Family Bible of Samuel H. Thrasher

Bible record of SAMUEL H. THRASHER,Oconee County, Georgia

This certifies that Samuel Thrasher and Lavina Whitlo were united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at Home on the 1st day of December in the year of our Lord 1878.  Rev. Emory Anderson.

This certifies that Samuel H. Thrasher and Bethel Phillips was  united by me in the Holy Bonds of matrimony at J. T. Roberson’s on the 1st day Apl. in the year of our Lord 1894.  Rev. T. M. Foster.


Archie Radford, son of Samuel H. & Lavinia E. Thrasher was born Oct. 3rd,  1879
Annie Florence, daughter of Samuel H. and Lavinia E. Thrasher was born January 11th, 1882
Frankie Cleveland, son of Samuel H. and Lavinia E. Thrasher was born September 14th, 1884
Samuel H. Thrasher, son of William and Mary A. Thrasher was born Jan. 17, 1856
William Hurbert Thrasher, son of S. H. & b. L. Thrasher was born May 26th, 1895
Trumon Olander Thasher   Born June 26th, 1898
Vergie Orela Thrasher,       Born Sept. 11th, 1900
Louise Martha Thrasher,    Born Sept. 19, 1903
Garland Atticus Thrasher,   Born Dec. 21, 1905
Hardy Curland Thrasher,     Born August 15, 1909
Clifton Alton Thrasher,       Born March 10, 1913
Samuel Harris Thrasher,     Born July 29, 1917
Hardy Curland Thrasher died Thursday March 16, 1916
Samuel Herbert Thrasher Died May 8, 1930
Clifton Alton Thrasher Died December 4, 1933


Lavinia Elinor Whitlow, wife of Samuel H. Thrasher and daughter of A. B.
and S. A. Whitlow was born Nov. 3rd, 1859 and died May 10th, 1888
Lizza May Thrasher Daughter of S. H. and B. L. Thrasher was born on June 4th 1897 and died on June 12th 1897
Hardy Curlen Thrasher son of S. H. & B. L. Thrasher Died March 16th 1916
Samuel H. Thrasher Died May 8, 1930

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