Effingham County Wills Index: 1829-1859

The Effingham County wills index covers the years of 1829-1859 for Effingham County, Georgia. You will find these wills in the original will book 3, Roll# RHS-830-1.

87Amsdorff, Christianwill1853
2Bailey, Christopherwill1828
60Bergman, Mary Cwill1848
75Bevill, Cwill1852
18Bevill, Paulwill1828
48Bird, Williamwill1845
50Blitch, Benjaminwill1845
45Blitch, Speirwill1845
94Blitch, Thomaswill1853
61Boogden, William Gwill1845
47Brewer, Thomaswill1845
15Bryan, Jameswill1831
51Burcksterier, Ann Cwill1844
90Burgstiner, Matthewwill1855
32Burton, Robertwill1835
66Charlton, Johnwill1849
4Cook, Henrywill1825
26Cook, Lydiawill1833
9Cope, Elizabethwill1825
30Cramer, Solomonwill1838
64Crum, James Swill1839
56Dampier, Danielwill1844
39Dasher, Christianwill1842
89Dasher, Samuelwill1855
19Downs, Williamwill1830
62Dugger, Estherwill1846
29Dugger, Johnwill1837
36Dugger, Johnwill1836
22Dykes, Jessewill1830
91Edwards, Obadiahwill1857
95Edwards, Obadiahwill1858
17Edwards, William Srwill1833
80Elkins, Johnwill1852
79Elkins, Thomaswill1854
25Exley, Johnwill1836
83Exley, Johnwill1855
70Futrell, Micajahwill1849
6Gier, Elizabethwill1830
24Graham, Johnwill1835
31Graham, Selatewill1839
10Groveasteine, Henrywill1826
67Guann, Christanawill1849
28Guann, Christopherwill1837
72Guann, Jonathanwill1848
27Guann, Solomonwill1838
37Gugel, Davidwill1841
5Helvenston, Josephwill1829
86Hester, Edithwill1855
42Hester, Josephwill1845
81Hester, Stephenwill1852
54Hinely, Solomonwill1846
68Hurst, Felixwill1850
8Keebler, Jameswill1830
3Kennedy, Ann Marywill1827
44Kesler, Valentinewill1843
69Kieffer, Ephraimwill1850
20King, Williamnuncupative will1834
77Mallery, Maria Swill/indenture1848
78Mallery, Maria Swill/indenture1848
65Marlow, Paulwill1845
71Metzger, Lydiawill1851
55Miller, John Cwill1846
96Morgan, Henry Twill1855
88Morgan, Lucretiawill1856
97Morgan, Williamwill1854
73Myers, Lewiswill1849
23Myers, Nicholaswill1835
41Nease, Godkiefwill1844
74Pace, Tryonwill1845
59Pavery, Catharinewill1847
63Powers, Clemwill1848
13Powers, Johnwill1832
82Powers, Milton Hwill1855
84Rahn, Cletuswill1855
34Ralen, Jonathanwill1839
12Ralin, John Gwill1832
7Reiser, Davidwill1830
93Ross, Elizabethwill1856
40Ryalls, Christinawill1842
33Ryalls, Williamwill1839
46Saunders, Marywill1845
53Sheerouse, Emanuelwill1846
14Sheerouse, Godhilfwill1832
57Snooks, David Cwill1847
1Snyder, Catharinewill1826
11Tison, Cammelwill1828
35Tullis, Stephenwill1841
76Watt, Alexanderwill1851
49Weitman, Hannahwill1845
92Weitman, Sarahwill1857
85Wilson, Elihuwill1853
38Wilson, Henry Mwill1842
16Wilson, Jameswill1825
58Womack, Williamwill1826
21Wormack, Frederickwill1835
52Wylly, Thomaswill1841
43Zillrous, Gotthiel Jwill1845

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