The Callaway Mills

Under this title were merged into one great corporation the allied plants that were sponsored and controlled by the late Fuller E. Callaway, as well as those organized and built since his death under the management of Cason J. Callaway as president, and Fuller E. Callaway as treasurer. The plants in this great organization are as follows:

Calumet, LaGrange Plant9,984
Oakleaf Plant3,168
Unity Plant12,960
Unity Spinning15,552
Calumet, Hogansville12,096
Manchester Plant, Manchester, Ga.25,080
Milstead Plant, Milstead, Ga.13,668
Total Number of Spindles92,508

In the early 1900’s, the maintenance of recreation parks and playgrounds, the Young Men’s Christian Associations, assistance to the schools and churches were always included as a part of the operating budgets of these plants, and the care of health safeguarded by the presence of well-trained nurses was one of the first thoughts towards the welfare and happiness of employees. The products of these plants include twines, cords, ropes, drills, sheetings, sateens, moleskin, corduroy, filter fabrics, and every sort of canvas and duck, a variety of rugs, and many other specialties.

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