Dead Letters in Athens and Watkinsville Post Office

Dead Letters in Post Office Transcribed and Contributed by Connie Epps Bond off microfiche at Athens Regional Library,  Athens July 3, 2005 (Posted with permission)

Athens Gazette, Vol. I,  Athens, GA Thursday, July 7, 1814, No. XXI [1]Blurring on document, names transcribed accordingly.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office of Athens, GA, the last day of June 1814.

B. Jas. Boyle
Christopher Bowen
Mrs. Susan Billups
William Billups
Joseph J. Bridges
C. William Calahan
William Curtis
Miss Lucy Conly
Isaac Carter
Robt. J. Cabbell
D. Wm. Dyson
Benjamin Davis
Solomon Dawson,
Dr.Jas. Duglass
F. John Fletcher
Mrs. Elizabeth Gamble
J. Elisha Hendon
Rev. John Harvey
Reuben Hill, Esq.
Samuel Hancock or John Skeen
Elijah E.Huut
L. Charles Lankford
M. Nathan Maroney
George D. Millan
N. Isaac Newton
P. Joseph Parish
Drury Pace
Jeremiah Pace
R. Daniel Ramey
Mrs.Rhoda Rakestraw
S. Joshua Stephens
Wm. M. Stokes
John S. Smith
Wm. Strong,
Sen. W. Paterson
Miss Wealthy
Jas. Wheeler

Athens Gazette, Vol I, Athens, Georgia  Thursday, July 7, 1814, No. Xxi

Article – Letters remaining in the Post Office at Watkinsville, which if not taken out by the first day of September next will be sent to the General Post Office as dead letters.  July 1, 1814.

Mrs. Elizabeth allen, or Lydia Finch,
James Bankston
Wm. Or Nanc Cox
Wm. B. Cole
Wm. Deekin
Wm. Fainbrough
Alexander Huson
Enoch Hinson
Wm. Hall
Jesse Jones
Elijah Jones
J. R. Jenkins
Joseph Ligon
William Moss
Wm. M. Murry
Wm. M. Michael
George Martin
Williamson & Jno C. Reece
David Shay
Thomas Skates
John Simmons
Richard Straugher
Wm. Stephens
Reuben Stephens
Thornton Stone
George Whitehead
John White
John L. Wright


1Blurring on document, names transcribed accordingly.

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