Biography of Henry Nicholas Meier

By Charles Barnum

Background: The first child of Seaborn J. Thompson was Francis Louisa Thompson, b. 2 Mar. 1828, Seaborne’s first wife was Francis Smith. They married 2 Nov 1826 probably in Wilkes County, GA. Francis Smith Thompson died 14 May 1828—12 days after bringing Francis Thompson into the world. The place where the child Francis Thompson lived from that time until her marriage to Henry Nicholas Meier in Troup Co. Ga., is not known. (Married 26 April 1849 in Troup Co. GA.)

Side note: Seaborn Thompson married Jane Briden Moreland 19 April 1832 and one of their children was named Edward Young Hill Thompson. It’s worth mentioning that a man named Edward Young Hill ran for governor of the state of Georgia. Also Seaborn’s closest friend was an Edward Young Hill, Superior Court Judge in Troup County. The Honorable Edward Young Hill, a family friend, was born in Abbeville District, South Carolina in 1821.

After receiving an education, Edward Young Hill moved to Jasper County. Edward ran for Governor of Georgia in 1840 but was defeated by George W. Towns. Edward Young Hill married Annabella P. Dawson 12 December 1827 in Jasper County, Georgia. He had three brothers and seven sisters. His parents were Joshua and Nancy Collier Hill. Incidentally, my Thompson family lived in Jasper County at this time too.

Edward Young Hill’s youngest brother was Senator Joshua Hill who ran for governor in 1863 but was defeated by Joe Brown. Edward Hill died 20 November 1860. Seaborn named his son after Edward Young Hill, his personal friend. That name will pop up later.

Why are we looking at Henry Nicholas Meier? Because I do not know know what happened to Francis Thompson Meier, his wife. Following is Henry N. Meier’s application for citizenship:

Georgia, Troup County: United States of America.

Be it remembered that on the Sixth day of July in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and forty nine in person appeared before me, Henry B. Williams, Clerk of the Superior Court of said county, [The said court being a court of record having common law jurisdiction, a clerk of seal ] Henry N. Meyier that he was born in Germany in that part of it called Hanover Helsom(?) District that he is thirty two years old, Brown eyes, (ink spot), hare (brown hair?) and fare (fair) completion, that he is a subject of the Kingdom Germany that his allegiance is due to Arnst (?) Argust(?) the (now?) German(?) King. That he emigrated from Bonn(?) and landed in New York in the United States of America on the 20th day of June 1845. That he came to LaGrange Troup County and the state of Georgia in the 26th day of May 1848 and that he intends to settle in the State of Georgia and further despondent sayth that it is bona fide his intention to become a citizen if the United states and to renounce forever all allegiances and fidelity to every foreign prince or potentate, state or sovereignty whatsoever and particularity to the government of Germany of which Kingdom he was lately a subject.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 6th day of July 1849. Henry B. Williams Clerk, H. Meier

N. Meier; Affidavit application for citizenship,

Filed in the Office 6th July 1849. Henry B. Williams Clk, Original Affiant


State of Georgia, Troup County:

In the presence appeared before me Godfred Kener and Fredrick Rieke citizens of the United States, who being duly sworn, say that they have been acquainted with Henry N. Meier for more than five years last pass. That during that time he ahs resided in the Sate of Georgia within the United States a portion of the time at the city of Columbus and a portion at the La Grange in said County to wit for a longer term than two years. That he has behaved himself as a man of good moral character, attached to the constitution of the United States, and will, disposed to have good order and happiest (?) of the same.

Sworn to and subscribed before me the 21st day of May 1852. Edw. Young Hill, JCS, CLK, F. Ricke, Godfred Kener.


State of Georgia, Troup County: To the Honorable superior court of said County:

The Petition of Henry N. Meier late of Helson District in that part of Germany called Hanover, respectfully showeth that on the sixth day of July, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and forty nine , he filed in the Clerk’s office of said superior count of he country of Troup, in said state, the same being a court of record, his declaration under oath of his intention to become a citizen of the United states, a certified copy of which declaration is here in court produced and shown. And your Petitioner further states that he has resided in the United States for the continuous term of five years next preceding this application for assumption (?) to citizenship to wit: From the Twentieth day of June in the Year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and forty five, until the date of this application and that he came to live in said county and state, on the twenty fourth day of May, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and forty eight, at which place he has resided for a longer period than one year to wit: Since the day and year last above states. And that he as resided in the United States for a period of time longer than five years, and has not been beyond the territory of said Country boundaries in that time. And your petitioner further shows that he is now in the Thirty fourth year of his age and that he has borne no hereditary title or order of Nobility. Therefore he prays this Honorable court that he may be permitted to take and subscribe to the path of Allegiance and fidelity as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States, and that laws passed in Conformity thereto by the honorable Congress and be admitted a Citizen of the same.

Dated May 21st 1852. H. Meier


State of Georgia, Troup County: Superior Court, May Term, 1852,

I Henry N. Meier, do solemnly swear that I do herby absolutely, entirely and forever, renounce and adjoin all allegiances and fidelity to every foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty whatsoever, and particularity to the reigning and sovereign home in Germany having having dominion over Hanover, (of which Country I lately was a subject), and I do further swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the government of the United states of America to the utmost of my ability, support and defend the Constitution thereof, and the constitution for the State of Georgia: So help me God.

Sworn to and subscribed in open court this May 21, 1852 Test. Edw. Young Hill, J.S.C. Clk.

H. Meier

(Note the name Edward Young Hill; end.)


In Troup Superior Court, May Term, 1852.

Present the Honorable Edward Young Hill the Judge of Said court.

It appearing to the court that Henry N. Meier has heretofore filed his declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States, in the clerk’s office of the superior court in the Clerk’s Office of the Superior Court of the county of Troup, in terms of the laws of the United States in each case made and provide and said Henry N. Meier having produced satisfactory evidence of good moral character of his attachment to the Constitution of the United States and of his good deposition towards the government thereof, it is now considered by the court the said Henry N. Meier be, and he is hereby admitted to all the rights immunities and privileges of a citizen of the Untied States in terms of the constitution and the laws thereof and it is further ordered that the clerk of this court do issue to said Henry N. Meier a certificate copy of these Proceedings.

Judgment signed this 21 Day of May 1852, Edw. Young Hill, J.C.S. Clk.



  1. Where was Francis Thompson in 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900?
  2. Where did she die; what children did she have?


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