Madison Co., GA Marriage Index Book C (1873-1889) overlaps Book B

The following pages were copied from an index compiled by the county clerk from the original marriage books. If a date is not listed, I do not have a date yet. Please note that the spelling was taken directly from the original marriage books as written by the clerk of that time period and may not reflect the actual spelling of today. Good luck in your research!

If you wish to get a Xerox copy of the original marriage record, contact the Madison County Courthouse. Be sure to include groom name, bride name, book, and page number.

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GROOM                   BRIDE                   PAGE    DATE
AARON, J.P.             BENTON, M.A.             78
AARON, William          JORDAN, Drucy           108
ADAMS, A.H.             LESTER, Maggie A.        80
ADAMS, B.H.             ADAMS, A.J.             106
ADAMS, E.M.             BLACK, M.E.              38
ADAMS, J.R.             HARRIS, Penina          175
ADAMS, James            WITCHER, Ann E.          14
ALEXANDER, Drew         EBERHART, Mary          228
ALEXANDER, Edward L.    HITCHCOCK, Cora         208
ALEXANDER, Henry C.     DAVID, L.E.              72
ALEXANDER, Lane         STRICKLAND, Nora        234
ALLEN, Abram            MOON, Jane              214
ALLEN, Charles          SIMS, Annie             225
ALLEN, George H.        HARDAMAN, Martha A.      51
ALLEN, Jno. W.          SCARBOROUGH, Lucy E.    163
ALLEN, John G.          FITZPATRICK, Mary F.     77
ALLEN, Jones            STRICKLAND, Clara       173
ALLEN, Jones            WYNN, Mary              227
ALLEN, Moses            DERRICOTT, Winney       125
ALLEN, Wm. M.           POSS, Sarah J.          112
ANTHONY, John W.        COLLINS, Emma J.        176
ANTHONY, Wm. H.         McGINNIS, Alia A.       116
APPLING, Thomas         JOHNSON, Carrie         194
ARNOLD, Daniel          ARNOLD, Emiline          54
ARNOLD, Eli             CARTER, Mollie          234
ARNOLD, Franse          STRICKLAND, Isabella     77
ARNOLD, John            BULLOCK, Susan          120
ARNOLD, Lewis           GRAHAM, Matilda          10
ARNOLD, Marshall        ARNOLD, Rhoda           201
ARNOLD, Moses           SIMS, Harriet           116
ARNOLD, WM.             ROWE, Fannie            107
ASH, John E.            BROWN, Lula             131
ASHWORTH, John J.       SIMMONS, Thodicia Anne   25
AYERS, S.M.             WILLIFORD, L.E.          26
BAILEY, Charley         EWEN, Mary              196
BAILY, Jackson          STANDIFER, Susan E.      65
BAKER, Thomas I.        FORTSON, Mary C.         33
BALL, John Henry J.     HODGE, Jane Blondine     20
BANKS, William          PITTMAN, Milly           36
BARNETT, Jake           LONG, Renee             121
BARNETT, James T.       WINFREY, Emma           214
BARNETT, Lem            EBERHART, Julia         128
BARNETT, Thomas H.      PITTMAN, I.S.B.          55
BARNETT, W.C.D.         BURROUGHS, Sarah E.     101
BARNETT, W.W.           CLEMENTS, Sarah E.      138
BARNETT, Warren         SHAW, Mattie            178
BARNETTE, W.D.          WINFREY, E.D.G.         155
BARRETT, Henry          SIMMONS, Lula           174
BARRON, James           HITCHCOCK, Anna         205
BATES, John             WALDON, Phoebe          164
BAXTER, Tom             BARNETT, Lizzie         197
BEARD, John N.          FITTS, Sarah            128
BEASLEY, Benjamin A.    RUCKER, Lugenia         220
BELK, J.J.              McCURDY, M.F.           105
BELK, N.A.              ROWE, Jinsey            213
BENTON, E.L.            THOMPSON, N.J.           81
BENTON, R.M.            STEADMAN, L.E.          154
BENTON, Reubin          McGINNIS, Lucy          166
BENTON, Willis R.       BURROUGHS, Levia        212
BENTON, Wm. P.          THOMPSON, Julia A.       32
BERRYMAN, David         SCARBOROUGH, Elizabeth   90     10-02-1879
BERRYMAN, Marion        GINN, Polly               4     04-27-1873
BERRYMAN, Robert L.     BOWERS, Ellen           185     07-01-1886
BERRYMAN, Sim           JOHNSON, Lula           218     01-08-1888
BERRYMAN, W.W.          HENDRICKS, Victoria     202     01-05-1887
BERRYMAN, William C.    ROBINSON, Joyce A.      195
BERRYMAN, Wm.H.         GINN, Bettie E.          61     02-22-1877
BEUSSEE, J.L.           JONES, I.G.             220
BIRD, Arthur            CHILDERS, Amey          185
BIRD, Benjamin C.       ADAMS, Mary A.            8
BIRD, Bill              JOHNSON, Tiller         165
BIRD, F.M.              SORRELLS, C.B.           14
BIRD, George            BIRD, Mary              136
BIRD, Henry             GLENN, Harriet          115
BLACK, James G.         PATTERSON, M.A.         167
BLACK, John? L.         CULBERTSON, Eugenia L.  182
BOGGS, J.N.             BULLOCK, Mary           117
BOGGS, Julius C.        BULLOCK, Susan C.       146
BOLTON, Leonard M.      WILLIAMS, Leavy J.      223
BOLTON, Washington      KEY, Nancy E.           149
BOMAN, Alonzo           HARPER	Ann              42
BOND, John H.           McEWEN, Cinthea P.       47
BOND, Joseph E.         McEUEN, Martha           24
BOND, W.H.              DEEN, A.A.              159
BONE, D.H.              THOMAS, Elizabeth        73
BONE, L.                SHIELDS, Mary            18
BOOTH, James L.C.       BOOTH, W. Ester         186
BOOTH, M.B.             COLLINS, Lindy           16
BOOTH, W.H.             MOORE, L.A.             107
BOOTHE, George J.       PITTMAN, Sarah E.F.      70
BOOTHE, J.G.            PITTMAN, Susan C.        82
BOOTHE, Jordan          ROWE, Susan             210     11-25-1887
BORDERS, W.M.           LOGAN, C.E.              49
BOWEN, J.T.             HALL, Olie              199
BOWER, J.A.             PHIPPS, A.G.             85
BOWERS, Wm. M.          BERRYMAN, Mary J.        12     02-08-1874
BRADBERRY, Robert A.    CRAWFORD, Elizabeth     166
BRADLEY, David P.       BULLOCK, Leann           91
BRADLEY, Edward         NEAL, Emiah             148
BRADY, Marion           RIDLING, Jane            79
BRAGG, Jones W.         BERRYMAN, Ruth           28     03-15-1875
BRAY, Benjamin          BEARD, Cyntha E.        140
BRAY, David E.          HANDLEY, Sarah          138
BRAY, Ezekiel F.        SMITH, Lucinda E.        99
BRAY, I.W.              FOWLER, Sarah A.        197
BRAY, J.C.              PERRY, L.J.              34
BRAY, James             BRAY, Deela             122
BREURCH, Benjamin J.    SALMON, Martha           56
BREWSTER, Thomas        COMPTON, Clementine     194
BRIDGES, J.N.           LORD, Minnie A.         129
BRIDGES, Jacob L.       SCARBOROUGH, Sarah E.    88
BRIDGES, James R.       BROWN, Josephine        132
BRIDGES, James B.       MARTIN, M.L.            202
BRIDGES, Jones          ALLEN, Fannie           116
BRIDGES, Milton C.      DUDLEY, Eady C.         100
BRIDGES, Nathaniel W.   SMITH, Elisabeth         55
BRIDGES, Thomas         COLLINS, Elizabeth        6
BRIDGES, William J.     MEADERS, Mary S.        144
BRIGAUT, Russel         BOWENS, Luellen         149
BROOKS, A.D.            SMITH, Elizabeth        215
BROOKS, Berry           MEADERS, Mary J.         99
BROOKS, D.W.            TABOR, L.J.             203
BROOKS, George  W.      MARTIN, Elizabeth       190
BROOKS, J.D.            THOMPSON, Martha M.C.   184
BROOKS, Jno             HILL, Sue               132
BROOKS, L.D             WILLIAMS, Sarah I.       33
BROOKS, Robert L.       HALL, S.D.              237
BROOKS, W.A.            SCARBOROUGH, Alice C.   129
BROOKS, Wm. M.          WHITGILL, Maud          121
