Adams Family Cemetery

Survey and notes submitted by  Stephanie Bradley
(Posted with Permission)

Located on Minish Road near Erastus Christian Church,  in a pasture near the old family home.

John Adams
1802   –    1905
(He lived in a brush arbor while he built his home. He lived on this
property from the time he came from SC (about 1835)  until he died).

Ludicy (Loudicy) Adams
October 12, 1817    –    July 12, 1895
(Some say her name was Lucinda. Maiden name Bevel. Wife of John Adams).

Mary Adams
1869   –    1871
(Daughter of J. (John) T. (Terrell called Ted) Adams & Polly (Mary) Adams)

W. T. Adams
1867   –   1873
Son of J. T. & Polly Adams
(Mary Adams and W. T. Adams were grandchildren of John and Ludicy Adams)

Julia Adams
1867   –   1884
Daughter of John Adams

Georgia Adams
1867   –   1883
Daughter of John Adams

Mrs. L. (Louisa) E. Seagraves
1832  –  1869
(Daughter of John and Lucidy Adams, wife of Oliver Seagraves)

Pink Harvel Seagraves
March 27, 1875   –   Dec. 9 1894
(Also known as Martha.  Wife of Emeriah David Seagraves, who was the
son of Louisa and Oliver Seagraves).

Jessie Seagraves
1894   –   1909
son of Pink Seagraves

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