Bible record of William Thrasher

Bible record of WILLIAM THRASHER , Clarke (now Oconee) County, Georgia



William H. Thrasher was born the 26th day of June 1826.
Mary Ann Radford (wife of Mw. H. Thrasher) was born the 24th day of June 1832
Matilda E. Thrasher (daughter of Wm. H. & Mary A.) Was born the 9th day of September 1849
Mary Eliza Thrasher the 17th day of May 1851
Samuel H. Thrasher the 17th day of January 1855
Ella Radford Thrasher 15th day of February 1859
William Thomas Thrasher 12th day of February 1862
Isaac Lee Thrasher the 26th of November 1864
James O. Andrew Thrasher the 2nd day of March 1867
Garland Atticus Thrasher the 8th of Oct. 1869
Robert Bascom Thrasher the 9th of July 1871
Lilliam Ada Thrasher the 3 of February 1873


Mary Eliza Thrasher died the 17th day of March 1857
Garland Atticus Thrasher died the 21st day of July 1870
Lilliam Ada Thrasher departed this life July the 8th at quarter past three 1873
William H. Thrasher consort of Mary A. Thrasher died Oct. The 11th, 1883
Mary A. Thrasher wife of William H. Thrasher died on ? 1900
Robert Bascum Thrasher died March 12, 1917
Matilda E. Carson Died the Jan. 4, 1918
Isaac Lee Thrasher Died the 11 of Oct. 1922
James Andrew Thrasher Died May 22, 1932
Samuel H. Thrasher Died May 8, 1930
William Thomas Thrasher died Jan 24, 1934

Samuel H. Thrasher & Bethel Phillips was married April 1st 1894.

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