BROWN, Ben              JARRELL, Mary            98
BROWN, Columbus H.N.    CUNNINGHAM, Samantha C.  34
BROWN, Daniel F.        SIMS, Francis             8
BROWN, Denny            HOPKINS, Katie           12
BROWN, G.W.             FORD, Josephine         115
BROWN, J.N.             LANKFORD, H.P.          189
BROWN, Joe              SMITH, Sis              133
BROWN, John             PATTON, Cornelier       176
BROWN, L.D.             SMITH, Laura E.         215
BROWN, M.O.             DRAKE, S.E.             222
BROWN, Marcus D.        McELROY, Allma F.       205
BROWN, W.C.             LUNSFORD, Mulu? A.       21
BROWN, Wiley            POWER, Elizabeth         24
BROWN, Wiley  P.        POWER, Sarah C.         111
BRUCE,	Harvey W.       GUNNELLS, F.L.           33
BRUCE,	Sanford         VAUGHAN, Susan C.       131
BRUCE,	Thomas W.       POWER, E.A.             176
BRUCE,	William         HEATON,	Martha          151
BRUCE,	William H.L.    SCARBOROUGH, Emma L.    221
BRUCE,	Wm. H.L.        SCARBOROUGH, Emma L.    241
BRYANT,	Jabez H.        PULLEN,	Louisa            7
BRYANT,	Jacob L.        BRYANT,	E.C.             20
BRYANT,	Willis A.       MEADORS, Elizabeth      198
BUILY?,	Henry           HARPER,	Harriet          25
BULLOCK, Ben G.         RAMSEY,	Ida              95
BULLOCK, G.H.           BURROUGHS, A.E.          41
BULLOCK, George N.      BULLOCK, Alice S.        61
BULLOCK, James H.       LORD, Luentia           161
BULLOCK, John W.        WHITEHEAD, Emma R.      152
BULLOCK, LaFayette      PATTON,	B. Jackson      184
BULLOCK, Marcus L.      UMPHRIES, Evie          207
BULLOCK, Richard N.     POWER, Nancy E.          42
BURGESS, L.J.           BIRD, L.J.              160
BURROUGHS, A.J.         PATTON,	A. C.            81
BURROUGHS, Andrew J.    CARITHERS, Fannie        80
BURROUGHS, Benjamin T.  WARE, Winnie            216
BURROUGHS, Crawford B.  GUNNELLS, E.C.           18
BURROUGHS, Isaac B.     ADAMS, E.C.             176
BURROUGHS, J.W.         PORTERFIELD, Martha      83
BURROUGHS, James B.     McCURDY, Sarah E.        85
BURROUGHS, R.L.         YOUNG, Lula             159
BURROUGHS, Robert L.    WARE, Sarah E.          139
BURROUGHS, Robt.        PAYNE, Ann              117
BURROUGHS, Roswell I.   YOUNG, Mary             177
BURROUGHS, T.L.         THOMPSON, L.E.          162
BURROUGHS, Thomas J.    RICE, Martha J.          64
BUTLER,	Isaac E.        ASWORTH, M.J.           222
BUTLER,	Joel M.         HERNDON, Nora            77
BUTLER,	John            WILSON,	Mattie          169
BUTLER,	William         SCOTT, Luda             183
BUTLER,	Z.T.            WILLIAMS, Julia A.      195
CALWELL, Harrison S.    SORRELLS, Margaret       35
CAMPBELL, A.C.          BURROUGHS, E.C.          37
CANADA,	Asa B.          STEPHENS, Lucinda       187
CANTON,	Manuel          EBERHART, Minerva       112
CAPE, David L.          SCARBOROUGH, Patsy      136
CAREY, J.F.             BRUCE, L.F.             135
CARITHERS, ?.J.         BURROUGHS, M.A.         114
CARITHERS, Amos Walker  HITCHCOCK, Emmalissa     34
CARITHERS, Anderson     STRICKLAND, Angelina     89
CARITHERS, Daniel       PATTON, Idel            125
CARITHERS, Doctor B.    HARDMAN, Nancy C.       102
CARITHERS, F.Y.         LUMPKIN, Fannie         219
CARITHERS, George  W.   SMITH, Lou Jane         199
CARITHERS, Henry        STRICKLAND, Mahala       10
CARITHERS, Hugh         HARDMAN, Jalna A.M.     114
CARITHERS, J.S.         FORTSON, M.J.           130
CARITHERS, James        BENTON,	L.J.             59
CARITHERS, Jasper J.    COLLINS, Nancy S.        27
CARITHERS, John C.      GROVES,	Allice J.        48
CARITHERS, Joseph W.    FORTSON, Camilie        151
CARITHERS, Robert L.    BENTON,	Laura           236
CARITHERS, Thomas Q.    SMITH,	Permela J.       21
CARITHERS, Walton M.    BENTON,	Narcissa D.      76
CARITHERS, William W.   CARITHERS, Mary         134
CARRINGTON, King        McGHEE, Rebecca         183
CARRINGTON, Samuel E.   COIL, Mary E.           133
CARROLL, George         SEWELL,	Eliza           156
CARROLL, Turner         BAILEY,	Dolly           154
CARRUTH, Ben            CARROLL, Laura          163
CARRUTH, William        WILDER,	Francine        227
CARTER,	E.M.            ALLEN,	W.R.             57
CARTER,	Emanuel         COLBERT, Huldah          87
CARTER,	William         MARTIN,	Mary Jane       234
CASH, Dallas            ARNOLD,	Mary Jane       157
CHANDLER, B.M.G.        HAGUEWOOD, Aftnis       109
CHANDLER, D.O.          PERRY, A.P.              80
CHANDLER, James I.      HOPKINS, Alice E.       196
CHANDLER, John A.       EBERHART, Malita C.      82
CHANDLER, John R.       BROWN, Susan C.          16
CHANDLER, Lewis M.      SAYLORS, Mary L.C.       80
CHANDLER, N.Z.          PERRY,	R.A.             79
CHANDLER, Nuton         BULLOCK, Milly B.       216
CHANDLER, Wiley M.      IVEY, Elizabeth A.      181
CHAPPLEAR, Ben          JOHNSON, Hattie         210
CHEATHAM, B.E.J.        WILLIAMS, E.H.           83
CHEATHAM, C.C.          WILLINGHAM, M.C.        226
CHEATHAM, David         BURROUGHS, Mary F.      213
CHEATHAM, John M.       GARRISON, Mary Jane     223
CHEATHAM, Wm. J.        WILLIAMS, Frances E.      9
CHILDS,	Edward          AYERS, Sarah M.A.       104
CHILDS,	Wm. A.          STEWART, Fannie         170
CHRISTIAN, George G.    CANADA, Alice C.        223
CHRISTIAN, James T.     POWER, Ada T.           139
CHRISTIAN, John L.      JACKSON, Ida            188
CHRISTIAN, William C.   COOPER, Mary L.         174
CLARKE,	Geo.            WILSON, Mandy           240
CLARKE,	Harrison        PATTON, Lizzie          175
CLARKE,	Henry J.        BLACK, Fannie M.        209
CLARKE,	Richmond        BARFIELD, Rachael       170
CLEAVELAND, John        CLEVELAND, Francis      146
CLEMENTS, J.A.          MOORE, Ellen            170
COBB, Judge             NEWTON,	Marietta         87
COIL, Benjamin J.       BUTLER,	Sarah A.        120
COIL, William G.        WILSON,	Anna Thomas      65
COILE, James Gordon     HILL, Alice A.          212
COLBERT, Alex           SIMS, Easter            103
COLBERT, Courtney       MOON, Lizzie            113
COLBERT, Courtney       JOHNSON, Emma           210
COLBERT, George         MOON, Effy               32
COLBERT, Henry          WILSON, Goley           181
COLBERT, Isham          BOWES, Celia             42
COLBERT, James          DANIEL, Martha           22
COLBERT, James          HOOD, Ann               178
COLBERT, Jerry          KEMP, Maryann           113
COLBERT, John           McLEROY, Mary           223
COLBERT, Olin           MOON, Mandy             127
COLBERT, Sam            BRADFORD, Emma          155
COLBERT, Shaw           MOON, Sylva             233
COLBERT, Strong         WHITEHEAD, Dink         110
COLLINS, Dan            EBERHART, Conie         162
COLLINS, Fleeman        SMITH, Georgia          101
COLLINS, Freeman        POSS, Hannah            193
COLLINS, J.T.           WHITE, R.A.              37
COLLINS, James W.       BROWN, E.                90
COLLINS, W.R., Jr.      PATTON,	Mary R.           7
COMER, A.L.             POWER,	E.L.            224
COMPTON, Clark T.       THOMPSON, A.P.          105
COMPTON, Howell T.      VEAL, Sarah A.           65
CONWELL, James A.       HAMPTON, Mary T.        148
COOPER,	J.S.            GLENN, M.E.              92
COOPER,	Jonathan D.     DAVID, Susan Hester     232
COOPER,	William B.      PORTERFIELD, Matilda F. 132
CORRUTH, Dick           HANCOCK, Sallie         119
COTHRAN, John           JONES, Lula             173
