Third Land District Grantees,Troup County, Georgia

The lot numbers followed by an asterisk (*) are fractional lots of less acreage than those unmarked; those followed by a plus (+) are not wholly in Troup County; the county from which registrations were made is the third column; names followed by an asterisk (*) are revolutionary soldiers or their widows; those followed by a plus (+) are soldiers of Indian wars or their widows.

96Woods, MarthaGreene
97Dupree, Martha*Twiggs
98Grant, JoshuaLaurens
99Fulton, SilasMcIntosh
100Lindley, ThomasWalton
101Morris, Jesse H.Columbia
102*Hall, Thomas
103*Dixon, Josiah
104Gordy, ElizabethBurke
105Freeman, JohnClarke
106Deveaux, Maj. P.*Chatham
107Moss, WilliamMorgan
108Light, EmanuelGwinnett
109Lloyd, LeroyBibb
130Jones, JohnHall
131Pitman, JohnTwiggs
132Merkison, DanielJones
133Young, John*Tatnall
134Perryman, RebeccaColumbia
135Wagnon, George M.DeKalb
136*Sledge, ShirleyTroup
137*Dixon, Josiah
138Milton, MarthaPutnam
139Johnson, Isaac N.+DeKalb
140Almand, WilliamBurke
141Walton, S. W.Twiggs
142Fulghum, Cornelius B.Franklin
143Way, John N.Liberty
164Owens, HardamanJasper
165Heath, LunsfordPutnam
166Elum, WilliamDeKalb
167Mahoney, Dennis B.Lincoln
168Powell, ChapmanDeKalb
169Tommey, JosephNewton
170*Farrar, John
171*Farrar, John
172Bohannan, RuddyMorgan
173Gilmer, Charles L.Oglethorpe
174Blackman, Amos L.Liberty
175Hand, WilliamAppling
176Barnett, CarolineClarke
177Peek, Thomas J.Newton
198Hall, ElihuGreene
199Goodwin, JohnBaldwin
200Hughes, SimonMorgan
201Clements, Anna*Putnam
202McDonald, WilliamHall
203George, Joseph W.Monroe
204*Hardy, James D.
205*Carter, George W.
206Dees, J. I. &c.Newton
207Dunstan, WilliamJackson
208Moore, WilliamPutnam
209McMullin, W.Twiggs
210Huguley, JobWilkes
211Bugg, MaryRichmond
232McCurdy, MosesElbert
233Moffett, AgnesColumbia
234Cook, TheodosiusElbert
235Freel, Elizabeth*Columbia
236Morgan, GriffinJones
237Rucker, Barden+Elbert
238*Robertson, Leslie H.Troup
239*Carlisle & Gragg
240Anderson, AnnWalton
241Radney, JohnHancock
242Grenade, Benjamin M.Clarke
243Atwood, BerryGwinnett
244Granade, AdamWarren
245Griffin, BlanyMonroe
266Pryor, ElizabethOglethorpe
267Hamlin, ThomasJones
268Sanford, LittleberryTaliaferro
269Nelson, WilieWalton
270James, IsaiahBibb
271Wall, MaddoxLincoln
272*Saffold, Adam G.Morgan
273*Saffold, Adam G.Morgan
274*McCoy, Leroy
275*McCoy, Edward and L.
276*Glaze, JohnTroup
277*Chaffin, Thomas
278*Tichnor, Hope H.Meriwether
279*Tichnor, Hope H.Meriwether

Source: History of Troup County, Atlanta, Ga.: Printed by Foote & Davies Co., c1935, pp 11-12.

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  1. How do I find out what happen to land given to my grandmother Jessie Mae Lemaster file date is May 7 1949? It was 99 acres located in the 3rd Land District of Troup County GA. Records are found in the conveyances of Real Estate given to her by RB Carter.

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