Effingham County Wills Index: 1897-1935

The Effingham County wills index covers the years of 1897-1935 for Effingham County, Georgia. You will find these wills in the original will book 5, Roll# RHS-830-1.

70Adams, Mrs. Marcella F.will1917
3Arden, Katie J.will1898
14Armstrong, B. R.will1901
20Arnsdorff, Mrs. Millissawill1904
72Ash, John H.will1918
65Bacon, DeWitt C.will1916
140Barnwell, Emma F.will1934
38Baynard, Joseph Scottwill1909
25Beauford/Beufort, Jameswill1905
2Belger, Fanny N.will1897
98Berry, Miss Allie H.will1924
135Biddenbach, Henry J.will1933
138Blitch, Mrs. Salliewill1934
84Butler, Alonzowill1920
143Canuet, Williamtyped will1935
112Cartin, Ransom G.will1928
29Charlton, Mary T.will1907
28Charlton, William O.will1906
125Clark, Donald H.will1931
104Coleman, Louisawill1926
94Conaway, C. C.will1923
126Conaway, William Wesleywill1932
7Darant, Col. Ritchard J.will1899
146Dasher, Homer R.typed will1935
110Dasher, Ida Swill1927
56Dasher, Jasper B.will1913
59Dasher, Shadrack E.will1915
15Daughtry, Martha A.will1901
133Dodson, Mary A.will1933
8Dugger, Sallie C.will1899
141Edwards, Mariontyped will1934
114Edwards, Mrs. Cornelia Rebeccawill1928
50Edwards, Paulwill1912
107Edwards, Paul McRaewill1927
16Everett, E. G.will1901
101Exley, Alice Bertnerwill1924
12Exley, F. S.will1900
41Exley, John J.will1909
137Exley, John Williamwill1934
144Exley, Robert McGeheetyped will1935
30Foy, Edward E.will1907
31Foy, Edward E.codicil1907
22Foy, Mrs. M. J.will1904
85Futrelle, Abram J.will1920
97Futrelle, Gilliemwill1923
118Geiger, Ruth B.will1930
36Gieger, Charles Bwill1908
123Gignilliar, William L.will1930
147Ginn, Jesse C.typed will1935
150Guann, John W.typed will1935
78Gracen, Thomas J.will1919
145Graham, J. W.typed will1935
4Griffin, Mrs. Mary A.will1899
82Griffin, Walden W.will1920
90Griner, Martha R.will1922
139Guann, Florence F.will1934
96Guann, Jacob M.will1923
73Hawkins, Susan E.will1918
64Heidt, Daniel Gugelwill1915
60Helmey, Joseph I.will1915
24Helmley, Thomaswill1905
71Helmly, S. E. Sr.will1918
136Hemly, Shadrach Edwardwill1933
37Hester, E. N.will1908
48Hester, James W.will1905
67Hibner, Addie A. Keiblerwill1917
6Hinely, Edwin J.will1899
33Hinely, Jasper Uriahwill1907
91Hinely, John J.will1922
49Hinly, Thomas H.will1912
5Hirdt, James J.will1899
61Hodges, Josephine F.will1915
86Hodges, W. P.will1921
149Hurst, W. T.typed will1935
131Hurst, William W.will1932
89Hutchenson, J. L.will1922
93Hutto, J. P.will1922
47Jackson, Jackariahwill1910
26Jarvis, Rev. Herbert Munsonwill1905?
79Johnson, Tomlinson F.will1919
23Keebler, Louisa C.will1905
132Kessler, Opheliawill1933
13King, Willwill1901
76Kreffer, Albert B.will1919
75Kreffer, Allen N.will1919
68Lawrence, Minnie W.will1917
102Mallene, Jno. Lwill1924
127Mallory, Paul G.will1932
134Malphus, Allen C.will1933
35McLeod, Charles Hwill1907
58McLeod, William Hardiemanwill1915
44Miller, John W. S.will1910
52Mingledorff, John Gwill1912
116Mingledorff, Mrs. Sarah L.will1929
19Morgan, Benjamin L.will1902
27Morgan, Mrs. Isabella L.will1906
88Morgan, Roxie A.will1921
151Morgan, Samuel Hilltyped will1935
39Nease, Benjamin R.will1909
117Nease, Joshua W.will1930
119Nease, Mrs. Anna Fwill1930
66Pearson, Jessika A. Wrightwill1916
18Perkins, Walterwill1901
103Pevey, John L.will1926
148Powers, B. P.typed will1935
1Rahn, Alexander W.will1897
122Rahn, James M.will1930
77Rahn, T. M.will1919
40Reed, Sandywill1909
74Reisser, Virgil H.will1918
34Roberts, Summerwill1905
63Rohn, Lewis W.will1915
43Rountree, Cornelius G.will1910
45Sampson, Samwill1910?
130Sears, Johnwill1932
111Seckinger, John Franklynwill1928
128Shearouse, Charles W.will1932
55Shearouse, William H.will1913
11Sheffield, William A.will1900
42Sherman, George H Sr.will1909
54Sherman, William D.will1913
87Simmons, James J.will1921
100Simmons, John B.will1924
113Sissen, W. W.will1928
121Snooks, Hannah C.will1930
32Spier, John M.will1907
81Spier, Sarah E.will1919
53Spier, Williamwill1912
109Summers, Morriswill1927
129Tarver, H. R.will1932
83Tarver, Mamie Opiewill1920
62Tarver, Mark Cwill1915
124Tillman, James M.will1930
69Tillman, Sarah E.will1917
108Tullis, S Swill1927
95Waldhour, Salome E.will1923
106Wall, John A.will1927
115Weisser, William J.will1928
105Williams, Charles H.will1927
51Williams, J. Fillmorewill1912
142Williams, Mosetyped will1934
80Williams, Sarah Gordonprobate/w1919
99Williams, Thomas C.will1924
46Wilson, Lavinice Fwill1909
9Wingard, Henry S.will1899
120Wolfe, Charles C.will1930
92Wood, Pirenawill1922
17Zetler, Mrs. Masellwill1901
21Zettrourn, Louiswill1904
10Zittroun, Mrs. Sarah Annwill1900
57Zittrourn, George Lwill1914

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