COTTON,	Dr. Werner D.   WAGNER, Mary S.          48
CRAMPTON, James         CARRINGTON, Sarah        25
CRAWFORD, George W.     WILLIAMS, Nancy C.       12
CRAWFORD, George W.     GLENN, Leora            181
CRAWFORD, John R.       WILLIAMS, Mary E.        17
CRAWFORD, Thomas B.     GLENN, Susie A.         153
CRESSWELL, Thomas       DRAKE, Adsilla?          47
CRESWELL, John          WITCHER, Lucy            21
CRIDER, James           SCARBOROUGH, M.A.        40
CRITTENDEN, Wm. L.      SMITH, Melita S.         92
CROMER, Robert          ROWE, Lougenia          222
CULBERTSON, William P.  HEMBREE, Elizabeth      159
DALE, John W.           WINFREY, Sarah A.       206
DANIEL, David           MOON, Harriet           238
DANIEL,	Fayette A.      WEBSTER, Fannie          27
DANIEL,	Green           JARRELL, Jane           118
DANIEL,	James P.        TATE, Marisa            237
DANIEL,	Joe             MOORE, Jimmie           146
DANIEL,	John W.         DAVID, Delilah J.        23
DANIEL,	Nuton           GRIMES, Maggie          167
DANIEL,	R.B.            HANCOCK, Sallie B.      126
DANIEL,	Robert T.       GRAHAM, Alice            83
DANIEL,	Russel B.       HANCOCK, Sallie         152     03-15-1882
DANIEL,	S.R.            CHANDLER, Fannie        213
DANIEL,	William R.      CARITHERS, Melita A.    109
DAVID,	J.T.            SIMMONS, Francis         50
DAVID,	James A.        MOON, Emma              242
DAVID,	Lewis           DANIEL, Jennie           20
DAVID,	Samuel          GRIFFETH, Esther          5
DAVID,	Wm. J.          BONDS, Sarah A.         134
DAVIS,	John T.         HOPKINS, Martha C.       80
DAVIS,	John M.         SORRELLS, Lula C.       211
DAVIS,	Robert M.       MECIER, Catherine       127
DAVIS,	Thomas Jr.      TEASELEY, Antoinette     81
DAVIS,	Thomas   P.     VEAL, Adaline           161
DAVIS,	Zacheriah       STRICKLAND, Francis     168
DEADWYLER, Daniel       MOORE, Ida              111
DEADWYLER, Isaac        WYNN, Emma              119
DEADWYLER, John C.      DORA, Emma               71
DEADWYLER, Joseph P.    MONTGOMERY, Cornelia C.   6
DEADWYLER, Samuel       HANCOCK, Harriet         25
DEADWYLER, Samuel       PERKINS, Lula           214
DEADWYLER, Webster      LITTLE, Ida              19
DEADWYLER, Wm.D.        LONG, Roxey A.          200
DEAN, Nathan            THOMAS, Ireanna          91
DEAN, Samuel P.         McEWEN, Letty            13
DILLARD, Goss           LONG, Mary              162
DOVE, B.F.              JORDAN, L.M.            204
DOVE, George J.         TATE, Emma D.           101
DOVE, George W.         SCARBOROUGH, Narcissa   182
DOVE, John              SCARBOROUGH, Mary A.    165
DOWDY, Benjamin         HAWKINS, Elizabeth       84
DRAKE, James F.         MARTIN, Mary             42
DRAKE, Sanford          WILSON, Martha           18
DRAKE, William S.       HARDAMAN, Mary F.        44
DUDLEY, Elisha          SCARBOROUGH, Cinthia E. 119
DUDLEY, James           BROOKS, Susan E.        125
DUDLEY, John J.         KING, Henrieta          177
DUDLEY,	King J.         COMPTON, Sarah E.       233
DUDLEY,	Tone            GRAHAM, Augusta          74
DUDLEY,	Toney           WARE, Celia J.          219
DUDLY, James S.         MCCURDY, Francis Lula    96
DUFFELL, George         CARRINGTON, Sarah        71
DUNCAN,	Victor          PATTON, Lucy A.          32
DUNNAHOO, Joseph H.     HUNT, Rebecca C.         34
EATON, J.W.             GUEST, M.E.             139
EBERHART, Andrew J.     SMITH, Ursly M.          19
EBERHART, Andrew M.     MORRIS, Susan           104
EBERHART, Dave          GRIFFETH, Hettie         26
EBERHART, James G.      WINFREY, M.A.           124
EBERHART, L.H.          POWER, Mary L.          192
EBERHART, Lee           GRIFFETH, Annie         139
EBERHART, Marshall      LONG, Lucinda            26
EBERHART, N.D.          EBERHART, Francis L.W.  125
EBERHART, Sherman       WATKINS, Lizzie         217
EBERHART, Wm. T.        MEADERS, Sarah J.        18
ECHOLS, John C          OGLESBY, Ophilia Z.      76
EDWARDS, A.T.           SMITH, E.E.             102
EDWARDS, Austin         CLEMENS, Harriet         13
EDWARDS, E.M.           SMITH, Louisa            61
EDWARDS, George W.      CLARK, Mattie M.        150
EDWARDS, J.T.           SMITH, Maggie            76
EIDSON, Wm. M.          COOPER, Jane M.          87
ELLIS, Joe              TABOR, Alice             85
ELLIS, Joe              DANIEL, Mrs. Jane       236
EPPS, J.E.              MARTIN, A.H.            142
EPPS, Robert J.         KIDD, Loucetta          179
EPPS, Thomas J.         PATTERSON, America T.   123
ERBY, Tobias            LANDERS, Jane            43
EUBANKS, G.W.           THRASHER, S.K.           97
EUEN, David             DAVID, Chaney           183
EVANS, G.N.             EVANS, Lou D.           150
EVANS, James M.         FITZPATRICK, Julia A.   225
EVANS, John             McLAUGHLIN, Andelia     218
FAULKNER, James A.      WINFREY, Victoria J.    111
FAULKNER, James M.      HERNYER?, Susie         169
FAULKNER, Martin        MURRAY, Sarah           210
FELLOWS, William        WHITE, Julia             43
FICQUELLS, R.O.         VEAL, Maggie            200
FITTS, John F.          SELMAN, Amanda C.       194
FITZPATRICK, A.B.       MCGINNIS, Nancy C.       92
FITZPATRICK, Thomas     STRICKLAND, Martha      104
FITZPATRICK, Thomas M.  ALLEN, Nancy E.         158
FITZPATRICK, William    WALKER, Susan           157
FOOTE, Joe              STOVALL, Hutter?        129
FORTSON, B.A.           SARTAIN, M.J.           117
FORTSON, David          COLBERT, Ella           188
FORTSON, Easton         BARNETT, Mary E.        152
FORTSON, Thomas E.      SCARBOROUGH, Nancy        4
FOWLER, James 0.        BEARD, Samantha J.      208
FOWLER, John Z.         SARTAIN, Emily J.        72
FREEMAN, David R.       BURROUGHS, Lucy B.      175
FREEMAN, Henry N.       GRIFFETH, Alice         235
FREEMAN, J.B.           FITZPATRICK, E.L.        22
FREEMAN, James L.       MECIER, Z.B.            126
FREEMAN, Matthew        VEAL, Sarah             192
FREEMAN, Samuel B.      BURROUGHS, Nancy C.      83
GALLOWAY, H.F.          SEYMORE, Lula           219
GHOLSTON, Armstead      STRICKLAND, Mary        153
GHOLSTON, James P.      McCARDY, Harriet E.      39
GHOLSTON, John          VAUGHAN, Ann             44
GHOLSTON, Millard       WILDER, Isabel           19
GHOLSTON, William       HILL, Mattie            179
GIBBS, Jeptha           SORRELLS, Lou           172
GIBSON, Joseph          CRAWFORD, Sarah          30
GINN, A.H.L.            BERRYMAN, Leslie        201     02-07-1884
GINN, Henry J.          GLOER, Lizzie           241
GINN, Irvin             LAURANCE, Caroline       89
GINN, J.B.              SMITH, N.L.             184
GINN, James W.          SMITH, E.E.             103
GLENN, Andrew           LANDERS, Milly          179
GLENN, Andrew           BIRD, Susie             224
GLENN, F.W.             CRAWFORD, J.J.          176
GLENN, George           MINISH, Mary C.          78
GLENN, James E.         GLENN, C.C.             231
GLENN, John             JONES, Mary              49
GLENN, Lije             GRIFFITH, Jane          123
GLENN, Ranford E.       KEY, Mary E.             29
GLENN, Thomas           LONG, Laskey             83
GLENN, W.M.             SWINDLE, M.L.           190
GLENN, W.W.             KEY, E.C.               154
GLENN, Watt             SIMS, Sarah              51
GLOER, J.A.             GLOER, Hattie           171
GOBER, Dan              STEVENS, Catharine      241
GOBER, Dock             MOON, Sallie            165
