Troup County Georgia Textile Mills

Inherent in the life of historical southern Georgia are the textile mills. In the early history the mills accepted the cotton from the farms and cleaned and carded the wool, producing a ball of cotton ready for home spinning. Eventually, through technological changes, the mills would simply produce the fabric itself. Recent years have seen a decline in the southern mills as the competition from cheaper over seas labor becomes too much for the early companies that helped build the South.

Troup county had many mills within its borders and this section is meant to highlight what we know about the history of each. Some are brief, others more in depth. It all depends on the available sources for each.

The county of Troup ranks well in the total of the textile plants, the total spindles of each plant is given below:

Calumet, LaGrange9,984
Calumet, Hogansville12,096
Dixie Cotton23,936
Elm City Plant11,664
Dunson Cotton Mills41,000
Hillside Plant31,680
Oakleaf Plant3,168
Stark Mills35,560
Unity Plant12,960
Unity Spinning15,552
Total Number of Spindles197,600


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