Churches, Effingham County, Georgia

  • Abercorn Baptist Church, Baker Hill Rd., Rincon
  • Agape Assembly Of God, 703 E. 1st St., Springfield
  • Antioch Christian Church, {Historical} Little McCall Rd., Guyton
  • Bethel AME Church, Giles Ave., Rincon
  • Bethel Lutheran Church, 1984 GA Highway 21 N., Springfield
  • Bethesda Methodist Church, 3608 Midland Rd., Guyton
  • Bryant Temple Church, W. 6th St., Rincon
  • Church of Christ, 1952 Noel C. Conaway Rd., Guyton
  • Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, 1204 N. Columbia Ave., Rincon
  • Countryside Baptist Church, 164 Miriam St., Guyton
  • Effingham Baptist Church, 1007 Columbia Ave., Rincon
  • Elam-Egypt Baptist Church, 1503 Shawnee Egypt Rd., Springfield
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1541 GA Highway 21 S., Springfield
  • Ephesus Primitive Baptist Church, Goshen Rd., Rincon
  • Faith Baptist Church, 1951 GA Hwy 119 S., Guyton
  • Faith Presbyterian Church, 434 Weisenbaker Rd., Rincon
  • Fellowship Bible Church, {Formerly Wesley Methodist Independent Church} 841 Old Dixie Hwy S., Springfield
  • First Baptist Church of Marlow, 2229 Central Ave., Guyton
  • First Baptist Church of Rincon, Hwy. 21 & East Sixth St., Rincon
  • First Baptist Church Of Springfield, 1435 Hwy. 119 N., Springfield
  • First Christian Church, 5835 GA Hwy. 21 S., Rincon
  • First Union Baptist Church, Guyton
  • Gethsemane Baptist Church, 1102 N. Maple St., Springfield
  • Goodwill Baptist Church, Blanford Rd., Rincon
  • Goshen Road Baptist Church, 1323 Goshen Rd., Rincon
  • Goshen United Methodist Church, 6227 GA Hwy. 21 S., Rincon
  • Grace Community Church, 1094 Goshen Rd., Rincon
  • Guyton Christian Church, {formerly Antioch Christian Church} 301 Pine St., Guyton
  • Guyton United Methodist Church, 1095 Honey Ridge Rd., Guyton
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 303 N. Laurel St., Springfield
  • Jerusalem Holiness Church, 151 Amanda Ave., Guyton
  • Jerusalem Lutheran Church, 2966 Ebenezer Rd., Rincon
  • Kingdom Hall, 643 Standard Ln., Springfield
  • Laurel Hill Lutheran Church, 530 Laurel Hill Rd., Springfield
  • Liberty Christian Fellowship Church, 302 Church St., Guyton
  • Macedonia Baptist Church, 724 Central Ave., Guyton
  • Maranatha Assembly of God, 424 Weisenbaker Rd., Rincon
  • Mt. Hope Baptist Church, 1582 Mount Hope Rd., Guyton
  • Mt. Zion Holiness Church, Old Augusta Rd., Springfield
  • New Hope AME Church, 415 Alexander Ave., Guyton
  • New Hope Apostolic Church, 525 Ardmore Oaky Rd., Springfield
  • New Providence Bptist Church, 106 Church St., Guyton
  • New Zion Holiness Church, Augusta Rd., Springfield
  • Northside Baptist Church, 3621 GA Hwy. 21 S., Rincon
  • Northside Church Of God, 273 Church Rd., Springfield
  • Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, 810 Central Ave., Guyton
  • Pine Street Baptist Church, 103 Samuel Rahn Rd., Guyton
  • Pineora Baptist Church, 131 Elkins St., Guyton
  • Powers Baptist Church, P. O. Box 730, Eden
  • Rincon Apostolic Church, P. O. Box 263, Rincon
  • Rincon Church of Christ, 306 E. 4th St., Rincon
  • Rincon Church of God, 3430 Hwy. 21 N., Rincon
  • Rincon United Methodist Church, 107 Savannah Ave., Rincon
  • Royal Temple Holiness Church, 409 Victory Ave., Guyton
  • St. Andrews Chapel AME Church, 1428 Andrews Chapel Rd., Guyton
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church, Hwy. 21 & 7th St., Rincon
  • St. Mary’s Holiness Church, 205 Stokes Ave., Rincon
  • St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Hwy. 21 S., Rincon
  • St. Mathews Baptist Church, 218 Wallace Dr., Springfield
  • Sand Hill Baptist Church, 221 Allison Rd., Guyton
  • Southern Effingham Community Church, 289 Harley Rd., Guyton
  • Springfield United Methodist Church, 209 Cleveland St., Springfield
  • Taylor Chapel Independent Church, Taylor Chapel Rd., Springfield
  • Thomas Chapel AME Church, Savannah Town Rd., Springfield
  • Turkey Branch United Methodist Church, Turkey Branch Rd., Springfield
  • Tusculum Christian Church, 2940 GA Hwy. 17 N, Guyton
  • Union Church (historical),
  • Union Spring AME Church, Union Springs Church Rd., Springfield
  • United House of Prayer,
  • Wesley Methodist Independent Church, {Name changed to Fellowship Bible Church} 841 Old Dixie Hwy S., Springfield
  • Zion Lutheran Church, 121 Noel C. Conaway Rd., Guyton

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