GOBER, Wm. H.           MCGINNIS, Gracy A.C.    200
GORDON, John E.         PORTERFIELD, Georgia A.  86
GORDON, W.C.            MASSEY, Laura           158
GOSS, I.H.              MONTGOMERY, M.E.         76
GOSS, Perry             LITTLE, Lou             132
GOSS, Wm. R. Rev.       CHANDLER, Lucy F. (Mrs.) 58
GRAHAM, Franklin        DRAKE, Martha E.         41
GRAHAM, Hubbard B.      STEPHENS, Elizabeth      33
GRAHAM, J.P.            DANIEL, Susie            68
GRAHAM, John            SCARBOROUGH, Martha      64
GRAHAM, Lucas           DRAKE, Mary             209
GRAHAM, Lunon           SCARBOROUGH, Nancy E.   115
GRAHAM, Thomas          HENRY, Elizabeh A.      230
GRAHAM, William M.      DUDLY, Emaline           21
GRANT, Anderson         DUNCAN, Viney           157
GRAY, Jerry G.          REESE, Anna M.          162
GRAY, John F.           EPPS, Arminda C.         76
GREEN, Frank            THOMAS, Julia           214
GREEN, Young            CLARKE, Samantha        164
GREENE, Daniel          SIMS, Amanda            167
GREENE, L.E.            MONTGOMERY, Effie       226
GREENE, Thomas          BUTLER, Ann             166
GRIFFETH, Albert        BIRD, Nancy             122
GRIFFETH, Alfred        BIRD, Mollie             28
GRIFFETH, Dick          HUTCHENSON, Lizzie      128
GRIFFETH, John          MOODY, Sarah            172
GRIFFETH, Thomas        HOPKINS, Elizabeth       37
GRIFFIN, Thomas M.      BOLING, Hattie          180
GRIFFITH, Bartlett      SAMUELSON, Carry        110
GRIFFITH, Bob           BARNETTE, Henrietta      84
GRIFFITH, Charles       CARITHERS, Dianna         9
GRIFFITH, George 0.     BULLOCK, Georgia A.     191
GRIFFITH, Greene        LONG, Mary               89
GRIFFITH, Greene        GLENN, E.A.             169
GRIFFITH, James         YEARBY, Leora            45
GRIFFITH, Richard       EBERHART, Mary          195
GRIFFITH, Wade          BULLOCK, Lidia          116
GRIMES, Frank           VAUGHNAN, Josie         142
GRIMES, Washington      ROWE, Frances P.         54
GUEST, James M.         KING, Sarah E.            5
GUNNELLS, H.C.          KIRK, E.E.               15
GUNNELLS, James M.      POTERFIELD, Amanda      108     01-08-1883
GUNNELLS, Willis        INGRAHAM, Elender        43
GUNNELLS, Wm. B.        CHANDLER, Nancy A.       84
HALL, James P.          WADE, L.E.               74
HALL, Richard           ARNOLD, Caroline         14
HALL, Richard           SAILORS, Mintie         239
HALL, Singleton H.      THRELKELD, Francis H.    14
HALL, Willard F.        BROWN, Beulah E.        236
HALL, Wm. A.            BOWERS, Jane T.         240
HAMMOND, William J.     BROWN, Willie M.        187
HAMPTON, James T.       STEPHENS, Georgia A.    123
HANCOCK, Russell        DOWDY, Susan Ella       104
HANLEY, Benjamin F.     SMITH, Martha           168
HARBOR, J.S.            FREEMAN, Cora V.        225
HARDAMAN, Hugh C.       CHANDLER, P.             57
HARDIMAN, John          BRYANT, Mary A.          18
HARDMAN, Chesley        CARITHERS, Frances      230
HARDMAN, Hugh E.        BURTON, Cora            238
HARDMAN, James W.       MORRIS, Mary             33
HARDMAN, John W.        GUNNELLS, Mrs. Martha   171
HARDMAN, Joseph         RICE, Amanda J.         100
HARDMAN, S.H.           SEAR, Mary D.           139
HARDMAN, Samuel L.      WILLIAMS, Martha E.      37
HARGROVE, Smith         HOPES, Pinky Ann        126
HARPER, Braford         STRICKLAND, Fannie      177
HARPER, Irvin           ROLAND, Hattie          127
HARRIS, David           COX, Margaret            96
HARRIS, Isaac F.        CULBERTSON, Emma E.      36
HARRIS, Jessee          LANDERS, Mary           224
HARRIS, William         PATTON, Eliza            24
HARTT, Archie F.        HUNT, Roberta            26
HAWKINS, Ben            KINNEY, Charity         211
HAWKS, Jonah E.         MECIER, Georgia  A.      39
HAWKS, Joseph           STRICKLAND, Susan        45
HAYES, Jake             STRICKLAND, Mary        228
HAYNES, A.B.            THRELKELD, M.E.         169
HAYNES, A.P.            STAMPS, Sarah U.        184
HAYNES, R.T.            STRICKLAND, Elizabeth   117
HAYNES, Richard T.      BULLOCK, Sarah J.        71
HAYNES, Willie          WILLIAMS, Willie        238
HEARD, Seabe            BOND, Lizzy             144
HEATON, Wiley           CURRY, Cyntha           159
HEMBREE, James W.       TOLBERT, Julie H.         7
HENLEY, John H.         PATTON, Anna             36
HENRY, C.B.             GRIFFITH, S.E.          106
HENRY, Wm. T.           DUDLEY, Martha A.S.      99
HERRING, Henry B.       SMITH, Georgia A.        73     08-03-1876
HERRING, Henry L.       CHEEK, Cynthia T.       203
HERRING, James H.       SCARBOROUGH, Lou E.     164
HERRING, Milton T.      CHANDLER, Sarah E.      123
HICKMAN, Bill           YERBY, Lee              227
HICKS, Davis            BLACK, Sarah            127
HILL, Cavey             PATTMAN, Delia          119
HILL, Ed                EWEN, Nancy             197
HILL, Eli               JOHNSON, Lou            126
HILL, Frederick         GRIMES, Malinda         142
HILL, Fredrick          GRIMES, Malinda         147
HILL, Henry             MOON, Mattie            172
HINTON, Robert          POWERS, Lucy             84
HITCHCOCK, Berry        DUDLEY, Sarah           218
HITCHCOCK, Isham        RICHARDSON, Mollie       10
HITCHCOCK, James        WITCHER, Eliza           85
HITCHCOCK, Ross         CARITHERS, Caroline     235
HITCHCOCK, Walter C.    KEY, E. Josie           133
HITCHCOCK, Willis       HINTON, Angeline          6
HITCHCOCK, Willis       HANCOCK, Anna           107
HIX, J.J.               CRAWFORD, P.M.F.        120
HIX, J.L.               McGINNIS, Damie C.      133
HODGE, Robert           BULLOCK, Martha M.       25
HOFF, John 0.           BURROUGHS, Lula         230
HOLLEY, T.H.            MURRAY, Letty           163
HOPKINS, John           LONG, Lula              229
HOPKINS, O.P. Jr.       AYERS, Elizabeth        170
HOPKINS, R.D.           JONES, Mrs. Laura F.    220
HOPKINS, Thomas         MEADORS, Caroline       171
HOUSE, W.T.             DUDLEY, E.M.             16
HUFF, Benjamin F.       MAY, Martha M.           55
HUFF, C.B.              SORRELLS, Ovie F.       188
HUFF, J.A.              WILBANKS, Anna B.       231     10-14-1888
HUFF, John Henry        MASON, Lula Z.          239     07-19-1889
HULL, R.P. Sr.          ROBERTS, Sarah F.E.     131
HUMAN, John F.          JORDAN, Matilda M.       36
HUNT, Charles G.        MEADERS, Sidney A.       23
HUNT, George B.         SEGRAVES, Nancy P.      153
HUNT, George C.         MEDDERS, Mary N.P.      108
HUNT, Henry             BROWN, Ella             165
HUTSON, S.K.            McELHANNON, Mary         71
IRVIN, Henry E.         DUDLEY, Laura           241
IRVINE, Alvin H.        GODFREY, Mary A.        109
IVINS, Wiley R.         ANTONY, Mary F.         107
JACKSON, Drewry W.      EBERHART, Maggie         98
JACKSON, Ransom         WILHITE, Lucinda        226
JACKSON, Wm. B.         GRIFFETH, Mattie J.     160     12-16-1884
JAMES, Ed               PERKINS, Delia          124
JAMES, J.T.             BEARD, E.L.             156
JAMES, S.F.             DEEN, Georgia           145
JARRELL, Berry          DEADWYLER, Minerva       35
JARRELL, Jackson        RILEY, Mary              70
JARRELL, Jackson        DEADWYLER, Savannah     180
JARRELL, Nathan         BOND, Emma               90
JARRETT, W.M.           STRICKLAND, Carrie      232
JENKINS, A.V.           WHITE, Cora Lee         189
JENKINS, George         WARE, Hulda             166
