Sixteenth Land District Grantees, Troup County, Georgia

The lot numbers followed by an asterisk (*) are fractional lots of less acreage than those unmarked; those followed by a plus (+) are not wholly in Troup County; the county from which registrations were made is the third column; names followed by an asterisk (*) are revolutionary soldiers or their widows; those followed by a plus (+) are soldiers of Indian wars or their widows.

In the Sixteenth District, where the county from which the grantee came was not known, the year of the grant is given.

1*Lassiter, John1834
2*Lassiter, John1836
3Ficklin, F. F.Wilkes
4Brown, Francis J.Morgan
5Gainer, SarahWashington
6Harris, WilliamBaldwin
7Livingstone, JohnLaurens
8*Terry, John1841
9*Thomas, Philip1833
10Riley, orphansBibb
11Dodson, DanielJasper
12Miller, JohnHall
13Rousseau, Thomas+Jasper
14*Estes, Zachariah1833
15*Haralson, John B.1836
16*Pless, Augustus1834
17Johnson, CorneliusWayne
18Daughtry, BerrienEmanuel
19Shepherd, JosephWilkes
20*Cofield, Willis1836
21*Glover, John E.1848
22Miles, JaneBaldwin
23Kennedy, RobertDeKalb
24Palmore, ElishaPike
25*Haralson, John B.1836
26*Scott, Thomas1832
27*Scott, Thomas1848
28Moon, William H.Elbert
29Milton, JohnJefferson
30*Jacobs, Mordecai1832
31*Jacobs, Mordecai1832
32Williams, LevicyHabersham
33Jones, JosiahPutnam
34*Harper, John1833
35*Harper, John1835
36*Bailey, Samuel A.Troup
37Trammell, RobertOglethorpe
38*Chivers, Joel M.Troup
39*McCune, WilliamJasper
40*Bailey, Samuel A.Troup
41*Bailey, Samuel A.Troup
42*Ferrell, Blount C.Troup
43*Ferrell, Blount C.Troup
44*Ferrell, Blount C.Troup
45*Ferrell, MickleberryTroup
46*Ferrell, M.Troup
47*Ferrell, M.Troup
48*Ferrell, M.Troup
49*Potts, MosesTroup
51*Bartee, Abraham M.1834
52*Jones, William M.1834
53*Lucas, B. G. G. A.1848
54*Neel, Davis1848
55*Neel, Davis1838
56*Neel, Davis1838
57*Burnham, Hickerson1834
58*Burnham, Hickerson1834
59*Webb, John C.1838

Source: History of Troup County, Atlanta, Ga.: Printed by Foote & Davies Co., c1935, pp 26.

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