administrators
441Yates, Josephmistreatment of orphans
449Yates, Josephordered to deliver orphan
65Young, Jamesapproved deed
95Young, Jamescourt approved deed

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