JENKINS, J.M.L.         SORRELLS, Lizzie        225
JENKINS, Wm. Henry      MOORE, Martha           177
JENNINGS, David         CALLOWAY, Millie        166
JENNINGS, Judge         BROOKS, Dilsy            88
JOHNSON, Alford         JARRELL, Harriet        116
JOHNSON, Daniel W.      DODD, Rusie             137
JOHNSON, David H.       SCARBOROUGH, Mary E.     47
JOHNSON, Geo. T.        GRIFFETH, Maggie P.      81
JOHNSON, George         WATSON, Mary            229
JOHNSON, Henry          BARRON, Jane            193
JOHNSON, James E.       YERBY, Emma             229
JOHNSON, Lemuel         MOON, Leila             241
JOHNSON, Richard        CLARKE, Caroline         93
JOHNSON, Robert         JOHNSON, Caroline       162
JOHNSON, Samuel         WILKINS, Addie          204
JOHNSON, Thomas K.      BAXTER, Mary A.          23
JOHNSON, Thomas         WHITE, Tabe             173
JOHNSON, Willie T.      MOORE, Esther A.        117
JOHNSON, Wm. M.         WYNN, M.A.                8
JONES, Charles          STRICKLAND, Ann         107
JONES, Harrison         DANIEL, Hettie          150
JONES, John T.          HICKS, L.F.              94
JONES, O.L.             TOLBERT, L.A.L.         206
JONES, Tyler            PITMAN, Harriett         46
JORDAN, General Radford SCARBOROUGH, Ann        152
JORDAN, Howell          GRAHAM, Mary J.         240
KELLUM, William         DANIEL, Martha           11
KELLY, Jackson          SAYLORS, Cyntha A.       19
KELLY, Zachariah S.     ANDERSON, Rebecka       144
KENT, John L.           MEADDERS, Sarah          52
KEY, W.W.               CARITHERS, Ida W.       155
KIDD, J.M.              DANIEL, Mrs. Laurie B.  190
KIDD, James Z.          COOPER, Elizabeth P.     85
KIDD, Wm.               CARTER, Emma            163
KILGORE, James          DEADWYLER, Tishie       138
KINCAID, Wm.            BUSBIN, Rebecca         159
KINEBREW, R.H.          HULME, Mary L.          150
KING, James J.          SIMMONS, Emaline J.      15
KING, James H.          BRADLEY, Fannie         162
KING, James H.          BRADLEY, Fannie A.      150
KING, James W.          PARHAM, Josephine F.     96
KING, William           DUDLY, Josephine         88
KLANCE, Wiley           HAWKINS, Dinah           38
KUEN?, Mat              COOK, Grasie             61
LANDERS, C.M.           THRELKELD, Louisa A.    152     12-24-1882
LANDERS, G. Malcolm     KEY, S. Emma             64     12-21-1876
LANDERS, Jackson M.     DAVID, Mary A.          219     01-29-1888
LANDERS, Thomas F.      DAVID, Sarah E.         192     12-26-1886
LANDERS, William        NEALMS, Emer S.          58
LANDERS, Wm. L.         THOMPSON, Susan E.      199
LANE, James H.          THOMPSON, Mary          161
LANGFORD, Geo. W.       WILDER, Lucy Jane         8     12-07-1873
LANGFORD, Wm H.         WILDER, Sarah Elizabeth  38
LAWRENCE, King          McINTIER, Anna            4
LAWRENCE, King          TABOR, Nancy A.          39
LEE, Calvin             SMITH, Rebecca           64
LESTER, E.J.            PATTERSON, Mary R.       28
LOCKLIN, Willis W.      RHODES, Eleanor C.      142
LOFTIS, Benjamin        BRAWNER, Belah          145
LONG, Charles           MITCHELL, Ann           124
LONG, Charley           WEBSTER, Patsy          102
LONG, George            MOON, Flora              93
LONG, George            JONES, Ann              121
LONG, Henry             BIRD, Fannie             89
LONG, Isham             TILLER, Mrs. Emaline    112
LONG, John              LONG, Fannie            132
LONG, John              BRUCE, Emma             186
LOONEY, George M.       EATON, Mary Lee         182
LOONEY, Leander         PHILLIPS, Elizabeth     222
LORD, Benjamin A.       STONE, Mary A.F.        128
LORD, David P.          CHANDLER, Lucy          111
LORD, Hardaman          CHANDLER, Lucinda        49
LORD, S.J.              CHANDLER, Georgia A.     97
LUMPKIN, Henry          CARRUTH, Mary           143
LYLE, A.C.              HARTT, T.A.              24
LYLE, A.C.              SIMS, Margaret          193
MALCOLM, Isaac          SIMS, Emaline           221
MANLEY, Wm. L.          COKER, Sarah A.         197
MANN, George M.         WHITE, B.E.             209
MANN, Henry             GRIFFETH, Leila         130
MARTIN, C.J.            WINFRY, Lucindy         149
MARTIN, Charles         DORMAN, Emma            216
MARTIN, E.G.            KIDD, B.J.              119
MARTIN, E.T.            FORKNER, Mary R.         46
MARTIN, Greene          BOND, Bettie             91
MARTIN, R.C.            HOPKINS, M.J.           224
MARTIN, T.L.            NELMS, M.J.             121
MARTIN, Thomas J.       DRAKE, Missoury H.       43
MARTIN, William         BURROUGHS, Dichie       160
MARTIN, Wm.M.           MECIER, Hulda J.        108
MATTHEWS, D.J.C.        SIMS, Willie             90
MATTHEWS, George H.     THOMPSON, Mary J.        32
MATTHEWS, Robert D.     SORRELLS, Connie        139
MAXWELL, F. Calloway    CROW, Cornelia E.       163     02-12-1885
MAXWELL, Peter          DANIEL, Martha          168
MAY, Andrew A.          DOOR, Sarah J.           74
MAY, Jasper W.          CANADA, Lewellen        131
MAYFIELD, John          LITTLE, Nancy           125
MAYFIELD, Pleasant      YERBY, Lucy             140
McCURDY, Ephraim        WHITE, Fannie           163
McCURDY, James S.       RICE, Sarah B.          229
McCURDY, Thomas G.      AARON, Lettie           227
MCCURDY, James L.       ADAMS, H.C.             160
McELROY, Crawford       DRADUY, Osie            167
McELROY, Harrison       MOON, Polly D.          112
McELROY, Henry F.       LINDSEY, Mary  J.       175
McELROY, Joseph T.      SMITH, Lou              207
McENTIRE, Oscar G.      BIRD, Martha C.          41
McEUEN, James H.        KING, Nancy J.            5
McEVER, Green           BRAGG, Melinda          120
McEVER, Robert          JARRELL, Elizabeth      198
McFARLAN, Samuel        CHAPPEL, Margaret        11
McGARITY, Francis I.    DEAN, Angelina           97
McGARITY, John W.       VEAL, Martha A.          29
McGEE, George           HILL, Mollie             90
McKLEROY, James H.      GREENE, Catharine        78
McLANE, Harris Lou      BAXTER, Elisabeth        54
MCWHORTER, Alex         MCEVER, Mary            103
MEADDERS, James F.      GLOER, Josie            146
MEADERS, James T.       BAXTER, Alemeta E.       60
MEADERS, W.J.           KIDD, M.E.              121
MEADERS, Wm. T.         HAMPTON, Lucy M.        135
MEADOWS, B.J.           POWER, M.A.             114
MERCIER, George W.      SIMMONS, Mary L.        145
MERCIER, H.F.           RICE, Nancy E.           22
MERONEY, W.B.           CHANDLER, Dicy C.       240
MIAH, Jerry             STRICKLAND, Elizabeth   166
MILLER, W.A.            MERONEY, M.M.           123
MILLICAN, L.F.          SEGRAVES, T.A.           52
MIMS, T.A.              GRIMES, Annie G.        124
MINNIS, J.P.            McGINNIS, M.C.           50
MITCHELL, C.S.          WILLIAMS, Amanda         70
MOBLEY, Isaac M.        STAMPS, Mittie           44
MONTGOMERY, Jarrett     DEADWYLER, Jane          85
MONTGOMERY, Squire      NASH, Jane               94
MOON, Adam              WILLBANKS, Mary         157
MOON, B.I.              TILLER, M.E.             87
MOON, Bird              WRIGHT, Lucy            135
MOON, D.B.              THRELKELD, Louisa         3
MOON, David H.          KING, Mary F.            88
MOON, Dock              DAVENPORT, Sophia        53
MOON, Elyez             EBERHART, Becky         120
MOON, George            LONG, Lizzie            131
