World War 1 Casualty List – Ben Hill County GA

World War 1 Casualty list for Ben Hill County Georgia.

SurnameFirstService NumberRankEventStateCounty
BOYETTEJames A14058018SGTDOWGeorgiaBen Hill
BROOKSShellie B34006410SGTKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
COLEMANAddis A34445319PVTKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
DAVISH. B.34566930PVTDNBGeorgiaBen Hill
DICKENSKinsley M0-7106782 LTDNBGeorgiaBen Hill
DORSEYCorris H34683414PFCKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
FLETCHERFrank S.34762388SGTKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
FRAZERJames E0-7960431 LTDNBGeorgiaBen Hill
GRIFFINClifford C34084881S SGKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
MARTINCharles V0-791050CAPTDNBGeorgiaBen Hill
OAKESEmory J14015496PFCKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
ODUMJames W6926091S SGKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
REGISTERClifford C34440456PVTDNBGeorgiaBen Hill
RICHEYCharles V34352496S SGKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
SIMSWeldon S0-4378631 LTKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
SMITHPaul A34827976PVTKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
SMITHThomas W34352499SGTKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
STONEJames M6393308S SGKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
SULLIVANHerbert I0-6683662 LTDNBGeorgiaBen Hill
THOMPSONOvid L44036243PVTKIAGeorgiaBen Hill
WHITEWilliam W0-6819542 LTDNBGeorgiaBen Hill
WILCOXRoosevelt34419777PFCDNBGeorgiaBen Hill

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