Guardianship of Alvorado Epps and Amanda Epps

Orphans of Thomas Epps. 1856 – Madison Co, GA Submitted by Connie Epps Bond

Letters of Administration 1856-1881 Book F Madison Co., GA pg 6 Georgia By the Judge of the Court of Ordinary Madison County

To John ___ Mead of said county.

Greetings Whereas Alvorado Epps and Amanda Epps Orphans of Thomas Epps desceased are propefaed In their own right of a considerable Estate by means whereof the power of granting the Guardianship of the Said Alvorado Epps and Amanda Epps to me is manifestly known to belong And for the letter securing the State and more ample main tanancy and education of the said orphans and from the integrity and Confidence released in goud do hereby commit this ___________ education and guardianship of the said Alvorado Eps and Amanda Epps to you the said John M. Mead you asserting there to by your acceptance of these letters herein changing said orphans in such manner as shall be suitable to their interest and circumstances during this ————— and that you inquire into and take charge of these estates both naeand personal and all other things to do which by law you ___ ___ to do fenazous said wards of all which a time and perfect account you shall render to the first time of the Court of Ordinary for said County – in every year during your continuance in office.

And lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint you the said John M. Med, Guardian of the aforesaid Alvorado Epps and Amanda Epps during their __________-

______ the Honorably Rich H. Bullock the Ordinary this third day of November one thousand eight hundred and fifty six

Rich H. Bullock Received 6th Nov 1856 W. H. Griffeth, Ordinary

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