MOON, James             WILLIAMS, Ophelia       165
MOON, James             SCOTT, Adeline          231
MOON, Jasper            MOON, Fannie            219
MOON, Joe               DEADWYLER, Ida          186
MOON, John D.           POWER, L.C.              88
MOON, John L.           MORE, Mary L.            53
MOON, John              MOON, Mary               73
MOON, John              STRICKLAND, Harriet     134
MOON, Lindsey           POWERS, Minerva          99
MOON, Marshall          LONG, Mary              202
MOON, Nelson            MONTGOMERY, Charity      59
MOON, Peter             LONG, Lucy               16
MOON, Russel            LEWIS, Katy             232
MOON, Solomon           JARRELL, Flora           46
MOON, William B.        DICKSON, Anna I.        179
MOORE, Booker           COOPER, Alice           105
MOORE, Joel             LANDERS, Mary C.         41
MOORE, John W.          STAMPS, Mary I.          39
MOORE, John             MOORE, Sarah Ophelia    137
MORE, Joel              BRACKMAN, Elizabeth J.  149
MORE, R.J.              HAMPTON, Sarah A.        41
MORGAN, Thomas J.       HIX, Mary S.            158
MORRIS, Charles W.      THOMPSON, Cintha E.      17
MORRIS, George T.       THOMPSON, Nancy M.      194
MORRIS, James H.        THOMPSON, Sarah E.        4
MORRIS, Wm. E.R.        EBERHART, Mintie        106
MRRHO?, William P.      HALL, Mrs. Sarah         56
MURRAY, H.F.            MOSELY, L.E.            242
MURRAY, Stephen T.      BURROUGHS, Mary P.T.      3
MYER, D.H.              BARNETT, Lucy E.         48
NASH, John L.           BENTON, N.E.            110
NASH, Reubin T.         CHANDLER, Nancy C.      169
NASH, W.B.S.            CHANDLER, Mira          239
NEAL, Lewis             DANIEL, Sally            53
NEALUMS, Willis J.      MORE, Elizabeth F.      143
NEELIE, Henry           FOSTER, Katie           233
NELMS, Luther C.        PORTERFIELD, Decie L.   178
NELMS, Luther C.        PORTERFIELD, Julia A.   235
NELMS, W.J.             RHODES, S.M.            228
NELUMS, Jas. M.         BROWN, Amarintha J.     240
NEWSOM, John B.         SCARBOROUGH, Francie A. 147
NOWELL, Ham             BIRD, Emaline           122
OGILVIE, John           ARNOLD, Scilla          209
OKELLY, Benjamin F. Jr. HIX, Mary A.            113
OKELLY, Dawson          WILLBANKS, Sarah        203
OKELLY, James D.        BURROUGHS, Nancy J.      31
OKELLY, Thomas M.       CHANDLER, Elizabeth M.  100
OSBORN?, (no name)      HEATON, Mary F.         127
PARHAM, Wm.H.           MOORE, Ida F.           223
PARK, David H.          EPPS, Sarah J.           35
PARKS, H.C.             EPPS, Mary A.F.         222
PARTEN, J.E.            STEPHENS, Mary E.        48
PARTEN, James B.        DOVE, Jane               78
PATTEN, William         BROWN, Mary A.           38
PATTERSON, Alford       SIMS, Mollie             99
PATTERSON, Charles B.   WHITE, Georgia A.J.     123
PATTERSON, John B.      ROBERTS, A.A.           174
PATTON, David N.        LOPTISS, Emily S.        69
PATTON, Henry N.        SCARBOROUGH, Sarepta I. 133
PATTON, J. Thomas       DUDLEY, Mary F.          82
PATTON, Jacob F.        THOMPSON, Racheal E.     58
PATTON, James P.        CARITHERS, Fannie       169
PATTON, Thomas J.       McKLEROY, Susan A.       97
PATTON, William         HAWKS, L.F.C.            40
PAUL, D.H.              THRELKELD, Delia        234
PAYTON, G.J.            PATTERSON, Martha J.    114
PAYTON, John T.         KING, Mrs. Sabra         48
PERRY, G.               SHORT, Mary E.E.L.       21
PEYTON, James           HUNT, Mollie            109
PHARR, John T.          DANIEL, Clara H.        225
PHELPS, Reubin          SCARBOROUGH, Mary        78
PHILLIPS, Lemuel W.     BOND, Martha J.          35
PHILLIPS, Stephen     	PATTON, Octavia     	195
PINSON, Allen           LANE, Lucy          	126
PITMAN, J.A.            REESE, Cordelia      	 50
PITTMAN, Griffith L.    WILLIAMS, Nancy L.    	 49
PITTMAN, M.B.           DAVIS, M.F.         	 17
PITTMAN, Marion B.      STEPHENS, Mary L.       196
PITTMAN, R.L.         	WILLIAMS, Alice L.    	160
POLAND, Tom            	COMPTON, Evaline       	218
POLAND, William         KINDNEK?, Sarah A.     	187
PORTER, R.              CHANDLER, M.B.C.        136
PORTERFIELD, James F.   SIMMONS, Parilee         56
PORTERFIELD, John Jr.	WOOD, Sarah F.           31
PORTERFIELD, William I. SIMMONS, Susan B.        27
PORTERFIELD, Wm. H.     McGEE, Mary E.       	 41      11-09-1876 
POSS, Wm. J.A.          STEPHENS, Mary F.    	 23
POTERFIELD, John L.     THOMPSON, Mary E.     	207
POTERFIELD, Oliver C.   WHITEHEAD, Mary L.      128
POWER, Ben              SMITH, Mary A.          177
POWER, Charles G.       LONG, Sarah E.C.        114
POWER, James D.         BROWN, Minnie L.        167
POWER, Jeff             HUNT, Rena              158
POWER, John             LONG, Fannie            179
POWER, Solomon          MOON, Susan              90
POWER, Vol              MITCHELL, Clara         106
POWER, Will             MOON, Puss              117
POWER, Wm. H.           POWER, M.E.              69
POWER, Wm. W.           POWER, Lorena           120
POWERS, Frank           COLBERT, Letty          145
POWERS, Stephen         LONG, Letitia           121
PRUITT, J.D.            PHIPPS, Van Dilla E.    172
QUEEN, Joseph A.        BERRYMAN, Ruth          112     01-06-1881
QUILLIAN, D.D.          COMER, Lina Alice       238
RAMEY, James C.         GREENE, Emma            118
RAMSEY, Andrew F.       PERRY, Rachael           20
RAMSEY, J.A.C.          SMITH, M.A.N.E.          77
RAY, J.N.               BREWER, Mary             74
RHODES, J.T.            SIMS, M.L.              154
RICE, James W.          WHITWORTH, Sarah E.      94
RICE, John H.           HUTCHINSON, Arminda E.   59     12-19-1877
RIDGEWAY, James L.      CARRINGTON, Martha        6
ROACH, Charlie L.       LOONEY, Mary J.         189
ROBERTS, Joseph         MOON, Sarah              91
ROBERTS, M.F.           PATTERSON, Ellen         79
ROGERS, James P.        OKELLY, Martha E.        37
ROGERS, O.W.T.          RICE, Sarah T.          205
ROSS, Daniel            THOMAS, Nancy           217
ROWE, James F.          THOMPSON, M.A.           58
ROWE, Martin            WHITWORTH, Jinsey        92
ROWE, Wm. P.            GRAHAM, Lou C.           81
RUCKER, W.C.            CHASTEEN, Ida           219
RUCKER, Wiley           HAWKINS, Alice          220
RUSSELL, Benjamin       PATTON, Susan            53
RUSSELL, John           POTERFIELD, Julia A.F.  204
SAILERS, William        CHANDLER, Lou            40
SAILORS, James M.       TOLBERT, Roda           242
SANDERS, Ransom         MOON, Martha             68
SARTAIN, E.B.           DAVID, Mrs. Sarah A.    199
SARTAIN, John N.        BURRELL, Sarah E.        32
SARTAIN, Lawrence       CARLTON, Susan A.        22
SAYE, Berry M.          DYE, Laura              225
SAYLORS, David F.       ALLEN, Laura            184
SAYLORS, James  M.      CHANDLER, Martha  A.M.H.215
SCARBOROUGH, Franklin   CARLTON, Nancy J.        29
SCARBOROUGH, Henry C.   BREWER, Georgia         157
SCARBOROUGH, Indiana    SCARBOROUGH, Docia       79
SCARBOROUGH, James F.   BREWER, Sarah E.        151
SCARBOROUGH, James A.   BROOKS, Mary A.         198
SCARBOROUGH, John A.    PHELPS, Arminda          75
SCARBOROUGH, John       QUEEN, Palmyra           12
SCARBOROUGH, John       ALLEN, Evie             128
SCARBOROUGH, Lacey P.   COLBERT, Elizabeth       70
SCARBOROUGH, Lewis P.   ALLEN, Amanda            74
SCARBOROUGH, Reddin     DUDLEY, Eliza           165
