Crisp Cemetery, Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County, Georgia

Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Thomas H. Blair28 Feb 183924 May 1897
John Buchanon10 Jul 180829 May 1885
Senie A. Bye13 Dec 185428 Oct 1897
Celie Cook15 Jan 18231908
Byrd W. Fussell10 Jan 181631 May 1901
Elizabeth Fussell09 Jul 182624 Apr 1897
David Hanes18 Aug 180302 Oct 1866
Martha Elizabeth Barnes Hanes12 Dec 181821 Aug 1894
Frances Luke17 Apr 192725 Dec 1933
George W. Luke~~
John Luke~~
Lucy Luke [twin to Madar Luke]09 Mar 188010 Mar 1880
Madar Luke [twin to Lucy Luke]09 Mar 188010 Oct 1880
George W. Horton~~
Lemuel Horton01 May 181119 Oct 1886
Mary Horton18 Aug 187530 Mar 1876
Mattie Horton Luke~~
Russell A. Luke16 Nov 190901 Sep 1911
Sallie Luke00 Sep 187529 Sep 1883
Sarah H. Luke~18 Oct 1919
William Austin Luke~~
Fannie R. Mathews08 Nov 188518 May 1886
Mary Willcox Matthews18311856
William P. Matthews15 Apr 186214 Apr 1863
W. J. Matthews18281862
Hugh McCartney08 May 184413 Apr 1877
J. A. McIntyre10 Oct 189116 Nov 1891
Ruby Morris00 Aug 191100 Apr 1914
Mary G. Roberts08 Nov 184101 Dec 1890
Minnie F. Roberts17 Nov 187011 Nov 1890
David Troup20 Mar 179901 Dec 1870
Enoch H. Watkins14 Nov 183619 Aug 1911
James B. Watkins25 Aug 185814 Jun 1924
Martha M. Watkins28 Feb 183609 Aug 1909
Ophelia Bradley Watkins05 May 186817 Nov 1951
Abbie Wilcox16 Mar 188514 May 1887
Georgia May Wilcox29 Aug 187807 Dec 1884
Roxanna Reid Wilcox03 Mar 184710 Jun 1922
T. D. Wilcox05 Mar 184101 Jun 1892
Caroline Kennedy Willcox18341893
Eliza Anna Kennedy Willcox18211850
Frances Josephine Ryals Willcox18541894
George Willcox11 Oct 180606 Nov 1857
Infant of Mr. & Mrs. George Kennedy Willcox~00 Feb 1894
Infant daughter of T. D. & R. A. Willcox~~
John Daniel Willcox18331863
Lewis Willcox10 Jun 183819 Dec 1904
Mitchell K. Willcox18481864
Sallie Willcox25 Nov 188222 Dec 1904
Sarah Daniel Willcox18061845
Walter T. Willcox10 Apr 187526 Oct 1902

Source: Submitted by Paul A. McDonald, Jr

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