A. S. Dorminy Family Cemetery, Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County, Georgia

Mina D. Cain18551924
S. T. Cook24 Dec 184911-Sep-16
Lucy Cook30 Jun 184824-Nov-24
Wm. Howard Cowan24-Jul-2022-Jan-97
Lillian Dorminy Crenshaw20 Sep 18899-Jun-78
A. S. Dorminy28 Jan 185615-May-27
Alex Stephen Dorminy10 Apr 188209 Oct 1883
Annie Maud Dorminy08 Apr 189517 Oct 1898
Annie McDearmid Dorminy22 Apr 188114-Sep-25
E. W. J. Dorminy06 May 184812-Jan-17
Eleanor Paulk Dorminy16 Jan 180916 Jan 1891
Elijah Jackson Dorminy08 Apr 18981-Sep-47
Elisha H. Dorminy03 Jan 187413-Oct-29
Ellen G. Dorminy30 Aug 187218-May-35
Enoch G. Dorminy12 Apr 189115-Sep-11
Florence Maybelle Dorminy28 Jan 188414 Jun 1885
George B. Dorminy13 Jun 189422 Jul 1895
George J. Dorminy12 Apr 18766-Apr-19
James W. Dorminy18 Nov 18861-Dec-46
John Dorminy04 Jun 183221 Dec 1880
John Bradford Dorminy08 Feb 180506 Dec 1878
John David Dorminy02 Mar 187810-Jun-54
Julia Lavonia Dorminy22 Jul 187921-Dec-66
Henry Edwin Dorminy06 Nov 188719-Mar-34
Lutie Clyde V. Dorminy19 Jan 189213-Oct-69
Macum Eugene Dorminy7-Sep-0412-Aug-09
Margaret Ann Dorminy06 Nov 185421-Oct-29
Martha Malinda Hanes Dorminy{1}16 Dec 185221-Jul-44
Mattie R. Dorminy02 Sep 18998-Jan-78
Norman Dorminy07 Mar 186820-Jan-27
Rebecca N. Dorminy21 May 184021-Jan-27
Ruth Ann Dorminy10-Jul-2815-Dec-43
William A. E. Dorminy6-Feb-0326-Oct-03
Willis Dorminy12 Oct 182816 Oct 1897
D. B. Hanes13 Jul 18499-Aug-34
James Alexander McInnis1-Mar-1715-Jun-21
Jewel McInnis20-Aug-22~
Martha Elizabeth McInnis01 Oct 188513-Sep-61
Ruby Eloise McInnis12-Aug-201-Jan-21
Betty L. Mobley13-Aug-297-Jun-47
John B. Mobley24-Nov-0330-Oct-44
Viola Mobley27-Nov-0323-Aug-91
Wootie Dorminy Mobley18841942
James Elbert Turner04 Nov 18736-Jun-43
Julia James Turner5-Jun-078-Nov-45
Julia Lavonia Dorminy Turner22 Jul 187921-Dec-66
J. T. Vann14 Mar 185015-Jul-13
John Edward Vann18921932
Mary E. Dorminy Vann04 Sep 187224 Nov 1898
Ed Owen Walsh3-Feb-23~
Inez Dorminy Watkins15 Mar 189218-Mar-83
William R. Watkins29 Jul 189015-Jun-72
Louise Dorminy Williams30-May-1420-Nov-36

 Source: Submitted by Paul A. McDonald, Jr.

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