SCARBOROUGH, Ridden     SMITH, Eliza A.         119
SCARBOROUGH, Willis     SMITH, Matilda          102
SCOGGIN, John           FOWLER, Emma            204
SCOT, Paul              TABOR, Harriet           11
SCOT, Paul              LAURINCE, Nicey         237
SCOTT, Abraham      	WATSON, Leanna          118
SCOTT, Ben            	TABOR, Amanda           118
SCOTT, Ben           	JOHNSON, Elizabeth      232
SCOTT, Cicero          	TOWNS, Gussie            84
SCOTT, P.Y.         	LITTLE, Fanny            49
SCOTT, Samuel         	HILL, Gracy              31
SCOTT, Swilling        	SCOTT, Sarah            148
SCOTT, T.J.            	EBERHART, Mofttie       124
SCOTT, William        	WILLBANKS, Adaline      156
SEGAR, Henry         	MOON, Mary              231
SEGAR, J.T.            	STRICKLAND, N. Ella     137
SEGRAVES, James H.      CLEGHORN, Nancy          44
SEGRAVES, James C.      BAXTER, Jane             34
SEGRAVES, William B.    BRADLY, Annie L.        216
SEGRAVES, Wm. C.        MINISH, M.T.            227
SEWELL, W.W.          	BIRD, F.C.              147
SEXTON, Miles A.       	BOND, Emily E.           45
SEYMORE, Ira G.       	PARHAM, Mary E.         153
SHANNON, John         	WILHITE, Lane            19
SHAW, Archer         	WALTON, Julyan          178
SHAW, Daniel        	BARNETT, Nancy          191
SHIELDS, Jack          	HOPKINS, Jane           235
SHIELDS, John N.    	FITZPATRICK, N.J.        22
SHIELDS, Stephen       	ALLEN, Mrs. G.A.         88
SHIELDS, W.L.B.         STREETMAN, S.C.          30
SHORT, J.W.           	BONE, L.C.F.A.           59
SHORT, John         	ADAMS, Louisa E.        105
SIMMONS, David  P.      CARRINGTON, Mary        115
SIMMONS, F.H.          	POTERFIELD, Emaline      82
SIMMONS, Goss           SMITH, Fannie            51
SIMMONS, Gus            WHITE, Emma             107
SIMMONS, Isaac D.      	BARNETT, Permesa        168
SIMMONS, Joseph L.      POTERFIELD, F.H.        241
SIMMONS, Walton         BRIDGES, Catherine       15
SIMMS, Bennett        	LORD, Margarett          40
SIMMS, George          	WITCHER, Harriet         57
SIMS, Anderson         	VAUGHAN, Wanda?         240
SIMS, Ans             	BARNETT, Lou J.          86
SIMS, Bill              SMITH, Cat              234
SIMS, Frank             POWER, Charlotte         97
SIMS, Jake              BRAWNER, Polly           75
SIMS, John              SIMS, Margaret           73
SIMS, Marcus            COLBERT, Jane            68
SIMS, Marcus            BROWN, Mary             201
SIMS, Nat               LITTLE, Sallie          135
SIMS, Wiley             JOHNSTON, Ann           154
SMITH, Bailey M.        MEADERS, Loutitia        12
SMITH, Benjamin         EVANS, Beulah           131
SMITH, Billy            BENTON, Charlotte       236
SMITH, David P.         SAILORS, Julia A.        95
SMITH, George           JOHNSON, Phillis        232
SMITH, James M.         BLACK, E.                72
SMITH, James M.         BULLOCK, Mary M.         13
SMITH, James I.         BURROUGHS, Elizabeth    201
SMITH, James M.         SCARBOROUGH, Mrs. Mary   20
SMITH, Jas. S.M.        YANCY, Maud             103
SMITH, John L.          STRICKLAND, Nancy J.    208
SMITH, Louis M.         CRAWFORD, L.L.          190
SMITH, M.C.             GHOLSTON, Huldah A.      89
SMITH, Moses W.         HERNDON, Georgia A.      72
SMITH, P.C.             WILSON, Callie          156
SMITH, Perry            WHITE, S.A.             110
SMITH, Robert G.        SEGRAVES, Martha H.      15
SMITH, Robert Lee       NELMS, Hattie           140
SMITH, Rufus G.         WILLIAMS, Emily C.       60
SMITH, Simeon           SMITH, Fannie           155
SMITH, Stephen          GRESHAM, Laura          203
SMITH, Thomas           WISE, Cora              173
SMITH, W.A.             CAPE, Mary E.            42
SMITH, W.G.B.C.         HERRING, Mary E.        138
SMITH, W.P.            	HUFF, Martha             87     03-11-1879
SMITH, Washington P.   	HARDEMAN, Lucy           13
SMITH, William         	JOHNSON, Ida            140
SMITH, William M.      	MERCER, Mary E.         148
SMITH, Wm.             	(no wife listed)         30
SORRELLS, George       	RHODES, Sallie          158
SORRELLS, James M.     	McGARITY, M.J.           11
SORRELLS, R.H.         	FOWLER, J.R.            185
SORRELLS, R.P.         	SCOTT, Mary A.           58
SORRELLS, Rus          	JOHNSON, Sylva           71
SORRELLS, Russel       	COLBERT, Huldah         142
SORRELLS, Samuel H.    	BERRYMAN, Mary           50     03-22-1877
SORROW, George P.      	WILSON, Lanna           181
SORROW, M.T.           	BURROUGHS, L.H.         161
SPURLOCK, John W.      	BUSBIN, Lena C.         100
STANDIFER, Dock        	WOOD, Martha A.          38
STARK, W.W.         	BROWN, Belle            228
STEPHENS, Anthony    	SCOTT, Darkis           221
STEPHENS, Daniel       	LADNELL, Burtie         211
STEPHENS, Ephraim      	PATTERSON, Sarah     	 75
STEPHENS, Henry        	HAWKS, Lucretia C.       60
STEPHENS, Howell P.    	HAWKS, Ella D.           61
STEPHENS, Howell P.   	BLACK, Candis           217
STEPHENS, James L.     	HARDMAN, Mary E.      	 95
STEPHENS, John R.       CUNNINGHAM, Sarah B.     43
STEPHENS, Robert      	MURRAY, Haley A.         18
STEPHENS, Thomas        CARITHERS, Lula E.      183
STEVENS, A.C.           BULLOCK, B.C.           210
STEWARD, Alvin          THOMAS, Mary F.         101
STOKES, Mack            SHAW, Sylla             189
STOKES, Robert          HUFF, Clara             198
STOUEN, Louis           BIRD, Rachel            130
STOVALL, John           STRICKLAND, Lizzie      155
STOVALL, M.R.           WARE, Fannie            105
STREETMAN, A.F.         HIX, Della L.           226
STREETMAN, J.B.         EUBANKS, Lucy M.         78
STRICKLAND, A.P.    	CRISWELL, Josephine L.   75
STRICKLAND, Alexander   JOHNSON, Martha A.      200
STRICKLAND, Ben         JONES, Sophia            86
STRICKLAND, Bennett     BONE, Nancy C.           23
STRICKLAND, E.B.        PARTON, Nancy             9
STRICKLAND, Ephraim     ROWE, Hattie            223
STRICKLAND, George      SMITH, Francis          132
STRICKLAND, Greene      DAVID, Mary             185
STRICKLAND, Harry       YARBOROUGH, Drucilla    233
STRICKLAND, Henry       SIMS, Harriet           212
STRICKLAND, Henry       THOMAS, Alice           187
STRICKLAND, Isaiah     	DANIEL, Mollie           10
STRICKLAND, J.A.       	MCDUFF, L.A.            193
STRICKLAND, Lee         TATE, Ginsey             82
STRICKLAND, Li        	WHITE, Sophia            55
STRICKLAND, N.A.        SANDERS, Mary A.         95
STRICKLAND, Noah        SEGRAVES, Nancy C.       17
STRICKLAND, Shack       WYNN, Eliza             124
STRICKLAND, Thomas      CAMPBELL, Luwiser        40
STRICKLAND, Walter      GRIFFITH, Caroline      188
STRICKLAND, Willis      BARFIELD, Pus           113
STRONG, Wm.             MONTGOMERY, Eady         19
SUDDETH, Joseph R.      PORTER, Malinder 0.     137
SUDDETH, N.L.           LONG, Ida               129
TABOR, Derry            HOPKINS, Huldah          89
TATE, Frederick         HAM, Mariah             206
TAYLOR, Forrester       TEASELEY, Lucinda       109
TEASELY, Elbert         TATE, Amanda             86
TEASELY, Houston        JOHNSON, Harriett        52
TEASELY, Judge          WEBSTER, Emaline         72
TEASELY, Thomas      	COLBERT, Emma            96
TEASLEY, Green       	WEBSTER, Letty J.        13
THOMAS, Essex          	BUTLER, Harriet          16
THOMAS, Henry         	GLENN, Eliza            236
