Collins Cemetery. Madison County, Georgia

Submitted by Charlotte Bond
(Posted with Permission)
Located on the edge of Madison & Banks County on the Old Fort Lamar
Road near the Jot-Em-Down store.

 Elba Collins – Malinda Collins
3-25-1815 02-09-1810
10-19-1882 10-26-1895

Robert T. Lankford
12-24-1848 – 08-25-1877

Harret Hester
11-24-1883 10-06-1885
08-14-1884 09-17-1886
(Children of J.T. & R.A. Collins [Joab Taylor & Rhoda Ann]

Oscar Lankford
11-22-1872 – 05-04-1873

Margarete Collins Hawks
04-28-1845 – 10-18-1913

The next two graves are in the same cemetery but located several yards from the rest.

In Memory of Polly Bray
03-21-1890 – 11-27-1897

Sacrad Bee [sic] The Memory of Murlee Bray
07-06-1888 – 11-21-1893

I counted 45 unmarked graves of the slaves. The cemetery is on the land of C. L. Bond. He lives in the house that Joab Collins built in 1886. Joab was the son of Elba [Elbe?] Collins. According to Mr. Bond, he knew Joab, Collins, Jr. He said he was a deaf mute and very big and strong. Joab, Jr. was always looking for his fathers money that he believed to be hidden somewhere on the vast property. It was said that Joab, Sr. had withdrawn all of his money from the bank and no one knew what he did with it. He died without revealing the whereabouts of his money.

Joab, Sr. rented out his land to share croppers. He had a store on the road in front of his house from which he sold goods on credit to the share croppers and settled up with them when the crops came in.

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