Surnames of Effingham County, Georgia

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SurnameResearcher NameWeb Site
AmbroseBob PeavyN/A
ArcherBob PeavyN/A
ArnsdorffDarleen MillerN/A
BellJ. C. BellN/A
BestBob PeavyN/A
BevillBob PeavyN/A
BirdJackie PurdyN/A
BlitchJudy V. Rountree MasonN/A
Ann ParkinsonN/A
Joe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
CauseyJ. C. BellN/A
CopeJean Campbell CreamerN/A
CourseyJudy V. Rountree MasonN/A
CrumDeborah MillierN/A
DanielJoan HudsonN/A
DasherJackie PurdyN/A
Jean Campbell CreamerN/A
DaumerJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
DuttonJackie PurdyN/A
EdwardsBob PeavyN/A
FarmerBob PeavyN/A
FergusonJudi Ferguson SawyerN/A
FoyJackie PurdyN/A
FreyermouthJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
FurnsBob PeavyN/A
GeyerJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
GnannJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
Darleen MillerN/A
GrahamBob PeavyN/A
GrooverBob CarterN/A
GruberBob CarterN/A
GuyerJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
HelmlyJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
HinelyBob PeavyN/A
HodgesBob PeavyN/A
HoltCindy JonesN/A
HudsonJoan HudsonN/A
HurstJudy V. Rountree MasonN/A
KeifferJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
LanierAnn ParkinsonN/A
LeimbergerJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
LimebergerJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
MarlowBob PeavyN/A
McKenzieDarleen MillerN/A
MorganJennifer MorganN/A
PertheroDarleen MillerN/A
PeveyBob PeavyN/A
PorterDeborah MillierN/A
PowersDeborah MillierN/A
RobertsCindy JonesN/A
RoundtreeJudy V. Rountree MasonN/A
RountreeJudy V. Rountree MasonN/A
RoyalJudy V. Rountree MasonN/A
RyallJudy V. Rountree MasonN/A
SeckingerJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
SheppardBob PeavyN/A
SmithDarleen MillerN/A
SnyderJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
SouthwellCindy JonesN/A
SowellBob PeavyN/A
StaudeJoe LinebergerHuxford Genealogical Society
StewartJeanette FutchN/A
StuartJeanette FutchN/A
TaylorHolli Taylor DavisN/A
WatersJeanette FutchN/A
WilsonJudy V. Rountree MasonN/A
WolfeAnn ParkinsonN/A
Judy V. Rountree MasonN/A
WoolfJudy V. Rountree MasonN/A
ZittrauerBob CarterN/A
ZittrowerBob CarterN/A

3 thoughts on “Surnames of Effingham County, Georgia”

  1. hello i like for the surnames to be added these are my paternal great grandparents
    carrie rosa milton born july 18,1886 in georgia
    died january 17,1945 buried in oliver screven georgia at saint johns baptist church

    my great grandfather Benjamin david morton abt 1869 in egypt georgia
    death unknown possible he buried in unmarked grave in elam with rest of his family

  2. I’d like for the surname Hines to be added. My GGG Grandfather Jesse Elbert Hines was born on 12 January 1797 in Effingham County to David & Nancy Hines He had at least two brothers, Sherwood and William. Jesse Elbert, William, and their parents David & Nancy migrated to Sabine District, Texas in 1823.

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