THOMAS, Ira             PRUITT, Martha            8
THOMAS, J.H.         	CUNNINGHAM, Annie        14
THOMAS, J.W.            ADAMS, Susan             73
THOMAS, John        	BRIDGES, Amey           180
THOMAS, Nelson        	DAVID, Judy             182
THOMAS, Nelson        	JOHNSON, Tina           231
THOMAS, Robert          DOWDY, Mary             237
THOMAS, Wm. P.          LOONEY, Jane             28
THOMPSON, Andrew J.     WYNN, Pink E.            31     10-08-1874
THOMPSON, George H.     BURROUGHS, Beulah       130
THOMPSON, J.L.          CAMPBELL, Cornelia      171
THOMPSON, J.N.B.        GHOLSTON, L.C.          174
THOMPSON, James R.  	JOHNSON, Mrs. Elmira J. 130
THOMPSON, John          MOON, Eliza             125
THOMPSON, John          SMITH, Anna             187
THOMPSON, W.T.          LANDERS, Nancy J.       149     03-23-1884
THOMPSON, William H.   	BROWN, Aquilla          208
THOMPSON, Young       	WARE, Martha            113
THORNTON, Benj B.      	BROOKS, Sarah F.        122
THORNTON, Henry       	EBERHART, Fannie        188
THORNTON, John W.      	TILLER, A.A.             52
THREATT, Wm. M.         BARNETT, Elizabeth A.    11
THRELKELD, J.T.        	WOOD, Martha R.          75
THRELKELD, James L.    	MOON, Harriett L.        53
THRELKELD, John H.     	POWER, Susan A.          69
THRELKELD, Tully M.    	KIDD, Ida               221
THRELKELD, William  T.  LANKFORD, Mary C.A.     211
THURMOND, W.J.        	RUTHFORD, Lula          137
TILLER, Willis          MCLEROY, Eveline         46
TOLBERT, Everett C.     JONES, Emma C.           17
TOLBERT, James H.       OWEN, Sevillia          202
TOLBERT, Oliver         POSS, Mildred M.          5
TOLBERT, Richard T.     SEGRAVES, Zurah         122
TOMLINSON, Wm. P.       MOON, Nancy L.           47
TUCKER, Evans           GALLAHER, Sarah        	218
TURNER, C.H.            POWER, E.F.             106
TURNER, Harry         	JOHNSON, Sarah          110
TURNER, James T.    	POTERFIELD, Emma A.     164
TURNER, Stephen       	YERBY, Jane             168
TYNER, John C.       	DEAN, Albany L.          29
TYNER, W.W.            	DOVE, Mary              185
TYNER, William B.     	HODGE, Elizabeth S.      27
TYNER, Wm. L.           FORTSON, Mary E.        176
UMPHREY, James        	EBERHART, Harriet        36
VAUGHAN, A.W.         	CAMPBELL, Sarah A.       15
VAUGHAN, C.C.           BRADBERRY, Nancy        224
VAUGHAN, Charles David  POWER, Addie            230
VAUGHAN, Isaac D.      	POWER, Martha H.         30
VAUGHAN, Lacy B.      	HARRISON, Ann L.        191
VAUGHAN, Willburn     	BARNETT, Alice          229
VAUGHAN, Wm. M.        	THORNTON, Druciller     104
VEAL, A.F.          	MANN, Sallie L.         136
VEAL, Matthew L.       	DOVE, Elizabeth C.        9
VINCENT, Stephen      	NESBETT, Josie          231
WADE, Hammond       	WHITE, Martha P.         57
WARD, Benjamin      	MAXWELL, Harriet         93
WARE, J.E.              BOND, Mary J.            94
WARE, Richard Lee    	JENKINS, Felicia        191
WATKINS, Lonzo        	WILLS, Mattie           192
WATSON, Clarke       	BIRD, Eliza               3
WATSON, Clarke        	BURROUGHS, Racheal      174
WEBSTER, Rajer          STRICKLAND, Gracy         7
WHITE, B.N.            	LONG, Emond             115
WHITE, George          	BIRD, Maricy             45
WHITE, George W.     	PEMBERTON, Letty        235
WHITE, Isaiah T.     	WHITE, Lucy E.           60
WHITE, J.M.            	CARRINGTON, Matilda      65
WHITE, Jacob B.        	WARE, Susan C.          151
WHITE, Jim              LADNELL, Hattie         213
WHITE, Jno. L.         	MOORE, Anna             134
WHITE, M.A.          	DUDLEY, E.L.             94
WHITE, Rees           	VAUGHAN, Sarah          111
WHITE, Robert        	PHELPS, Sarah            21
WHITE, Robert          	PHELPS, Zemily          136
WHITE, Steve B.       	STONE, Mattie           213
WHITE, W.T.            	WILLIAMS, F.A.L.         35
WHITE, W.W.            	WARE, M.H.               45
WHITE, William L.       DANIEL, Emma N.         134
WHITSON, J.H.           WHITE, Alice M.         189
WHITWORTH, Thomas       HERRING, Mary Ann       228
WHITZELL, John          HANLEY, Mattie          167
WILDER, George          ANDREW, Emma             68     12-16-1877
WILDER, Levi W.        	FREEMAN, Arminda C.     143     12-07-1882
WILDER, Lewis           JENNINGS, Emma          155
WILDER, P.L.B.         	ROBINSON, Mary E.C.     129     08-13-1882
WILDER, Sam             BURROUGHS, Amanda        56
WILDER, William       	ANDREW, Cornelia         69
WILHITE, Lewis          MAYFIELD, Puss          153
WILKES, James T.        SMITH, Mary G.           91
WILKINS, Jack          	POWER, Mary             193
WILLIAMS, B.R.       	SMITH, Lucinda           51
WILLIAMS, Bill       	BRADFORD, Lizzie        158
WILLIAMS, Charlie     	EBERHART, Missie        232
WILLIAMS, Dan          	ALEXANDER, Missie       175
WILLIAMS, E.C.        	JONES, M.A.             193
WILLIAMS, Elijah     	STRICKLAND, Tishie      230
WILLIAMS, Elisha    	RICE, Lucinda           105
WILLIAMS, George       	MOON, Lula               46
WILLIAMS, Grover     	POWER, Mary               9
WILLIAMS, Harmon A.     POWER, L.E.             221
WILLIAMS, J.M.          DEAN, Bessie            220
WILLIAMS, J.0.          KIRK, L.C.              170
WILLIAMS, James R.      BROOKS, Dora  U.        131
WILLIAMS, John R.A.   	CHEATHAM, Nancy  C.     129
WILLIAMS, John W.       MEADORS, Sallie  A.     205
WILLIAMS, Lee J.      	MONTGOMERY, Addie       196
WILLIAMS, Lewis       	COLBERT, Emaline         26
WILLIAMS, Richard      	HOPKINS, Judy Ann       130
WILLIAMS, W.I.       	CHANDLER, Mary V.        20
WILLIAMS, Wilburn S.    GUNNELLS, P.E.           79
WILLIAMS, William S.    SMITH, Elizabeth          3
WILLIAMS, William A.   	BUTLER, Lucy            161
WILLIAMS, William B.    EBERHART, E.A.           93
WILLIAMS, William 0.    STRICKLAND, Sarah J.     54
WILLIAMS, William S.  	REAGAN, Mattie          226
WILLIAMSON, Adam A.     CHANDLER, Peggy         135
WILLS, Henry L.         SLATON, K.J.             44
WILSON, Berry J.       	SMITH, Conerra          215
WILSON, C.D.           	BROWN, D.C.             102
WILSON, George N.      	BROWN, Dora M.          101
WILSON, J.R.           	MOON, Susan  C.         159
WILSON, John T.       	SIMMONS, Milly Jane      39
WILSON, Millford I.     BROWN, Georgia A.       178
WILSON, Mitchel       	DANIEL, Evaline         100
WILSON, Peter         	JACKSON, Carrie         134
WINFREY, Wm. A.       	PATTERSON, Nancy A.D.    24
WINKFIELD, Charley   	WITCHER, Amanda         195
WITCHER, Isaac        	CUNNINGHAM, Emily J.    106
WITCHER, Major         	SPRATLING, Montie       127
WITCHER, Wright        	SIMS, Adeline           164
WOOD, C.G.           	GROVES, S.A.            212
WOOD, John M.F.M.    	WOOD, Samantha J.       206
WOOD, Jones            	INGRAHAM, Francina      118
WOOD, Matthew T.     	PATTON, Martha E.       191
WOOD, R.W.           	CARITHERS, Mollie       171
WOOD, Samuel          	COLLINS, Esterlee       108
WOODS, Beeman       	CHESTER, Anna           138
WOODS, C.G.           	McCURDY, M.E.            70
WOODS, Jacob            PATTON, Ida             217
WYNN, James             LONG, Sarah A.           86
WYNN, Peter             GRIFFITH, Janie         156
WYNN, Simon             GLENN, Jane             207
WYNN, Wm. O.            McELROY, Lizzie         175
YEARGIN, Wm.            SMITH, Alice            186
YERBY, Phillip          WILSON, Laura           126
ZARN, Charley L.        LANDRUM, Idora          164