West Point Government Officials

The early records of the city of West Point have been lost or destroyed and as a consequence, the roster of the city officials is complete from 1879 to date with the exception of those mentioned in the subject matter above.

Mayors Of West Point

1879        W. L. Williams
1880-82 E. F. Lanier
1883-84 W. E. White
1885-86 J. M. Harrington
1887        J. S. Baker
1888       T. J. Jennings
1889        W. F. White
1890       T. J. Jennings
1891-92 H. T. Woodyard
1893       W. H. White
1894-95 H. T. Woodyard
1896-98 J. J. Smith
1899-02 E. J. Collins
1903-06 Philip Lanier
1907-08 J. H. Booker
1909-18 John T. Johnson
1919-20 Mark McCulloh
1921-22 Arch Avery
1923-30 Philip Lanier
1930       H. L. Hill
1931-     W. E. Booker

City Clerks Of West Point

1879        R. T. Whitaker
1880-84 R. A. S. Freeman
1885-86 Frank Lanier, Jr.
1887       Henry T. Woodyard
1888       W. G. Schaefer
1889-90 H. T. Woodyard
1891       W. S. Jackson
1892-93 W. G. Schaefer
1894-95 T. H. Wheat
1896-98 T. J. Andrews
1899       T. H. Wheat
1900-04 H. T. Woodyard
1905       Ed Houston
1905       Scott Baker
1906-26 L. Strong
1927-     Novatus L. Barker, Jr.

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