Effingham County Wills Index: 1866-1898

The Effingham County wills index covers the years of 1829-1859 for Effingham County, Georgia. You will find these wills in the original will books 4, Roll# RHS-830-1.

NumberNameDate of WillDate of Probate
69Allen, Lydiia E1893none
75Arden, Daniel D18961896
18Berry, John B18701872
58Biddenback, Samuel18901890
72Blackshear, James E.18951896
16Blitch, Thomas18681871
44Blonk, Benjamin L18831883
6Brewer, George W18601866
29Brewer, Sarah (Mary) E18781878
63Conner, Sarah L18911892
13Conoway, Charles18681868
39Cuyler, William18821882
33Dasher, John18791879
53Dasher, Joshua18801889
71Davis, Rebecca18911894
66Dean, Jesse Rnone1892
57Downs, Chole18871890
8Dugger, Paul R18641866
12Edwards, Aaron C18681868
21Edwards, John18741875
64Edwards, Joseph C18871892
31Edwards, Robert S18781879
45Edwards, Tabitha A18851886
82Exley, Jacob18621863
30Exley, Solomon18671879
40Foy, George18821882
11Freyermuth, Peter18571867
2Griffin, Shepard18631866
81Guann, Cletus18971898
77Guann, Frederick1895none
60Guann, George B18901890
49Harrison, John18851887
61Harvey, Zara18901891
54Heidt, Emanuel18881890
14Heidt, John G18601869
37Helmey, John H18811881
23Helmly, Charles E18751876
51Hensly, Jacob18671888
22Hodges, Isaac18721875
50Jandon, Lydia B18871888
26Love, Elizabeth18761877
28Love, John A. D.18781878
1Mallette, Jeremiah18631866
68Mather, J C18781894
34Metzger, John18791880
76Minglederff, George D1892none
20Mingledorff, John C18631873
80Mingledorff, John C1897none
43Minglodorff, Edmund A18811882
17Morel, John G18711871
74Morel, Winfield S18961896
36Morton, David18771881
65Movel, Susan S1888none
42Nease, George18811882
19Neidlinger, Samuel18661872
25O’Byme, Mary L18761877
67Pace, George18921894
73Pearce, Philip18921896
32Pierce, Miles C(col)18781879
4Porter, Albert G18601866
52Remshart, Amanda G18811889
41Riesser, Christopher F18771882
46Rohn, Thomas E18851886
55Rowls, Jack18751890
59Ruth, Robert H18901890
56Seckinger, Joshua18861890
70Smith, Oswell Eve18851895
3Smith, William B18601866
27Snider, Jonathan18771877
7Snider, Soloame18531866
15Tebeau, Frederick E18671869
78Tebian, John R1895none
79Waltin, Daniel18951897
35Washburn, Orinda C18691881
62West, Georgia Ann18861891
48Wilkins, John18871887
38Willis, Rachel18691881
24Wilson, James18761876
10Zepperer, Emanuel18671867
5Zepperer, John T18661866
9Zettler, Nathaniel18661867
47Zittroner, Sherod N18811886

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